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Here know check the code I resolve your error

Base58 Encoding and Decoding: Base58 seems to be a class or method for Base58 encoding and decoding, though it's not provided in the code snippet you shared. I assume it's part of a library or another class. Main Method: Main is the entry point of the program. base58_key is a Base58-encoded string that you want to decode. Decoding Base58 String: Base58.Decode(base58_key) is used to decode the base58_key into a byte array (decodedBytes). The decoded bytes are then printed as an array using Console.WriteLine("Decoded Bytes: [" + string.Join(", ", decodedBytes) + "]");. Encoding Bytes to Base58: Base58.Encode(decodedBytes) is used to encode the decoded bytes back to a Base58 string (encodedString). The encoded string is then printed using Console.WriteLine("Encoded String: " + encodedString);. Return Statement: return; ends the Main method and, subsequently, the program. Note: In the corrected code, unnecessary string manipulation to create a byte array is removed. The decoded bytes

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