Blood test

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  • Hadiah: $400
  • Penyertaan diterima: 2

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We work with people who jave had weightloss surgery. The great thing is that they lose weight however the bad thing is that they lose weight by nutritional starvation. Thus they need to get their blood tested every 12 months to make sure that all their nutrition is at the right level. We sell a multi vitaimn that is designed specifically for these people. What we are trying to show them is if they dont take our multi vitamin they can start having all they probelm someone who suffers from nurtition malutrition creates ... scurvey, sick all the time a weak heart tiredness foggy brain ets

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  • gravitygraphics7
    • 1 hari yang lalu

    Hello Sir,
    Can you please check entry #8?

    • 1 hari yang lalu
  • AkshayBaluni
    • 2 minggu yang lalu

    Hello there!

    Just had a look at this and it's totally ambiguous!
    Are you looking for an advert? Slogan? Campaign pitch?
    Try to update with more information and also #extended #guaranteed.

    • 2 minggu yang lalu
  • mvamva
    • 3 minggu yang lalu

    Hi, contest holder! It is evident that most of us can't understand exactly what you need, since the description doesn't specify what should be delivered. Also, the contest has a very good prize, but you have received only 8 entries until now - which were submitted from people that just assume to understand what you desire here, since that's not clear.

    You see, the low number of entries demonstrates that freelancers in general aren't able to establish what to be delivered and maybe also are suspicious about such a big prize for a non guaranteed contest. Unfortunately, fake contests are not rare in this platform.

    So, would you please clarify the work to be done and make the contest #guaranteed ?

    I ensure you that this way you'll receive a torrent of high quality entries focusing your needs.


    • 3 minggu yang lalu
  • BioForestTrend
    • 3 minggu yang lalu

    Dear sir by reading your description,it appears that you want a digital marketing campaign for your product. But please clarify what is your target channel / media for the campaign. Please revisit your description for clearing away this hurdle. greetings and have a nice day.

    • 3 minggu yang lalu
  • kksaha345
    • 3 minggu yang lalu

    So what is this contest about?

    • 3 minggu yang lalu
    • 3 minggu yang lalu

    #guaranteed #guaranteed

    • 3 minggu yang lalu
  • peocty
    • 4 minggu yang lalu

    It is not cleared what you are looking for? Can you please explain what service are you looking for ?

    • 4 minggu yang lalu
  • DepartmentS
    • 4 minggu yang lalu

    You've described why but not *what* it is you want us to produce.

    • 4 minggu yang lalu
  • globaltraveller
    • 4 minggu yang lalu

    #guaranteed, and could you please elaborate on what you are looking for us to do? We understand that you are a vitamin company but we don't know what you want us to do in order to enter the contest. Thanks.

    • 4 minggu yang lalu
  • alzyoudy
    • 4 minggu yang lalu

    What do you want us to do for your business ?

    • 4 minggu yang lalu
  • roy2varkey
    • 4 minggu yang lalu

    What exactly do you want? An ad, a social message, a product write up. Whats the product name and its benefits? Also, if you want more serious entries pls #guaranteed your contest. Thank you

    • 4 minggu yang lalu
  • parristianna
    • 4 minggu yang lalu

    More information please.

    • 4 minggu yang lalu

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