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ZetaHash Logo

ZetaHash is a partnership of 3 individuals. We are a service provide
for proof-of-stake blockchains such as RChain, Tezos, Dfinity, Cosmos, Cardano, etc.

The idea behind these proof of stake systems is that they need “validators” to validate
transactions. Whereas in BitCoin, you secure a block by burning $100K worth of electricity
(which makes it extremely expensive to attempt to create fake blocks which will be called
out by other block-makers in any case, and you will lose a ton of money) the validators
put up a bond when they certify a transaction, and if they fake a block (as called out by
other block-makers) they loose the bond. This process is being explained so it may give you a ideas of how to form the logo.

We hope to become a general-purpose validator SERVICE that is used as a white-label
service by any proof of stake blockchain system.

We use the word Zeta because it is huge (like Google is 10^100, Zeta is 10^21) and hash refers to an encrypted text that needs to be decrypted, and you have to process billions of these each
second to get the solution right to make a block. So, tremendous processing power. Hence,

We want to convey: security; professionalism; speed; availability; economy; reliability;
excellent customer service; dedication, quirk and whim. Because we don’t want our logo to be
forgotten, even if it has to be weird, as long it is memorable as… fuck. Let no one unsee it.

Simplicity in visual grasp;
Maintain integrity at various resolutions (as it is scaled down, esp on mobile devices);
Looks great on printed material;
Avoid well known logos and rote and well-worn tropes;
Be bold, distincitve;
Do not limit your creativity or work for praise (yes, you are awesome, just fools like us can’t see it);
Be you more than anyone knows.

Abstract Logo Ideas. But do not limit to these. Deliberately vague to not
lock your creativity.

Zeta is a Greek letter

Analytical wheel

Quantum mechanical fast

Byzantine Generals Discussing Battle Plan


Money as flow

ExoSpatial Depth

Mascot Logo Ideas.

Mascot animal with “ZetaHash” written below.
Please AVOID creatures that are commonly used in logos.
I think a very non-charismatic animal in an interesting posture would be different.
It might be better to go for fierceness or shock than cuteness.

Fierce Tasmanian Type Devil (but don’t make it look too much like WB character)

Chimeric or mythical creature
Manticore, imp, incubus, succubus, winged buffalo, troll, pixie,
sexi anime girl named Zeta with whip “whipping” cryptography

Cross a platypus with cryptography.
What does it LOOK like?

Do a completely new riff on mathematical “dragon”


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“Talented, creative; Nafisa has a sense of immediacy, simple style for logos, avoiding complex look. ”

Gambar Profil ZeroHourZulu, United States.

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