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Hi there sir, I have made this design for you... It is 100% mobile-friendly and well optimized for SEO... Hope you like it, any changes can be done such as colors, fonts, icons, design layout, etc... Please tell me your review, I will be waiting for your reply... Please message me so that we can discuss the project and make it in the best way... Thanks a lot... Check my portfolio here =>

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  • jwbln
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    • 6 bulan yang lalu

    The provided design doesn't really use any provided information. In addition, it's an outdated design?
    So I'll reject.

    If still of interest in the contest:
    Please check the following Figma:

    I created the design with "mobile-first" in mind.
    So you have to extend to tablet, and desktop.

    Please provide proposals with the different sections mentioned in the project description.
    In addition still the interactive part (see description) needs to be advanced.

    If you make suggestions, please do so only in line with the project description.
    Many thanks.

    • 6 bulan yang lalu