Brand Name for a food product (with a narrative)

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Come up with appropriate and appealing brand name for a food product -

Please note inputs below to be included to come up with the right name for the product.

Legumes like rajma (kidney bean), Kabuli Chana (kidney bean) and Chana (black gram) are the one of most widely consumed legumes in India. Apart from the regular dals (pulses), the legumes have a certain level of indulgence attached. It is exciting for the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian population when there is a rajma or chana made for a meal instead of dal.

Through a recent research with consumers, we observed that the key pain point that customers have with cooking them at home are the following -
a) Preparation needs to be done 12 hour prior to cooking the product by soaking the grain in water
b) Boiling is not perfect at times. Some times the grain doesn't boil.
+ Consumers would be eating the legumes more frequently if they did not have this pain point.

To this problem, the solution is our product which takes away the pain of starting the preparation 12 hours before cooking. The product offers pre-soaked and pre-boiled legumes in
1) Our product is a processed food brand targeted at the millennial population in metros in India
2) The products takes away the pain point with legumes i.e. starting preparation 12 hours prior.
3) The product is pre-soaked, pre-boiled legumes, which are ready to go into the curry.
4) Rajma curry, kabuli chana curry etc can not be prepared instantly whenever the customer wants. All the customer has to do is prepare the curry as per their liking and add the pre-cooked legumes to it and bring to boil. 12 hour process cud down to 15 mins
5) The functional benefits of the product are
a) Convenience
b) Time saving
c) No chemicals, no preservatives , only pure grain
d) Customers can get the taste that appeals to their palette.

The brand name should be aligned with the following attributes -
1) It should reflect indulgence. Legumes are a special meal and tend to provoke child hood memories or a homely feeling
2) The product is targeted a the millennial population, so it has to be very catchy, unconventional and relatable
3) The product promises good food, at a convenience, without any chemicals or preservative. So it is important to communicate that the product is safe and trustworthy.
4) Should also invoke the thought of home made food or mother made food etc
5) The brand name should inculcate trust, homeliness, dependability
6) Should reflect that its a smart product
7) It should give the feeling a raw product despite being a processed food. (will be categorized as staple)
8) The product would be available in 300 gm packs in a pouch inside an outer carton

With the brand name - also mention the narrative behind the name suggested to justify it. Please write 6-7 lines on why the name suits the product and helps building a narrative around it.

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