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IG Halloween

Good day, The design is done for instagram post 1080x1080 at 300 DPI for max resolution. I've also added mockup samples for the design as both postcard style and instagram post, so you can see what it would look like. If there's any changes you'd like to make please let me know. Thank you

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                                         untuk                                             I am looking for a graphic artist to mak me an instagram  post  - 27/10/2021 13:57 EDT

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  • Drizzygfx
    • 8 bulan yang lalu

    Will do

    • 8 bulan yang lalu
  • amandabliedung
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    • 8 bulan yang lalu

    Hi, I think it would look alot better if we take away the 6 flavors with the white background

    • 8 bulan yang lalu