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Design mockup for site Stop wasting time(..).com

Hi, I have created an initial design for your website. It doesn't contain 100% of all information from the original site, but of course, If I get the chance to sell it to you, it will. I could also add some more illustrations to it, for example, at gaming examples - so it is even easier for user to understand. The plan is also to add more navigation buttons (as one for example on the bottom of the .jpg), to give a better usability and easy navigation. As I have also seen, that the website is not quite search engine optimised - Google doesn't seem to find it after simple search as "earning money online casinos" where it can simply be improved by adding more meta tags in the code/site's context. As last, one of the main ideas for a better design, was reducing the text amount. At least in the index page. It could be less text with active links under, containing a deeper explanation when the user opens them. All images in the mockup are royality free. Best regards, Adina R.

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