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    I like it a lot but just need a few modifications, please see below:
    - Change Headers and titles to font “LATO” in CAPS in the color GREEN (#318d25)
    for all other contexts, please use font “Merriweather”
    - Limit each category to know vector
    * for the clothes please use a t-shirt
    *for shoes and accessories, please use tennis shoes in a smaller size than the current boots
    *for packing, please use a wallet vector
    *for undergarments please use socks
    *for toiletries, please use a toothbrush and toothpaste vector
    *for miscellaneous, please use the umbrella vector
    *for outerwear, please use a scarf or gloves
    *for beachwear, please use sunglasses
    *for electronics, please use the charger

    as for the background, please use the blue map watermark art, I will attach it as a blank pdf with my company logo in the project

    For the Title "Packing List", please change the text color to WHITE
    Remove the separation in the footer so the blue background map is visible

    • 8 bulan yang lalu
    1. Bilaliyah
      • 8 bulan yang lalu

      Brother For 10 USD , you have been giving a lot more work, respect the designers & their work. THIS IS NOT FAIR.

      • 8 bulan yang lalu