Design a Mockup for an Education iOS App

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  • Hadiah: $200
  • Penyertaan diterima: 9
  • Pemenang: mariafet

Ringkasan Peraduan

Purpose of the Product:

The purpose of the application is to ease the learning of Vocabulary to students that are preparing for standardized tests. Having to memorize hundreds of vocabularies is a cumbersome task. Stique takes the pain away and makes the process fun and the words hard to forget.

The Product:

Stique application is a collection of short videos which teaches you how to memorize difficult vocabularies. Each vocabulary is broken into separate sections and put into a story which becomes much easier to remember. It also enables you to create your own study list which helps you test yourself agains the words you’re most struggling.

For Designers:

This app is targeted towards age groups of 18-27. We're looking for a fun and humorous look for the application while keeping it simple and modern. Please don't use excessive colors and patterns. You may put your main focus on the Home page and Video Detail page (see attached graph).

Below is a short description of functionality of each page.

START page:
A short animation video will play on a repeat, when click on it goes to our home page.

HOME page:
Displaying a list of vocabulary, clicking on them takes you to word page.

MENU page:
With the options button you can change the settings in the app.
About us will take you to another page explaining who we are and what we do.
Rate this app in app store.
Share this app with friend on any social media.
Send us feedback to the company email address.
My account, which allows you to put your data in it and save your info so you can use your studies on different devices.

On this page users will find the meaning of the words. There is an option for pronouncing each words and can watch the clip affiliated to the word. If the user does not have any credit, the app will direct them to the shopping cart page (more information later).
The brown line on top of the video when clicked on it a page will pop up and users can take notes for specific word.
Also on this page users can rate the animation video we create.

Here users can purchase credits. Credits are divided into different packages.
Also for getting free credits we will offer different promotions for users.

This page user can build any kind of list they want by adding and placing words from main page.

Here student will see the list of different kind of practices that we offer.
Master practice is the practice that the user has built for them self.
In our first version we only offer flash card practice style (as seen on the map). User will only choose yes or no.

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“definitely a stand out from everyone else in the contest. Great job and thank you. ”

Gambar Profil stique, United States.

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Papan Penjelasan Umum

  • mattdmedia
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    Hi Stique, please don't close your contest. We're in the process of finishing our design. Thanks :)

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • stique
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    Hi All,
    one idea would be to make the design have a chalkboard look.
    Check out some chalk arts online.

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • denissepinies
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    Working in my entry.

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
    1. stique
      Penganjur Peraduan
      • 2 tahun yang lalu


      • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • natalyaoncloud
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    I have a question:
    Will your video in vocabulary page would look like a stique figure animation?
    Will it be a cartoon or movie?

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
    1. stique
      Penganjur Peraduan
      • 2 tahun yang lalu

      yeah it's like a sickman figure animation. Black and white for now. We might add few colors here and there.

      • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • clean0design
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    I suggest to make animation using HTML5 on the start page. is it acceptable ?

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
    1. stique
      Penganjur Peraduan
      • 2 tahun yang lalu

      Not sure if iOS launch screen supports that. Will have to check on that and get back to you

      • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • serfankhan
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    sir wait for my proposal.

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
    1. stique
      Penganjur Peraduan
      • 2 tahun yang lalu

      looking forward to it

      • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • AmarKasapovic
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    Hello sir,
    Have some questions before I start making a concept.
    Tell me if You would like a particular color(s) to be in the App, more iOS native elements or custom stylish elements?
    Can I focus only on that two screen You mentioned for a preview?

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
    1. stique
      Penganjur Peraduan
      • 2 tahun yang lalu

      No particular color in mind, but for education products usually purple or green is preferred.
      Go all custom my friend :)
      Yes you can focus on the two screen mentioned. But we would obviously take more consideration if you go out of your way

      • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • ImpetrosysAnil
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    1. Mobile Portfolio :

    > App Parking : 1. 2.

    > B12 1. 2.

    > Veer Left 1. 2.

    > LHD 1. 2.

    > Soshelnet 1.

    • 2 tahun yang lalu

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