Design a main menu for a horror game

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Ringkasan Peraduan

The work is to make an mysterious and minimalist design for a horror game's main menu, the main menu consists of two parts:

- Background image.
- Buttons.

Background image: The background image idea is to be mysterious and simple, "painting style" is recommended. An example idea that might be good for the background image: A dark room wall, with weak bulb lamp or small window or something illuminating, with an almost black and white style but with a soft discrete color for artistic detail like dark blue or dark purple. Fell free to discuss new ideas with me.

In other words, it should not be complex or very realistic, but mysterious and beautiful. The first map of the game is a hospital so keep that in mind. The image aspect of the screen is 16:9.

It would be good some discrete animations to make the background "alive", like dust on the air, or a slowly spinning fan, or the light failing, we can discuss the implementation and the game's programmer can write the code necessary for the animations (for example, animate intensity or alpha of image layers). But the animation doesn't have to be included in your entry, it's just going to be a little work after contest.

The buttons and the background image should be in harmony, for example, if the buttons are on the left side or center of the screen, it can be useful that this part is darker in the background image to highlight the buttons.

Buttons: The buttons are like the name suggests the buttons that the player will click that will be in front of the background image, the artist can place icons or texts for the buttons that will match the style, confusing or complex text fonts like blood-style are not good, remember that it must be mysterious and minimalist. And the programmer will add the functionality for each button.

Below are some pictures of some game menus, for you to see the current theme of the game. When the player presses the buttons, these screens will appear. You can also see some screenshots of the game to understand the gameplay and the style of the game.

The name planned for the game is "The Dark Stalker", if you want to experiment put the logo in the main menu. "The Dark Stalker" can look great written with other strange phrases like "it's watching you" and day-counter lines in dry blood or scratches on the wall, but small and discreet, like an "easter egg".

For questions, feedback or more information about the game please contact me in the email acepy@[login to view URL] and I will send a message in the chat. I can show good examples and give more details about the artistic vision of the main menu.

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    16:9 it's inches or milimiter Screen size.

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    I'm working on it, wait for me please, greetings!...

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