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Please read carefully. I already engage different content writers which did it wrong!

I have to create content for my website blog, my social posts, my ADS, and my emails. I have already write different documents around the main content: SCOUTING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES. You DO NOT have to write the content from scratch, you have to use our content and adapt to different uses. I have already identified several titles. This is only ONE OF IT as a TEST, to see if you can deliver what we need. BE FOCUS ON THE TITLE, DO NOT INCLUDE OTHER TOPICS.

I crafted the attached report and almost all my contents will be around the same topic in the report. The REPORT itself will be downloaded by a user from the webpage as premium content once the user provides the email address. So we can use the content of the report, but have just to keep in mind to not replicate always everything as in it.


- My webpage, targets ONLY Innovation leaders of multinational companies. So they are experts of innovation and innovation practices. The blog articles must be really focused on a specific topic and do not speak too generally about innovation, otherwise seems poorly in quality.
- We are experts in innovation, the material I provide is high-quality material arriving from my direct interviews with top leaders of the sector. All the information inside is like a secret sauce for success. That must be the centric point of ALL the content.
- External sources and information can be really bad or general obvious advice that can make the audience think we are not professional. So if you use external information, you have to use really carefully and in limited. Most of the reports and statistics outside are wrong, out of date, or provide only general advice.
- ALL contents must be related to the same Title/topic. I have 13 different titles to cover, each of them really specific. You can do an intro, but not around innovation in general.....but around the topic itself. Extremely focused. And the post and the ads must refer to the same topic and attract attention to that.
- The blog article could be also short. For some of them, you will have a lot of materials, for others not. We have to provide QUALITY, and you can find it in the report. Outside that could be only general info....we do not want to provide that.
- The social post should be like an abstract of the blog.....with a title or a question as CURIOSITY HOOK and a summary of the content interesting enough to attract on the webpage. You can be long on that. We are targeting a real niche customer persona, do not want to attract the mass.

As a test you have to write contents with the following title/topic:

Innovation & KPIs - how to make them effective

You can find the content in the report REPORT on pages 12-13. The rest of the report could help you with the context. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Feel free to keep or change the TITLE, and to copy the text as it is and implement or rephrase it. I know in the report there is just a short paragraph about KPI. The BLOG article could be short as well. This topic has not too much information, so do not worry about that. Right now I am more interested in seeing how you will work, starting from a given text, in developing the 6 different versions below being consistent.

Based on the TITLE above, and the TEXT in the report, you have to write all of the below:

- BLOG Article
- Linkedin POST
- Facebook POST
- Twitter POST
- Email BODY ( I will use different topics as follow-ups in the email sales funnels. This is one of them)
- Google/Facebook ADS

Ask me any questions you may have.

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“Great content, right to the target. It was not an easy task because the request was different from similar tasks. He read carefully the requirements and hit the point. I am hiring him for a recursive job. ”

Gambar Profil bemusic, Italy.

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  • jcvikash
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    - BLOG Article
    - Linkedin POST
    - Facebook POST
    - Twitter POST
    - Email BODY ( I will use different topics as follow-ups in the email sales funnels. This is one of them)
    - Google/Facebook ADS
    If you want all the above things written then the money is very less. #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize

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  • wingamer
    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    Hi Can you please tell the main services you offer so i can include them and also the timeline so i can do it appropriately. Thanks

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