Creative journal design and interior pages.

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Design gratitude journal. In the attachment are designs I like. The words on the front must say “Be Here Now” and also “Daily Reflection Journal”. The font on the front is to
be foil silver. Please see the pictured marbled purple watercolour background I have used as an example, I would like this with a mandala or creative image. This will all be in reflective silver foil once printed.
The text inside the journal is also attached.

I did this purple one on Canva but would like it professionally done. Thank you.

155mm L x 215mm W
129 pages

Interior text


Today I am thankful for

My intention for today

Today I am grateful for these people

To do list

I am

Evening Reflection
Highlights of my day

Challenges faced today

Lessons from facing these challenges

Hi there,
If you are searching for more in life and yearning for a deeper connection with yourself, you are in the right place.
I know this search very well. I spent a lot of my years on a fruitless search for more.
Searching for purpose
Searching for validation
Searching for happiness
Searching for confidence
Searching for the money I’d never had
I had the belief that these amazing things were waiting for me somewhere else, on the other side of the metaphorical mountain. 
Does this sound familiar?
Once I lose 10 Kilograms, then I will have the confidence to wear that dress
Once I get my dream job, then I will feel important
Once I find my dream partner, then I’ll feel loved
Once I get recognition for my hard work, then I will feel valued
What I failed to realise is that everything I had been searching for was IN THE JOURNEY. 
Say what? I know! Right there, under my nose. 
I had bypassed it because I had been so busy rushing through life to get to that elusive end destination which would somehow always allude me.
Ask yourself; What do I have to be thankful for today?
The practice of gratitude is a powerful tool in cultivating exactly what you desire by appreciating and acknowledging what we already have. The basic law of attraction states that whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative, will be attracted into your life. 
This simple daily practice can kickstart your day and transform ordinary days into ones full of hope, joy and blessings. 
It could be as simple as warm socks, a cup of tea, the roof over your head, the running water in the taps, your five senses, or even your loved ones.
Send love and gratitude to three people in your life, every single day. Sometimes to people who aren’t the obvious choice, perhaps to a person who previously wronged you, or to a person you feel needs it the most.
For myself, doing this daily created opportunities for forgiveness, for appreciation and to acknowledge those important people in our lives which we can sometimes forget.
The most powerful words a human being can use are I AM.
The words in which you choose after I AM are what you will become.
I am kind, I am beautiful, I am grounded, I am strong, I am abundant, I am wealthy, I am successful, I am happy, I am healthy, I am safe, I am loved.
Affirm who you are and who you are choosing to become. Write them down or say them out loud. You can take them one step further and say them in a mirror.

I hope this journal is a catalyst for change in your life and that it provides a safe haven for you to experience comfort, joy and reflection and to simply Be Here Now. 

Love & Light

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“Dianne provided very high quality work and created exactly what I asked for. Highly recommend! ”

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  • adiannna
    • 3 minggu yang lalu

    Hi Contest Holder! From all the sample designs in your attachment (img_1918), may I ask which do you prefer most for your journal's front cover? Should we put a blue and purple floral pattern or can we use any color as long as it is floral? or use the other designs shown in the attachment?

    Also, please expound what style and color combinations do you want for the inner pages: minimalist, bold and trendy, feminine, formal, etc? Thanks!

    • 3 minggu yang lalu
    1. adiannna
      • 3 minggu yang lalu

      Working on it. Will submit my entry in a few hours

      • 3 minggu yang lalu
    2. adiannna
      • 3 minggu yang lalu

      Please check my entries #18 and #19 . I attached 6 images. The pages uploaded are as follows: 2 Cover Page, 1 Back Page, 1 Author's Note, and 1 Interior Pages

      • 3 minggu yang lalu
  • FatemaDhirani
    • 3 minggu yang lalu

    working pls hold on

    • 3 minggu yang lalu
  • ctphouseofficial
    • 4 minggu yang lalu

    share more details

    • 4 minggu yang lalu

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