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Taxi Central Logo

Sir, I feel honored having opportunity to present my idea & logo for such a strong business name. I'm glad to get the idea to combine letter T and C in form of a wing for T, symbolizing speed / speedy, then circle(s) for C symbolizing coverage of the Taxi operation with a blue circle in the middle as 'central' as well as letter O (=Orlando). The combination T and C also represent Orlando geographical shape. I'm glad too to find a matching font for this logo, with artistic tweaks to stand nicely side by side with the logo. I use gradient blue color to represent pleasant cool & mild Orlando / Florida climate. I'm not sure though about the color of your Taxi cars, are they white / black or yellow or else ? I peek into your website, it is not there. Btw, may I suggest you put pictures of your fleet on your website so it becomes attractive and informative as well. So Color or any other adjustment you like, just inform me. Hopefully this design suits you and you like it. Thanks.

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