Rocky's Basilisk movie poster

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Make some art around the theme Rocky's basilisk. Style is completely open. Could be cartoonish, Fantasy, Anime, Realistic, or something else. A brain dump is below. Requirements for the winner is that it is and original work, is delivered digitally and can be printed movie poster size 27×40 inches (686×1016 mm) and look reasonably good. I am going to put it up on the wall at my small electronics repair business and use for social media.

Some background info:
Rokos basilisk is a thought experiment about a malicious AI. Google it.
Rocky is the boxer from the series of movies.
A basilisk is a fantasy lizard that can turn unfortunate creatures to stone.

Where did rocky get the basilisk? Maybe Adrian got it from the pet shop?
How does it tie into the AI from rokos basillisk?
Is rocky the hero, villi an or something else? Maybe the AI is personified as rock'em sock'em robots?
What is the basilisk doing? Is he turning someone to stone? If so who or whom?
Is this movie action? Science Fiction? Fantasy? All of these?
Are there any other characters/actors who would star in this movie?
Where/when would the setting be?

Hopefully this is fun and you enjoy doing this for a small business. There will be at least one winner. There may be more if I receive more than one submission I really like.

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  • kushwahom11
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    Please check #20 , you'll definitely like it! Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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  • Emator
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    Kindly give me a feedback so i will improve the design #12

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