Ideas for a packaging. Bottle of water.

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Hi !

I need just ideas for a packaging. Not design, just creative ideas. You can describe your idea or you can just give a link from some packaging that you find in the internet.
If you have some creative idea, over the packaging, to sell better the product, it will be welcome.

I need a packaging for a sport bottle water, similar to "Nalgene". In the attachment you can see some reference of the product.

Example 1: "A carton of 20x20cm with the drawing of a waterfall, and you can sell the product with water inside"
Example 2 : "A black box, that has hole in the middle and a picture of the bottle by the other side" etc etc

Thanks !

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  • DependableEngine
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    Who is a winner? What if CH don't choose a winner? There are not entries in top... Does anyone know?

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • ngocdbk
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    Hi, please help check entry #19, #20, #21, and #22. These are references for the nice and sporty shape of bottle. Thanks.

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • pierpa0
    Pemegang Peraduan
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    Its a reusable water botlle. Its a similar to this

    • 2 tahun yang lalu
  • luisathomas
    • 2 tahun yang lalu

    is it disposable or reusable?

    • 2 tahun yang lalu

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