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    Salam name is Salehan Ahmad from Singapore. I am leading a Muslim charity group and we are having a project this forthcoming Rama...dapur yang kami perlukan : - Beras 5kg - Gula 5kg - Minyak Masak 2 liter - Susu Pekat - Sardin - Mee Hoon - Korma - Milo - Kopi - Teh - Sirap Ros - Tepung Cucur - Biskut - Buah Dalam Tin. (3rd part) Mohon hantar barangan anda pada tarikh berikut ini : Sabtu - 13, 20, 27 Mac 2021 Masa - 2 petang hingga 6 petang ke : Storefriendly Centre No. 107 Eunos Ave 3, Storefriendly Centre, Singapore 409837 (4th part) Untuk butiran lanjut, sila hubungi Puan Rokiyah di Hp.9692 5601. (last part) Jutaan terima kasih kerana membantu kami untuk membantu mereka. Moga Allah SWT mempermudahkan, memberkati dan merahmati segala usaha kita semua. Aamiin. - - ...

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    Hi I got a design with dimension I need drawn up into 3d

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    Looking for someone who can code TON smart contracts. We have a DeFi platform which has integrations to ETH, BNB & Blast chain already. We want to add TON as the 4th chain. We also have similar logic contracts written in Solidity for reference. As TON is non-evm compatible, the dev needs to write contracts to integrate the chain into the platform. Some resources for research :-

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    As the creator of our brand's logo, I'm looking for someone with a knack for graphic design and the ability to include both lettering and animal designs. For this project, my preference lies with professionals who ha...in regards to the mascot, fonts and colours. If you feel inclined to add something like grass to the bottom of the lettering or something along those lines we would be interested to see your ideas. Ideal skills: - Expertise in animal-themed logo creation, particularly emu design - Proficiency in cartoon character design - Strong lettering design capabilities - Adeptness at adding depth and dimension to logos - A great eye for color balance; though the color scheme is not yet decided, your input and creativity are welcomed! Looking forward to seeing you...

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    I have a photo that I need resized for an outdoor billboard. The original size is unknown to me, so I need help in resizing it to a specific dimension. Requirements: - Resize the photo to a width of 50ft and height of 8ft - Ensure the photo remains high-quality even after resizing - Prepare the photo for print on an outdoor billboard - You can duplicate parts of the photo to fit the size, as long as the quality is maintained - The color features should remain the same as the original photo Ideal Skills: - Experience in resizing and preparing images for large-scale printing - Proficiency in photo editing software to maintain high quality - Understanding of color management for outdoor visibility - Ability to creatively duplicate parts of an image without compromising quality

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    Trophy icon Luxury Hair Cosmetics Brand Design 1 hari left

    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create an eye-catching, elegant design for my brand . As it's a luxury cosmetic brand, I'm keen for the design to convey an air of both luxury and elegance. - The Ideal Can...communicate these features. If you have an impressive portfolio showcasing a flair for elegant design in the cosmetics sector, I'd love to hear from you. Also, feel free to provide any initial concepts or ideas to show your understanding of the project. I would like a 3D demonstration of the logo on a shampoo bottle with the other sample text on the bottles. Would be nice to show in apps like Adobe Dimension. Logo is composed of 2 words, one above other (first 4 letters, second 6 letters), same width, minimalistic, possibly no much graphics add...

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    ...skills and experience: - Proficient in manga art style - A strong portfolio of previous horror-themed work - Ability to work collaboratively and take direction - Strong understanding of paneling and storytelling - Excellent communication skills The photo of my chracters are below i need the first episode from the description below Synopsis: In the depths of the underworld, there exists a pocket dimension known as the Soulkeeper’s Haven, a sanctuary created by the enigmatic Mr. Candy. He is no ordinary skeleton; he is a guardian to the souls of children who passed away too soon under tragic circumstances. Episode 1: The Arrival of Mr. Candy The episode opens in the ethereal realm of the Haven, a place that mirrors the innocent dreams of children, with endless playgrounds...

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    I'm in need of an individual with exceptional graphic design and attention-to-detail skills to create a mockup of a custom dimension basketball court. The court should be designed according to the following criteria: - Dimensions: I require custom dimensions for the court, which will be provided upon project commencement. - Freelancer Application: Please include your past work, specifically related to graphic design and preferably if you have previous work on athletic fields or courts. - Color Scheme: The mockup should utilize my team's colors. The precise colors will be shared with the chosen freelancer. Proven experience in a similar project and understanding of the principals of basketball court design is a mus. Your unique artistic style, ability to follow instructio...

