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Wonder Woman's Vertuno's Mask

Not all fights are fought in the battlefield, as many rely only in strategy and intellect. WW already has an armory to back her upSo what, so what she misses is something that could help avoid a direct conflict. With Vertuno`s Mask, WW can disguise herself as anyone she wishes and even copycat its skills; being able to act unnoticed and dismantle criminal activities from within. As an equipment, it`s as easy to carry as it is to assemble, for it can be used as a pair of earrings paired with a gala dress for stealth missions, such as it's seen in the BvS and WW movies. In the example WW uses the mask to turn into Superman and, as long as she`s wearing the mask, she will remain as Superman. Its weak spots: the illusion has a limited time; as she copycats her target powers, she also copycats it`s weakness; to bear the mask the user must be strong-minded, for the mask imitates the other's singularities so well, it may drive the user insane into believing he actually is the copycat-person.

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