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I'm getting a vevo account set up and need a video & cover artwork created for my first single.
Noir- FloeticVandross Feat. Add-2, Bobby Dub, DaCor

I’m livin’ for a legacy
how will they remember me

Verse 1
I’m countin’ down the time
came from a deeper hole than Bruce Wayne had to climb out
now we run the game tell yo coach call a time out
everything increases ain’t nothin to iron out
competition blind cus there ain’t no way to see us
I’m sick the way my warm ups make you think I got a fever
it’s funny how my throw aways better than your keeper if
I’m throwing up subliminals that shit feels like it’s ether
It’s I’m spittin all these verses your preacher can’t preach
On a level strech armstrongs arms couldn’t reach
and I know they hope my rain gon settle
break out yo umbrellas
we never goin backwards just forward like chain letters
and fans like fam and my friends like brothers
and they stuck on my words like a st st st st stutter
and they call me add2 those who don’t know who it is see the day I die I’ll be known as the best who ever lived

I’m livin’ for a legacy
how will they remember me
And How can I rest in peace
I’ll be livin’ for a Legacy

Verse 2
Feelin’ great better than everythingtell me how it taste I bet my pallet is wertter
I bet we eatin extra feta bring on the cheddar
sowin seeds for the dream all I need is corretta anti violence
we don’t – with them rats I’m so shredda
green wrapped in watermelon blaccker than ever
never wore a letterman but knew his letters
I been crossin T’s and dottin I’s since forever
never had a sense for that nonsense they been poppin nonsense forever
all these drive bys outside none of our lives affected
yadeen died it shoulda been betta
he was 13 and left a hole like why ain’t merk me
how can I hold up a legacy
God told me to take take control of my destiny
then I talked to destiny she said this her destiny
I give you everything so I can live up to what’s left of me

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Maklum balas Majikan

“great work and was willing to modify past the original submission. Was patient with my error in the lyrics”

Gambar Profil ZenithPointEnt, United States.

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  • joeblackis17
    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    LOLLLL , the proffessional cover I create for DJ/Music Producers cost 150$ alone.

    • 1 tahun yang lalu
  • NihaalNz
    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    what should we do a lyric video?

    • 1 tahun yang lalu
    1. ZenithPointEnt
      Penganjur Peraduan
      • 1 tahun yang lalu

      It's up to you it's a contest for a video to the music and for the cover artwork

      • 1 tahun yang lalu
    2. NihaalNz
      • 1 tahun yang lalu

      HEY , i can do that !!! i will show lyric i made bfre

      • 1 tahun yang lalu
  • electrolime
    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    $90 won't even get you artwork, sorry.

    • 1 tahun yang lalu
    1. media9941
      • 1 tahun yang lalu


      • 1 tahun yang lalu
    2. ZenithPointEnt
      Penganjur Peraduan
      • 1 tahun yang lalu

      feel free to pick a different contest

      • 1 tahun yang lalu

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