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    ...ignored. Here is specifically what I need help with: I currently have a database setup in Airtable. It has all the data that I need for my dashboard inside. But special formulas will be needed to calculate certain aspects of the dashboard. Example: I receive a total of 4 individual payments from a vendor. I initially receive 3 of the 4 payments a week after the sale, but I don't receive the 4th payment until ~a month later. Each payment is a separate row in Airtable, but the grouped payments all use the same SAN#. Therefore, I need Airtable to think, "Okay, I've received the $120, $70, and $35/$45 payment for SAN# 12345, but I haven't received the $20 payment yet." The $120, $70, and $20 are always the same value. The $35 sometimes could be $45....

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    Hi Hafiz Ahmad H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Calibrate the X and Y axes, note the real dimension of X-axis is 15 320mm • Measure the length of all the external walls; name it Ext. Wall-All-01 Your measurement should be in the Dimension Group “Drawing-Exercise_1- 2”. Timeline : Tuesday 16th of April 2024, at 8pm UK time. Thanks.

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    I need a professional graphic designer to increase the size of my current logo. Specifically, it will be mainly used on physical merchandise like t-shirts and mugs. The dimension should be resized to 700 x 1000 x 500mm. The ideal candidate for this project should have extensive experience in graphic design, especially in logo resizing and merchandise branding. Center the logo

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    I'm looking for a professional to assist with the online streaming of team sports events. Sport is Cricket and it will be held in Atlanta area. It will be 3 matches at a time for 3 days and then semi and final on 4th day. Key Requirements: - Broadcasting: The primary objective is to ensure smooth and high-quality online streaming of team sports. - Commentary: There is no need for live commentary. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in broadcasting sports events, particularly team sports, is highly preferred. - Proficiency in managing online streaming platforms. Please note that this project primarily involves the technical aspect of setting up and managing the online broadcast. Previous experience in similar projects is a plus.

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    I need a professional to rearrange a wedding photo where there are between 10 to 20 people. The objective is to group similar family members together. I will provide an order to guide the placement of each family member in order to facilitate the rearrangement. A keen eye for detail and experience in using editing tools a...The objective is to group similar family members together. I will provide an order to guide the placement of each family member in order to facilitate the rearrangement. A keen eye for detail and experience in using editing tools are essential for this project. Understanding of composition, aesthetics, and the ability to work according to specific instructions will be beneficial. Place the bride (4th from left) next to husband (tall in center). Switch 1st 2 peop...

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    ...below details) • Company's Name • Company’s website • Full Name of the key person (First & Last name) • Job Titles / Role in the company • Email Address (official and private) • Mobile/Phone Number • LinkedIn Profile (most important) Lead priority (Searching Key Words): 1st priority - IP-Enforcement / Intellectual Property enforcement 2nd priority - Anti-counterfeit 3rd priority - Counterfeit 4th priority - Brand protection Complete project document, Milestone document and Term & condition documents will be shared separately. The budget for this project is based on above defined priories for per authentic lead's information along with all required details as mentioned above at “Data Required". Note: If any...

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    I'm on the lookout for a seasoned game developer that can cr...a modern and sleek user interface design. As for gameplay, I have some specific features in mind: - Multiplayer mode: enabling several users to play at a time. - Offline mode: making the game available even without internet connectivity. - Challenge mode: giving an option to play under special conditions for advanced players. - Betting mode: this should introduce an interesting dimension to the game, but note, it must comply with app store policies regarding betting. Applicants should ideally have previous experience in game design and coding for mobile platforms, as well as a knack for sleek, contemporary UI design. Knowledge of gaming industry regulations, particularly regarding betting, would also...

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    Hi Dante V., I would like to work with you once again. Could you please update the video that you already provided to me, but change its dimension to be 9:16 (standard short/tiktok/stories dimensions)?

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    ...status and authority. The other character on the other hand, will be sitting in a chair that represents happiness and optimism, reflecting her joyful personality. 3. **Magical Mirror Integration**: The background should include space for a magical mirror to pop up during the segment with the two characters The mirror serves as a portal for interactive engagement with the characters. 4. **Dimension and Resolution**: The background design should be created in a high-resolution format suitable for animation, with dimensions optimized for YouTube video production. I am open to your creative input and suggestions to ensure that the background design aligns with the overall aesthetic of the segment and enhances the viewing experience for my audience. If you are interested in coll...

