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I am starting a lawn care company. My company will use nothing but electric powered equipment which is charged by solar panels. The lawn mower runs on solar batteries, the weed eater runs on solar batteries, the hedge trimmer runs on solar batteries, the blower, everything.

This plan is beneficial in many ways; it allows me to keep my operating costs low, since there is no gas or oil to purchase. No carburatores to clean out or engines to maintain. Everything is free to run, and easy to maintain.

Also, this business model should be appealing to customers who are environmentally conscious. My company is 100% green! We use 100% renewable and clean energy. Because my costs are so low, I can pass the savings on to the customer. I charge $9.99 for a 1/3 acre (or smaller) plot of land. If the customer likes my work, they can pay more, essentially allowing them to choose their own price.

I know that much of this is useless information, but I want my designer to understand and capture the entire essence of my company vision.

The company name is Green Powered Lawn Care. I think the "ee"s in the word "Green" should look like leaves. Obviously there should be a lot of the color green in the logo, but I want my designer to decide which colors to use in the rest of the logo. Choose colors that emphasize the words "clean", "solar", "bright", "happy", "life", "light (in weight)", "oxygen", and "sky". I want it to pop without being overly bright or tacky. I want it to be clean, crisp, and "airy" in appearance.

I have no files to include with this project. I want my designers to start from scratch and use their own creativity. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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“Very good work! You listen to instructions, pay attention to detail, and provide very quality work. Thank you so much : )”

Gambar Profil andrewglover123, United States.

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