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Color Diamond Z Ring

At first I was amused by the brief's request for colorful crystal, but colors are good and I like them pure, shinny and well saturated which is still big trend on logo design. It was relatively easy to recreate Z crystal but just after playing a lot with colors, shading, overlays I manage to get this shine through effect of something that might resemble quality crystal glass, or maybe even a diamond. Putting Z in the C letter was easy, but I think there might be something in option where Z looks like stone in the ring. I am sure I like this option better. For Typography I have chosen fresh Roman based typeface, Cinzel Regular font that suited best to associate with expensive jewelry store. I hope you will like this.

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  • OljaMandic
    • 8 tahun yang lalu

    I was wondering, I would like to try it once more. Would you like both ends of the C to be sharp as the bottom end. That might not look cool. Also I was wondering about colors if I could try one more version with different color scheme if you think might be necessary. Will do it tomorrow my local time. Surely I would make it until deadline.

    • 8 tahun yang lalu
  • beFreeStudio
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 8 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks for your submission! You have done great work, especially in the last picture. Can you try to make the C a little bit more rounded and also the edges to be the same, I mean the upper side and the lower of the C letter.

    • 8 tahun yang lalu