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OsCommerce 2.3.3 webshop expansion

You requests have implemented in the following test sites are for my clients need to upgrade to osc2.3.x: I have contributed many osc add-ons since 2006, such as: ( ) YMM for osc2.3.3 CCGV Credit Class Gift Voucher 6.0 v.10.4 for 2.3.3 (backward compatible to osc2.3.1) Discount Coupon Codes 3.34 Patch for osc 2.3.3 (backward compatible to osc2.3.1) Traditional Chinese Lang Pack for 2.3.3 (backward compatible to osc2.3.x), Overlay Pic V1.0 for osc2.3.1 Arabic Language Pack (UTF-8) for osc2.3.1 Shop by Price for osc2.3 christmas template, for osCommerce 2.3, Extra Product Fields for osCommerce 2.3, Event Scheduler 3.0 ...

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  • madani92
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    • 9 tahun yang lalu

    Dear Sir,
    Do you think you could do all the requested things?

    • 9 tahun yang lalu
    1. yanotcook
      • 9 tahun yang lalu

      Thanks for your message, Madani92! What is your concern about my capabilities?

      • 9 tahun yang lalu