Design 2 mascots for a food-based social network

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We need 2 characters to represent our future website that will connect people who want to cook for others for fun or to make money and people who want to eat good homemade things.

The idea is to have 2 animal characters (2 different animals), manga style. One character is a female, girly , wearing a chef hat, very energetic like in mangas, and fascinated by cooking delicious food in order to become the most reknown chef worldwide. The other one is a male, all hungry, looking at her dishes with big eyes and expecting the great food so much with a big mouth and expressive face.

For inspiration, please check Frodo and Neo (dog and cat) from the South Korean chatting app Kakaotalk which has many stickers of them. The game "Cooking Mama" also has an interesting style to consider.

We need one logo with both characters around the name "Eat My Things". (please use description of characters above)

Then we need 13 stickers to put in around our website:
- 1 representing the chef character in a pose that feels like "I'm ready to cook and motivated" (will be used for chefs' profile)
- 1 representing the hungry character in a pose that feels like "I'm sooooooo hungry, please feed me soon or I will pass out!" (will be used for the normal users' profile)
- 1 representing the hungry character looking hungry and anxious and searching on a computer for nice food to order (will be used next to the search function)
- 1 representing the hungry character looking all happy, like standing up on his computer chair and dancing, because he found many good things to eat (will be used in the search results)
- 1 representing the hungry character looking all happy, running while pushing a shopping cart (will be used in the website's cart page)
- 1 representing the chef character driving a scooter, on her way to deliver the food to the customer (will be used for the delivery option)
- 1 representing the chef character opening her door and giving a bag containing the food to the hungry character who came to take the food away (will be used for the take away option)
- 1 representing the hungry character looking happy and opening his door and inviting the chef character to enter his house (showing the way with his hand), while the chef character looks determined, ready to enter and cook, with a ladle in one hand (will be used for the "cook at customer's home" option)
- 1 representing the chef character looking proud (eyes closed, head up, for example), opening her door and inviting the hungry character to enter her house (showing the way with her hand), while the hungry character looks happy and expecting a great meal (will be used for the "cook at chef's home" option)
- 1 representing the hungry character stressing while trying to cook something with a fry pan or sauce pan while the chef character is pointing her finger at the pan (like she's telling him what to do) and looking angry (will be used for the "cooking lesson" option)
- 1 representing the hungry character with a big round belly, sitting down or laying down, using a toothpick with one hand and using a sign with the other hand to give a score (like jury give score during a tournament for example). You can leave the sign blank so that we will dynamically display scores (will be used for reviews)
- 1 representing the chef character looking happy (with shiny eyes) (will be used for the orders section)
- 1 representing both characters looking questioning, interrogative, with a big question mark "?" above their heads, like they want to know about something (will be used for the faq section)

The files should be .PNG and allow for transparency (usable above any background), the size should be big enough for use on big screens with a good image quality.

The website is still under construction, its temporary URL is [login to view URL], but its final name will be "Eat My Things" so the latter should be used for the logo.

Any additional idea is welcome, leading to a higher pay

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“This person is truly passionate! She enjoys what she does, is a perfectionist, kind and obviously very talented. Do NOT hesitate one second about hiring her, you couldn\'t possibly be disappointed. :)”

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