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I need the correct string to redirect on .htaccess file a php page to a new rewrited page on Prestashop
Redirect 301 /[url removed, login to view] /it/2754-Armani-jeans-blue

explanation: the old site is'nt in prestashop but in another php cms, the new site has same domain and same products but different url organization (multilingual and friendly urls activated) so for many products and categories well positioned on search engines I need to redirect 301 the old link on new links. I've tried several solutions to write the correct string to obtain the result but nothing

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  • webgrafia13
    • 4 tahun yang lalu

    Please make the contest guaranteed

    • 4 tahun yang lalu
  • jmagrinya
    • 4 tahun yang lalu

    At the last line you have to add 'L' to the rule.

    RewriteRule ^/models.php?line=1&brand=27&unit=135 /it/2754-Armani-jeans-blue$ http://new-url [R=301,L] , if it's the las line.

    • 4 tahun yang lalu
  • jmagrinya
    • 4 tahun yang lalu

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^/models.php?line=1&brand=27&unit=135 /it/2754-Armani-jeans-blue$ http://new-url [R=301]

    • 4 tahun yang lalu

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