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Keterangan Peraduan

Write an entertaining, attention-grabbing "Top 10" list-- minimum of 1,500 words.

The ideal list is something offbeat, looking at something normal in an unexpected way, hidden knowledge, misconceptions, little-known facts, or really good general knowledge about an interesting topic.

Submissions that have the greatest chance of being selected cover topics like: mysteries, evil characters, secrets, historical myths or common misconceptions, and entertaining historical lists (like Top 10 people who were burned at the state and lived).

Here are some examples of excellent lists:
Top 10 Gruesome Fairy Tale Origins . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Evil Serial Killers . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Hidden Images in Cartoons . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Codes You aren’t Meant to Know . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Strange Things About the Universe . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Creepy Mysteries You Haven’t Heard Of . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Evil Human Experiments . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Terrifying Places on Earth . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Places You Can’t Go . . . [url removed, login to view]
Top 10 Conspiracy Theories . . . [url removed, login to view]

Here are the RULES:

(1) Your list should not contain any entries from lists already found on [url removed, login to view] unless it is given a completely different light and context.

(2) Sources:
* The following sources are accepted: reputable news organizations, academic publications, and books.
* The following sources are prohibited: Daily Mail, National Enquirer, The Sun, Mirror, Metro, NY Post, Examiner, [url removed, login to view], suite101, angelfire, Ranker.

(3) Format:
* When you provide a link to the cite of the source, simply put it in brackets, number it, and then provide the link at the very end. For example:
"Every news outlet was full of breathless analysis and maps (LINK 7). Analysis confirms that Pyongyang has yet to build a bomb small enough to fit on a missile (LINK 8)."
LINK 7: [url removed, login to view]­korea­missile­capabilities/
LINK 8: [url removed, login to view]­asia­pacific­11813699

Remember that ideas of Top Ten lists will not be considered. The submission must be fully completed as a Top Ten list that exceeds 1,500 words.

Thank you and good luck!

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    Hi matmuldr, I think some people would consider $10 for writing 1500 words MINIMUM a rather modest prize. Freelancer automatically deducts $5 dollars for a winning entry so the freelancer is getting only $5. Maybe you should consider raising the award money: more money means more interest, which means you get better results.

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    Helloo I would like to participate in your contest, can I?

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