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    Trophy icon Event Promo Pop-up Ad 4 jam left

    I am looking for a pop-up ad for my web site to promote an upcoming industry event. I don't have specific size dimension requirements and will consider any and all layouts. I can always resize it as necessary for my site. I believe the ad should feature the following elements: * Title - Simtronics 2024 User's Conference * Simtronics logo or mark (attached) * 1 or more photos from a previous event (9 different photos attached to choose from) * Logo of the college where the event is being hosted (San Jacinto College attached) * At least one photo of the building where the event is being held (two options attached; CPET Building_ * The copy listed below: Join us for the Simtronics 2024 User's Conference in Pasadena, Texas on November 20, 2024. The agenda for this ...

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    Many text-based AI programs utilize character cards for load...text boxes. At the bottom of the right pane there should be two save buttons: "Save overwrite" and "Save new". Save overwrite should save the edited character details into the selected PNG. Save new should open a dialog box to select a file name and location to save a new copy of the character card with the edits. A third "Create new" button should clear out all the character info fields. A 4th button labeled "Add/change image" should allow the user to add an image to a blank card or replace the image for an existing card. A quick mockup of what I'm looking for has been attached. Application must not use any paid/commercial libraries that require registration. I will ...

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    I'm seeking a detail-focused freelancer with extensive experience in package resizing. I have 4 Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food packages that require a change in measurements, without altering the original design. Tasks involve: - Dimension modification: I aim to increase both length and width of my packages, while maintaining the original proportions. - No redesign needed: The aesthetics of the current designs must remain intact. Your task is primarily to adjust dimensions, not to introduce new design elements. Your capacity to maintain high-resolution imagery through the resizing process will be highly advantageous. Please include past packaging resizing projects in your portfolio.

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    ...text boxes. At the bottom of the right pane there should be two save buttons: "Save overwrite" and "Save new". Save overwrite should save the edited character details into the selected PNG. Save new should open a dialog box to select a file name and location to save a new copy of the character card with the edits. A third "Create new" button should clear out all the character info fields. A 4th button labeled "Add/change image" should allow the user to add an image to a blank card or replace the image for an existing card. A quick mockup of what I'm looking for has been attached. Application must not use any paid/commercial libraries. Only libraries that can be freely installed with pip without any registration or special licen...

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    Use this as inspiration : This too: Here is footage you are using for the video: footage you are using for the video: Let me know if you need more footage. Please try to include all teams in the playlist in the video. 45 seconds long. Use “are you what you want to be? By the fosters” for the background song. Text to include in the video: Kitchener Peel Region Montreal This year? The 4th annual Bubble Cup Who wins it? 15 teams August 10 Come watch as we have fun in Welland, Ontario 2024 Bubble Cup WRITE " GREEN" IN THE TOP OF YOUR PROPOSAL

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    We have some plans of a small office suite (61 square metres) that contain some omissions and errors. There a 3 plans to correct as follows: 1. Existing floor plan 2. Floor plan showing modifications (demolition and new work) 3. New floor plan after modifications. The errors are not extensive, and can be completed quickly (Maybe 1 or 2 hours work at most). Also, a 4th plan, a ceiling grid plan, needs to be drawn from a hand drawn sketch, which may be a few hours work. We are looking to have this work done immediately (tonight). Please let us know if you can assist. Thank you.

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    As an experienced graphics designer, I need your help to create PNG and Adobe Photoshop artworks strictly for print designs. These designs must align with the specifics in the artwork samples that will be provided. Experience with color matching is a prerequisite since the color sch...that will be provided. Experience with color matching is a prerequisite since the color scheme should strictly adhere to the provided samples. The sizes and dimensions for each design will be given in an attached excel file, and I require the artworks to follow these exact measurements. Bullet points: - Print design expertise - Excellent color matching skill - Ability to adhere to specific dimension requirements in artworks - Proficient in PNG and Adobe Photoshop Bid you price for all 6 designs...

