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Hi, I am a fantasy-romance author and an avid fan of anime. I have written more than 5 webnovel books which can be found online and I am interested in creating a trailer tease for the new book 'Belle Adams Butler' You can read the book for a better understanding of scenes. The video needs a minimum of 3-5 minutes. I have placed the cover page of the book on how they look and added the logo of the site which will be needed to be added at the end of the video.

I want an animated style where the characters are moving, there's rich background as mentioned in the book. The setting is of 17th century, world of carriages, mansions, gowns and lanterns. The environment is mostly cloudy or raining.

It is a story about a Grim reaper who is acting as a house butler(Lucas Cross) and a vampiress (Belle Adams). Lucas is tall, dark-haired, black eyes and Belle is brownish-red hair and bright red eyes. The main idea is to build curiosity for readers to come read.


Shows a servant opening the door with a lantern in his hand, Lucas standing in front of him who is wet because of the rain outside. He gets in sees the decor of the mansion. Portraits hanging on the wall. One portrait shows a family of male and female sitting while a small girl standing next to her father with crossed legs.

The man starts to walk and he meets the little girl (Belle) carrying a rabbit in her hand. The right side is walls that has doors and the left has wide windows. Lightning strikes and the light falls on his face and half of his face shows the skeleton face (as he is a Grim reaper). The girl's eyes widening and running back to her room, she drops the rabbit while running...

Scene: butler sewing the rabbit's eye with girl sitting next to him and the girl thanking him with a smile.

Scene: Girl sitting on the branch of a tree and being asked by the butler to come down. Branch breaks and the girl falls down to be caught by the butler with a stern look on his face.

Scene: show grown up Belle and then her sitting on the roof of the mansion at middle of the night with her legs drawn close to her chest and seeing the landscapes of villages and forest. Lucas coming up and she turning back to see him.

Scene Belle looking at Lucas with a blush and smiling.

Scene: Lucas picking up moving stuffed rabbit that is struggling to get away.

Scene: Belle comes down the stairs to see blood on the wall and some servants trying to kill the other servants (the servants who are killing are more zombie-like but vampires with big teeth like wolves do) Her parents dead on the floor

Scene: Lucas hugging and consoling her.

Scene: Lucas talking to the stuffed rabbit( same rabbit of Belle) that is standing in the horse shed with two legs which is white in color. The rabbit can talk. He speaks and then his face- it shows half of the skeleton on his face before it covers up with skin and he smiles.

Scene: Belle who is sleeping with closed eyes, opens her eyes to look at isolated buildings and isolated town which is dark and has smoke on the ground. Belle walking in the street and turning around.

Scene: A reaper without hood appearing in front of her and she using both her hands where black and white electric shocks appears to disappear the reaper.

Scene: Lucas standing in the mansion's garden in his butler's uniform to pull out his scythe from behind. In front of him a reaper standing and they clash their scythe together.

The end scene with book name and logo as attached.

PS: You can find the book online and read it to have a better understanding of the settings which will be closer to what I have imagined

Book- Belle Adams' Butler by ash_knight17

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“Gave out a good quality video and made a lot of things as expected. Would love to hire again~”

Gambar Profil ashknight17, India.

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      Hello, have you worked on the video?

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      Hello, have you worked on the video?

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