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1. What skills are required and why? PHP programmer to create the application. A MySQL expert to create a good database schema. Linux specialists to help lay out the correct infrastructure (Whether that be cloud or dedicated) to place your application on. Linux tech should be able to communicate with the PHP programmer, to make sure the application can automatically scale with the cloud infrastructure during traffic spikes, for successful uptime and application performance. Lastly, a designer to design the UI/UX of the website and application 2. How long such a website will take to complete? Website will take between 20-30 days to code and around 5-10 days to design. 3. what the cost would be for developing such a website and any ongoing costs? Developing a website like this could cost between $3000-$5000, depending on the features, such as Bid Butlers, which QuiBids uses and BidBots, used to simulate fake bidding throughout your website, to give the look of actual bidders.

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