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    ...essential requirements: - Proficiency in minimalist and abstract design principles. - Knowledge of geometric patterns and how to integrate them effectively into design work. - A proven track record of designing labels for packaging, particularly paper tube packaging. - An understanding of the spiritual theme and an ability to translate this into visual cues. - Capacity to work within product dimension constraints. This project is an opportunity to produce an impacting design in a sphere that conciliates art, style, and spirituality. I am looking forward to being entranced by your skills and vision! About: The product is the shaman powder from the tribes and therefore, a combination of the spiritual patterns, geometrical figures, and the art (that will be provided) is essential...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a large metal sculpture that will be displayed outdoors. Key Project Requirements: - Material: The sculpture must be made entirely of metal. - Size: It should be larger than 3 feet in at least one dimension. Ideal Freelancer Skills: - Experience in metal sculpture design and fabrication - Knowledge of outdoor design considerations I'm open to ideas and designs that you may propose, but I have a few initial ideas that can be developed further.

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    Seeking a skilled CAD professional to modify the dimensions of my existing 2D CAD files, transform them into 3D CAD files, and create a hig...quality renderer for the final model Applications should include: - Insightful project proposals outlining your approach to the tasks and detailing your experience with similar projects. Deliverables: The final products will be the modified 2D CAD files, the 3D CAD files, and the high-definition rendering. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CAD software, - Thorough understanding of dimension modifications, - Capable of producing high-resolution renderings, - Demonstrable experience with similar projects. I will provide the 2D CAD files at the beginning of the project. Looking for professionals who deliver high quality and cost-effec...

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    ...concept of the table. - Board Game 1 - Chess: The following link has dimension for the chess board. however, I would like some extra space on the sides to put a timer and extra pieces. - Board Game 2 - Carrom: Following link contains dimensions. - Board Game 3 - : This does not show game dimensions. However, it has all the elements and design needed. Just make sure that the total size of the board is less than 80 X 80 cm - Board Game 4 - : This show dimensions of the game but it might be too bulky. - Board Game 5 - : Please use the dimension for the top left one. - Board Game 6 - Jackaroo: Use idea and dimensions

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    I require a skillful designer with Adobe Illustrator experience to provide updates to my existing file. Key tasks include: - Adding and removing specific objects. - Changing the size of two gauge faceplates to a smaller dimension. - Adding lines as directed. Proven experience in managing detailed changes in Adobe Illustrator will be highly favorable.

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    I am currently working on a science fiction book that needs a touch of creativity in terms of illustration. I am seeking a talented illustrator who can bring my characters to life using black and white comic-style drawings. Specifics: - I will provide comprehensive descriptions for all characte...in comic-style drawing techniques - Previous experience with sci-fi or fantasy illustrations - Ability to translate character descriptions into engaging visuals A copy of the cover is provided featuring 3 of the characters Your main responsibility will be to generate compelling visuals based on my detailed instructions. By doing this, you will be bringing an added layer of engagement and dimension to my characters and the world they inhabit. I look forward to seeing your creativity ...

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    I'm looking for an artist with a talent for capturing the spirit of football to turn the walls of my DY5 office into large-scale murals. The murals should celebrate and capture the essence of my selected football teams-Man City, Wolves, and Liverpool. - Mural Dimension: The size of each mural is significant. The first mural would be massive, around 40 square feet, the second one medium-sized at approximately 30 square feet, and the last one modest at about 16 square feet. - Work Requirement: As an artist, you should have a strong understanding and background in painting impressive and vivid murals. In addition, an intimate knowledge of football and the ability to create murals that demonstrate the dynamics and passion of the game are crucial. - Desired Skills:...

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    I'm looking for a creative social media guru to help increase brand awareness of my car sales business. In anticipation of a high-level launch, I need unique, sophisticated, and elegant Instagram posts that can go viral. - The campaign must resonate with adults aged ...specifically to this age bracket. - Skill in creating sophisticated and elegantly styled content is a must. - Experience with branding and Instagram post design is crucial. - The ability to create viral content that increases brand awareness is also key. - If you can demonstrate past success with similar projects, that would greatly increase your prospects. This project potentially has an ongoing work dimension for the right candidate. If you have the capability and creativity to help my brand shine, I want to...

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    Full payment for the 4th video production

    $400 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in the process of developing a range of standard mortise cylinder tails for specific lock cam tail applications. To reach this goal, I require the assistance of an experienced CAD professional who can create detailed drawings and dimension specifications. The drawings will specifically be for lock cam tails that are commonly used in mortises. Key Tasks: - Generate specific 2D and 3D CAD drawings of standard mortise cylinder tails. - Provide precise dimensions and specifications to be used in production. Ideal Candidate: - Has a strong background in mechanical engineering and CAD design. - Possesses a good understanding of lock mechanisms, especially mortise cylinders and lock cam tails. - Prior experience in drafting small parts like screws, nuts, and bolts will be consi...

