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Hi there!

We are a productivity software startup based in Vienna, Austria (
Being on the verge of launching, we need some additional help with our website.

We have come up with a widget that calculates the Basic Math of Office Work Productivity and Lifestyle Design.
1. Office Work Productivity Calculator:
Simple calculation based on the input of 3 questions.
2. Lifestyle Design Calculator:
There are three outputs of it: changes are based on the occupation type of the user: an entrepreneur, an employee & a freelancer (question 2),
We aim to showcase that AllActivity helps to track, allocate and spend one´s resources more efficiently than within conventional workflows.

1. Style a new page – “the Basic Math of Productivity.” – should contain both calculators.
2. Style a Results page – should be very simple. It only contains calculation results, a CTA to visit the corresponding Challenge page ( Office Work Productivity  Maximize Productivity; Lifestyle Design  Lifestyle & Health), and a CTA to try out the other calculator;
3. You are free to make design adjustments to the calculators themselves to correspond more with the website design.

Please, stick to the overall design and color scheme of the website. We don´t want anything over the top, but something eye-catching and concise. Most of the elements you´d need to use are already designed and implemented on the 6 pages that we have, skim through them before you get down to the task! :)

Calculators are to be displayed in 2 different locations: Home page and a separate “The Basic Math of Productivity” page.

Home page:
The user sees 2 calculators side by side. The chosen calculator should activate whenever the user clicks on the respective input field. There are two instances we have come up with.
1. The chosen calculator expands and the other one disappears. The questions then appear (also extending the calculator field downwards) one by one, after each previous input field is fulfilled; or
2. The chosen calculator appears in the pop up, and the background is greyed out with a transparent color block, in order to visually separate the popup from the rest of the page. Upon clicking the button, the user is redirected to a new page where the calculation results are shown.
We think the pop up works best, but you are free to suggest other options.

The Basic Math of Productivity Page:
That is a new page we would like you to design. The page should contain both calculators (one, again, appears in the pop up once chosen). They do not need to be displayed side by side – we need to emphasize that they have different purposes. As there will be 2 blog posts mentioning each calculator, there may be something that links from this page to a respective article as well – perhaps blog element (already designed – see attachment – it only needs to be incorporated into the page).

Office Work Calculator: the flow of the office work productivity calculation;
Lifestyle Design Calculator: there are flows for 3 instances, depending on the outcome of question 2: for entrepreneurs, employees, and freelancers;
Popup Journey: how the calculators are ought to be used from the front page, resulting in a “results” page;
XD file with all wireframes;
Blog Element: blog preview element we use on our website (in case you need it)

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“Great work, timely revisions. Recommended!”

Gambar Profil cstrasser, Austria.

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    Please try to delete the fake entry's. :(

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    Can I use Figma for your design?

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    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    Hello there!

    I am a UI/UX Designer and would love to have a chat with you concerning the product.

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