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Design Container Houses

Hello dear contest holder! My name is Allaoua and I am a full-time freelancer with 7 years of experience in 3D visualization and construction drawings and interior/exterior design. I am confident that I can provide you with the best service for your project. I have good skills in Revit, Sketch Up, Unreal Engine, Autocad and C4D which will enable me to make a wonderful 4K rendering result. Additionally, I am available to begin work on the project as soon as possible I understand that you are seeking for someone who can create container houses drawings & 3d modeling . If you are interested in hiring me for this project please don't hesitate to apply end discuss further how we can make this happen together. As you can see too here is some of my projects i released for other company's ( Spark homes ) 1 - 2 -

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  • fsomsocialmedia
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 8 bulan yang lalu

    Please look at the file that is attached, i want the drawings like with a pen and only the details in colors like technical drawing

    • 8 bulan yang lalu
    1. KDezign
      • 8 bulan yang lalu

      Hi , Are you looking just for a drawing with a pen an details in colors ? what about the 3d modeling and cad plan's do you have them already ? Thanks

      • 8 bulan yang lalu