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    We have to upload pdf file and then extract dimension of drawing. After dimension extraction we have to draw drawing in autocad by using python. Key Tasks: - Extraction of drawing dimensions directly from PDF files using software-assisted methods. - Utilize these extracted dimensions to draw up detailed AutoCAD files. - All components and measurements included in the original PDF must be accurately represented in the AutoCAD drawing. Please be prepared to share examples of previous, similar work during the application process. Accuracy is paramount for this project.

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    I'm in need of a skilled 3D modeler who can create a 3D print model for me. I don't have a preference for the software you use, so feel free to use the one you're most comfortable with. Purpose of the 3D model: The primary purpose of this model will be 3D printing. As such, it should be optimized for this purpose. Size and scale: The 3D print I require should not exceed 30 cm in any dimension. Please keep this limitation in mind while developing the model. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software - Experience in 3D printing - Understanding of scale and dimensions in 3D models.

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    I'm looking for a skilled photo editor who c...photo editor who can take our product photo and make it look more realistic, as well as enhance its overall visual appeal. Key Requirements: - Enhance the texture and material clarity of the product to make it more visually appealing and engaging - Increase the color vibrancy to make the product stand out and look more attractive - Improve the lighting and shadows of the image to add depth and dimension, creating a more realistic effect Ideal Skills: - Proficient in photo editing software - Strong understanding of lighting and shadows - Experience in enhancing product photos for e-commerce Please see the attached image to get a sense of what we're looking for. If you have a good eye for detail and a creative touch, we'...

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced 3D animator to create a realistic animation of dirty air pass...removing most of the dirt in the process. The animation style should accurately represent the actual process, rather than a cartoonish or minimalistic approach. While the dimension ratio is not specified, the selected freelancer should be comfortable advising on this front to result in an optimal visualization. As the project does not have a strict deadline, we can prioritize the quality of the work over time constraints. Key requirements include: - Proven experience in 3D animation - Ability to develop realistic animations - Knowledge or willingness to learn about HVAC systems - Ability to advise on animation dimension ratios Thank you for considering my project. I look forw...

    $427 (Avg Bid)
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    ...your bid, and outline your experience in developing Sketchup extensions. Certainly, here's a revised version for clarity and presentation: Short term Task Summary: Task 1: Material Estimation Automation Description: Refine an existing Ruby script to automate the estimation of roofing materials within SketchUp. This script should: Flatten roof sheathing to the Z-axis base level for simplified dimension measurement (Length x Width x Height). Identify and catalog different sheathing materials. Calculate required material quantities. Export the material list for ordering purposes. Task 2: Building Perimeter Isolation Description: Develop a method to isolate the perimeter outline from an imported DWG file within SketchUp. This can involve: Selecting only the essential perime...

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    I need an expert who can use the Pentaho tool for a data integration project. My main goal is data cleansing and transformation. Our data sources are diverse - we are dealing...project. My main goal is data cleansing and transformation. Our data sources are diverse - we are dealing with relational databases, flat files, XML, JSON, and manual entry. The tasks include: - Data filtering - Data sorting - Data aggregation - Data validation - Creating dimension and fact tables The ideal freelancer should be skilled in Pentaho and have a solid background in handling various data sources (relational databases, flat files, XML, JSON). Familiarity with data transformation tasks, particularly creating dimension and fact tables, is key for this project. Experience in data validation...

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    7 bida

    ...floors to build with the focus of value. Other cost-related advice and professional observations made to support the client in implementing this project ---- 3 A complete taking-off list and query sheet, including dimension checks and professionally handling of issues, gaps and inconsistencies in information ---- 4 Accuracy and professionalism in the presentation of coloured drawings/ diagrams and related annotations to support the waste calculations 5 A complete and accurate setting down of dimensions (quantities) and descriptions of relevant building works using standard dimension paper. This should include proper use of traditional measurement conventions, accuracy and completeness of quantities and item description supported with appropriate waste calculations in...

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    New video: duration 45 seconds 1st slide up to 4th second is the same. 2nd slide from the 5th second: remove StoPP and Symbol Prodotti Brevettati and insert a new logo PPSavoireFaire (attachment “Logo PPSavoirfaire” The words: COME FUNZIONA – HOW IT WORKS use English green. 3rd slide change everything - Environment of a bathroom with a sink. An Elegant lady arrives with a container / water bottle in her hand (attachment 1” PP bottle”), opens the water bottle, pours the water in, takes the jar (attachment 2 “Jar”) [Can you replace the label that I send you in the attachment for this jar?] and puts the tablet into the container and closes the cap. 4th new slide - Background environment of a city with shop windows The elegantly dresse...

