Paper incinerator machine

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This machine is an art installation. We have an initial idea about it, and now we need someone to finalize the design, and put it on paper in enough detail that the installation can actually be built.

The idea:

1) A person writes something on a piece of paper and puts it into the machine.
2) That piece of paper (and the writing on it) gets destroyed by the machine.


There are two components to the machine - the feeding tube and the incinerator.

1) The feeding tube sucks in the piece of paper (no bigger than a sticky note, crumpled into a small ball) and feeds it to the incinerator. The tube should be long, spiraling and translucent, so that the user can watch the paper ball being carried on. It can be anywhere from 2-3 to dozens of meters long. For example, the tube can follow all along the walls of the room in which the machine resides before delivering the paper to the incinerator. The tube obviously needs to be sucking the paper inwards, so it should function on a vacuum principle in some way -- to be proposed by the bidder.

2) The incinerator should destroy the paper ball on contact in a manner that is visible to the observer. The ball's ashes/remnants then fall down into a receptacle of some sort. The exact functioning of the incinerator part is left to the bidder to propose. It should be electric-powered, and (for a small machine) should not need more than a 220V power source. It needs to incinerate the paper instantaneously upon contact. It would get points for looking spectacular, for example resembling a Tesla coil -- this would make the incineration act even more spectacular in turn, and have a "cleansing" effect on the person using the machine, watching their information getting destroyed. Given that the burning would give off a bit of smoke the design needs to prevent the smoke from leaving the machine.

Further requirements:

1) Flexibility: Depending on the final exhibition space, the machine may span anything from the corner of one room to an entire exhibition hall, varying in height from 1m to 10m or more (this relates primarily to the reach of the suction tube). The design needs to accommodate for this flexibly, with instructions on how the machine would be assembled in both scenarios.

2) Build: The machine should be buildable relatively inexpensively from materials one could find in typical hardware stores and/or scrapyards. The person assembling the machine should not need advanced engineering skills. We won't seek external funding to execute the design, so proposals that cost tens of thousands of dollars are out of the question.


We would need working blueprints that would be detailed enough to build the machine under all the above considerations and requirements.

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  • cmjames
    • 4 tahun yang lalu

    Spotted the contest with 5 mins to go, I can finish the design, just need another couple of hours got something in there to draft from just so you could see the basic design, eejits below haven't got a clue have they lol

    anyway, I have given you a base if I win we can finish it off

    • 4 tahun yang lalu
  • nikunjdudani
    • 4 tahun yang lalu


    I can see the feeling in your project and would be more than interested to make it, not just for money (which is low in this case) but for the feel of making and seeing my machine run. I already have an idea in mind and it will require very simple components and I can make it flexible so that you have different modes of running.
    I would request you to guarantee the contest and then I can submit my entry and also discuss with you before submitting so that you get what you are interested in.

    Good luck

    • 4 tahun yang lalu
  • priyaxp
    • 4 tahun yang lalu

    Can you guarantee the contest?

    • 4 tahun yang lalu
  • Mezatio
    • 4 tahun yang lalu

    i think you don't know what is a design contest
    a design contest is for concept generation not details engineering design
    you want complete blueprint of a machine under a $100 budget ? no wonder people like you get scam here on freelancer ,i mean really you mention deliverable should be working blueprints that would be detailed enough to build the machine
    anyway good luck with your project

    • 4 tahun yang lalu
  • eried
    • 4 tahun yang lalu

    The idea is to get a wacky looking machine? or a real functional one? How you will judge the better machine?

    • 4 tahun yang lalu

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