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Using JAXB and JAX-WS

Steps: 1) Create XSDs equivalent to your value classes. 2) Convert your XSDs to equivalent JAVA classes using JAXB 3) Write utility methods which will transform present bean classes to XSD element classes and vice-versa. 4) Create a copy of all your interfaces by replacing the bean classes with equivalent XSD element objects and expose them using JAX-WS annotations 5) Implement interfaces created in step 4 as follows for all methods except fetch methods --> convert XSD JAVA object to Bean Value Object and call the Session Bean and return the result. For fetch methods (for example get methods) implement as follows --> call the session bean and convert it to equivalent XSD element object and return it to JAX-WS framework, which will take care of returning it to client. Creating test cases for this strategy is also straight-forward.

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  • poornachand
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    By this solution, if you want to revert to RMI approach, there will be no changes in teh server side, only thing is client has to use your RMI interface as previous

    • 10 tahun yang lalu