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    37 bida

    The work consists of: 1- extract the information from a calendar as the one I put as an example (can be another one) the old dates and leave only the content from the date of the current day. You can also use a plugin if it exists. Very important: - Each calendar has between 300 and 1000 entries, we need 7 calendars. - You can see an example of one of the calendars we have on our website: (as you can see, the information starts in January 2024. We want it to start in April, being today for example April 4th) The rest of the records from April backwards we want them to be deleted as they expire. The duration of this work is 7 days.

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    Trophy icon Edgy Monochrome Logo for Thraxx Tamat left

    ...medieval-inspired motifs. These can be integrated into the text or used as decorative accents around the logo. Layout: Experiment with different layouts to create a dynamic and visually appealing design. Consider stacking the letters, arranging them in a circular pattern, or using asymmetrical layouts for a modern twist. Effects: Use subtle effects like gradients, shadows, or embossing to add depth and dimension to the logo. However, avoid overdoing it to maintain a clean and sophisticated look. Symbolism: Thorn Borders: Use thorns to create a border around your logo or as a decorative element within the design. This can add a sense of danger and intrigue. Wired Typography: Integrate wires into the typography of your logo, either wrapping around the letters or as part of the...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    Dijamin Peraduan Teratas
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    I urgently require the expertise of a professional to create a CNC Cam Simulation using 3 existing step 3D files. Visual representation and measurement of a specific groove in the simulation is a vital aspect of this project. Let me get into the details: - Groove Analysis: I expect you to present a basic outline measurement of the groove with a screenshot of the measures. While a highly detailed cross-sectional view or a full specification tech drawing isn't needed, you should be able to illustrate and measure the groove within the context of a basic outline. - Timeliness: This project comes with an urgent need for speed. I expect the project to be completed as soon as possible, optimally within 8 hours. Your quick response and efficient work process is highly appreciated. Overall...

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    Trophy icon Poster Text Revision & Update Tamat left

    Start with the file BACON ( Download at ) Please change the logo from the Colombia Rose logo to the Theo logo attached. Remove the text that says: FAMILY BUNDLE Buy 3 bacon rolls and get a 4th free Add new text: Only £1 ---- Change the colour scheme slightly to match the Theo logo colours. Change the background to the one attached to this project. -- Winner should upload as PDF and editable format. Contest will be closed early for a perfect design and the likelihood is that it will be closed within hours of launching.

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    I'm...pleading statement that effectively argues in favor of my claim to establish a right to damages. Short deadline of tomorrow. File can be emailed. Key Tasks and Requirements: - Review the case file my attorney and I have prepared - Develop a compelling argument that outlines negligence based on our collected evidence - Prepare the pleading statement to meet court requirements and e-file by April 4th Ideal Candidate Skills and Experience: - Established background in Personal Injury law - Expertise in putting together pleading statements - Strong attention to detail to ensure all aspects of the case are covered - Experience in efiling court documents - Must have solid command of legal language and nuances. 4 elements to be included duty, breach of duty, causation and ca...

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    ...with the design. Ensure these elements are placed consistently across cards to aid in recognition and readability. Texture and Depth Background Details: Consider adding subtle textures or patterns to the card background that align with the consulting theme (e.g., grid patterns, abstract geometric shapes). These should be faint enough not to distract from the central illustration. Depth and Dimension: Use shading, gradients, or shadows judiciously to add depth to the illustrations and the overall card design. This can make the cards more visually appealing and dynamic without overwhelming the artwork. Cohesive Series Identity: Ensure that every card, regardless of its type, clearly belongs to the "Consultant Wars" series. This can be achieved through consistent use o...

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    We produce a highly engaging airshow and concert brimming with thrilling live performances that aims to draw in the general public. I require a creative freelancer to helm the advertising aspect of this project, with a goal to maximize attendance and hype the event up, The event dates to include are Thursday, July 4th & Friday, July 5th. Need to include the Full Throttle logo, Bass Pro Logo, and Folds of Honor logo in a small image. - Purpose: The chief purpose of our advertising campaign is to attract a large turnout to our event. - Audience: Our event is geared towards the general public, and the advertising should cater to this demographic. - Feature Attraction: The prime attraction at our event will be an airshow and of live music. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven exp...

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