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Sustainability Index Marker New

Another option with different color option and slight tweaking to the design.

Penyertaan Peraduan #6 untuk Design a standard measure for sustainability assessment

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  • mishrapeekay
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks a lot for review will upload design soon,

    • 3 tahun yang lalu
  • finethique
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    Thx for your proposition which is among our favorite. Could you do the following changes : Replace GOOD by POSITIVE, NEGATIVE by MEDIOCRE and TERRIBLE by NEGATIVE. Could you use the same colors than the EU energy label. Delete the "Positive" and "Negative" above and below the scale. Try something slightly different with the Rating (on the right). thx !

    • 3 tahun yang lalu