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Fixed footer

After i post the first sample , i think that the footer font is too big, i decided to fix it Regard :)

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  • canarypart
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 10 tahun yang lalu

    This looks really good - thank you. Can you swap the box for a map above "product revitalization" and replace the light bulb with a graph showing a line rising to the right?

    • 10 tahun yang lalu
    1. dikigunawan
      • 10 tahun yang lalu

      fixed design revision is on number #12 post sir :) . i'm glad that you like my design. i'm ready to work together with you for building this beautiful website sir. just make me the winner of this contest then i'll provide this design to you. :)

      • 10 tahun yang lalu