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It is mean Subdomain vs Subdirectory

In your 1st link: We can see that it is A subdomain, A subdomain is a division of your website that you want to distinguish with its own unique identity and content. Like ( “So, it’s a good organizational tool,” you might be asking yourself, “but what does a subdomain have to do with SEO and organic rankings?” Excellent question. First of all, there’s really no such thing as an organization for the organization’s sake when it comes to site structure and hierarchy. A website that’s confusing to navigate due to the poor structure is going to be penalized by search engines inevitably. 2nd link was: It is a subfolder or subdirectory A subfolder, also known as a subdirectory, is exactly as the name implies: a folder of pages that still exist and nest under the root domain. It is not viewed as a standalone site within Google’s eyes like a subdomain is. I attach the image for you to understand it properly. Thank you

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