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final work..ish

I am having some problems rendering the animations and images and I dont think I can submit the last renders at time. I am uploading an animated gif of the tower and a sprite of one frame at better resolution. the textures are from cg and if you render it at a large resolution you wil see a lot of detail. also the images have some composite and a transparent background. and a semitransparent shadow. in the motorcycle is a node in the rust material where you can change the red color from the tank and the sidecar to another color for gaming purpouses. I couldnt render the two rear tires and I dont know why. but they look a lot like the front one. I also have some ideas for the firing secuence, it could have a flash from the gun that affect the lighting of the tower or vehicle and the ground, just as the transparent shadow. I dont know if I make myself clear, english is not my native language. sorry for the delay and the poor quality of the images, the file is much better...!

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    I fixed my problem. I wish I could have done it earlier.

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