Design issue tracking and meeting notes inside MediaWiki using tables or JavaScript (bonus)

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Ringkasan Peraduan

Do you have a nice idea how to use MediaWiki for a very simple issue tracking, task management, and meeting notes system using just tables and pages?
Or the other way around: Do you know a JavaScript framework which can be easily integrated into MediaWiki to make it look pretty?
Yes I know there are are many full featured systems doing this and offer very nice tools like Kanban etc, but these require new installations and for a team of five predefined people we do not need this...

We have to use (a more or less raw) MediaWiki 1.32 (with Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.2).
But maybe you have or know a JavaScript framework solving our simple problem or even be able to integrate (In that case we will talk about a bonus!!)

If I had do it I would start/try with this:
Page /todo
containing a big table with <refence><type (bug/issue/task)><status open/closed/done> <priority> <date reported> <reporter> <what's the problems in short> <long description> <progress description with timestamps> <current user this todo assigned to>

But how to 'archive' closed ones? (New page? Two tables (open todos in first, closed in second)? How do my move an todo? Is there a better way than cut and paste?)
How do I see 'my' todos in type/time/prio order?

How to easily add new todos and easily assign it to (a predefined) user/nickname?
(User a 'naked' templated and just copy it? Is there a better way (e.g. using JavaScript)?)

Page /meeting-notes
Linking to all meetings

e.g. Page /meeting-notes/2021-06-05
Caption <Attendees>
Caption <Goals>

Caption <Discussion items>
Table <Item (short title)> <who started this discussion or reported (about) this> <notes and comments (who said what?)and summary><link(s) or leads to 'todo'?>

Before reinventing the wheel: Do you already have done this? Do you have/had better ideas?
As you see: My first/quick idea/approach is 'trivial'. Maybe you are able to create a few template pages which does the above, but I hope to receive 'better' ideas. (E.g. by using using JavaScript for a more automatic way) Maybe I am wrong and it is already the best/only choice in raw MediaWiki..

Let me see what you have!

P.S.: Yes I know the existence of I never tried it and as I said: We cannot install new extensions!

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