Permenant part time Blotter artist required

  • Status: Closed
  • Hadiah: £10
  • Penyertaan diterima: 2

Keterangan Peraduan

Here is another blotter art Job -

I have an idea for a new version of an old classic blotter
design, ill post it here, its called the dancing bear and has
5 small different bear images covering the 5 colours green,
blue, red, orange and yellow, green, blue, red and so on, 15
images x 15 images to make up the 7.5" square sheet. Id like
you to choose 5 small spongebob images to fill the coloured
squares. Id like a large spongebob in place of the large bear,
please make the large spongebob multi coloured similar style
to the bear/perhaps a phycadelic spongebob! You can use the
same background images with 1 large spongebob, 4 big spongebobs,
and another 9 spongebobs like the road runner of 9 images,
a final design should e 7,5" x 7.5" 300 pixels per inch minimum, highest resoluion for printing highest dpi. The person who submit the best blotter artwork to me in a ready to print fashion with eralseveral variations on design (i.e one spongebob, 4 spongebobs and 9 spongbobs coering the 7.5£ suare sheet will get a prize and also a permanent job with our Blotter art company.

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