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kitchen - Living/Dinner Room - Baby's Room

Hi G-Family, I hope you are having a great day, I am going to send by this means the images corresponding to the proposal in the kitchen and the living room, I thought that the choice of black would not look good but I consider that it gives elegance to the space in addition to reducing maintenance I hope you like it, I'm working on the baby's room, the bathrooms and adjustments to the main room to complete the delivery. Any observation I am ready to attend you. Likewise, if you wish, the walls can be left white and only highlight where the TV center will be located, as seen in the following images. Baby´s Room: attached I will send the proposal for the baby's room as soon as I have it, the idea is that the crib is a bed and can be used as the baby grows, it is also proposed that another bed be unfolded underneath of this, but the drawers for toys and others are proposed. In the same way today I will be finishing polishing details of the bathrooms and completing all project. Thanks

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