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I've just formed an informal group in the Pacific Northwest of about 100 actresses, called "The Portland Actress and Troublemakers Society" (PATS)... our motto is "We're Gonna Fuck Some Shit Up." :-)

I have a vision of a woman in 3/4 pose, sort of like the "We Can Do It" pose (but not a ripoff of that exact thing)... Head-to-shoulder closeup. She's about 45 -- sort of non-age-ish, really, but NOT young. Tousled dark shaggy pixie haircut. She's perhaps got glasses pushed up on top of her head, certainly a pencil behind her ear, and she's holding a rolled up, kinda shaggy, script in one fist. (Holding the script as though it's Liberty's torch in a way. I'm hoping the brass "brads" on the script help it read.) The other isn't in the frame. She's got stud earrings in, with perhaps one small ring further up the ear. Shirt is black turtleneck or red/white checked boy-ish top or maybe a Grey T. No necklace. Brows are defined, medium-tone lipstick, conservative but present lashes and blush. She is NOT white or really any race - mixed? Certainly indefinite. Slightly olive complected, then. She's looking at the viewer with one eyebrow raised, a cocky smile on her face. She is NO ONE's fool!

She's in a circular frame and in the border of the frame, along the bottom it says, in quotes, "Nobody's Patsy" in fonts something like the attached.

Final notes: Scrap is for reference only - respect these artists and don't "copy" them, please. Neither young nor old; no specific race; not "sexy," but spunky and smart and strong. Not a fetishized Pixie, but an awesome, powerful, playful woman. And finally, as you can tell from my fonts/scrap samples, the drawing has to be top-notch. Pros only, please.


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“Ali Abed Art were timely, creative and imaginative, and took direction via email brilliantly. Communications were friendly, respectful, and easily understood. I have a wonderful finished product!”

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