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3D animation video.

Hi. I done for you a beautiful 3D animation video. Usually I work for much more higher price to create a video like this but for this noble cause, I wanted to help in my way. I wish you can help the poor kids in Africa in the best way you can. To show how much the trip is important, I used the white house press to talk about the topic with a screen to show lot of pictures. My character can talk as you can see in the video but also If needed, we can insert voice over. You can provide me the voice and I insert them or I can help you cause I work with an audio company that can provide me nice audio. I used background music which is the music of braveheart movie which is touching. I hope to win this contest and I hope you like the video. Sometimes the video doesnt open in freelancer, that is why I will upload it unlisted on youtube:

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