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We need 2 Website Graphics / Animated GIFs

On our new website at [url removed, login to view] we have 2 images which we want improved on our homepage, and this task is also a test to find a suitable designer for around a dozen more images we have planned when we expand the website. The images are next to the 'Cart & Browse Recovery' and the 'Personalise Every Email' sections.

We are an innovative start-up that deals with sending highly personalised email campaigns. These images need to match the qualities of our brand.

We use flat colours and a cursive font ([url removed, login to view]) to achieve our distinctive, vintage yet modern style.
The images need to explain what we do graphically, with the idea that a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Image 1: Screenshot and image of fake cart recovery email
Our main product is a cart recovery service where we email people who have abandoned their baskets, and then provide a series of reports to the marketer.
For this image we want to show both of these aspects with an example fake cart recovery email of a made up brand ‘The Clothing Co.’ and a screenshot of the dashboard (included in the brief). At this stage we do not want to use real examples from our clients.

Here are 2 sites where we like their images
[url removed, login to view] - the content of these images is relevant
[url removed, login to view] - the style of the images is excellent, a good match for our brand

Animation is not essential on this image, but we would welcome any relevant animation that adds to the image and explaining what we do with cart recovery.

Image 2: Animated screenshots of emails with recommendations
The other part of our business is in embedding unique product recommendations for every subscriber in the email newsletters from a retailer.
Again using the ‘The Clothing Co’ we want to show using animation rotating through different fake emails for 4 different people (2 Men, 2 women please).

What might help make this look more of an email is if there was a section at the top of the email which had the From and Subject line in, looking like the email client of the subscriber.

Please pick generic clothing items from another website for this.

We would like the images as editable files (PSD etc) in case we need to make changes in the future
Image sizes: Please make the images large, at least 800x800, and take into account where they will be displayed against the text. So they are a suitable shape.

Any questions please ask.

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    This is NOT an image editing job - I want new images as the ones I built myself are not of a high enough standard. All entries should have both images requested or will be rejected.

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