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    Indonesia Airsoft adalah Toko On-Line Airsoftgun di INDONESIA. Kami Menyediakan / Menjual Airsoft Auto Electric Gun (AEG), GAS BlowBack (GBB), SPRING Airsoft, dan Asesoris Airsoft Lainnya. Kami Menyediakan / Menjual berbagai merk dari produsenairsoft terkenal diataranya adalah TOKYO MARUI, WESTERN ARM (WA), KSC, HFC, WE, SYSTEMA, STAR, MARUSHIN, MARUZEN, KJW TANAKA dan masih banyak lagi.

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    Mechanical Design and Prototyping: Design the mechanical structure of the robot arm that mimics the hand's movements during hair ventilation. Create detailed CAD drawings and 3D models of the robot arm components. Prototype the mechanical system to test its feasibility and functionality. Robot Arm Actuators and Control: Select suitable actuators (e.g., servo motors, stepper motors) for the robot arm. Develop the control system and algorithms that allow precise control of the robot arm's movements. Implement position and force sensors for feedback control. Needle Manipulation System: Design a mechanism for holding and manipulating the ventilating needles. Ensure that the needles can be accurately inserted into the mesh to secure the hair strands. Mac...

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    ...is a focus on realistic humans. We need to create near accurate or close enough pose estimation to help create presence between the users in the app. We have an avatar system so developing this is not required. You can use the UE5 mannequin. We will implement your result into our existing character system. Bonus if you can integrate a calibration system to help orient users’ unique heights and arm lengths to further customize the VRIK implementation per person. We need the character to be able to lean in a direction when you move only slightly in real life, with a threshold that when exceeded, the avatar animates to step toward your real world position and recenter themselves. Here is a great example: However opposed to basic animations as

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    Create a building model and a tree model The building must be a single connection mesh. The tr...scene (color and normals) with a building and 10 trees instantiated from the saved model and placed on the left side of the terrain. ·Trees are also rotated at random angle to the z-axis, possibly scripted. The trees are placed in a collection. On the right side, near the building, model a crane model consisting of three parts in hierarchy (base, tower that can rotate with respect to the base and arm that rotates around the axis of the tower) and the parts are inserted into a second collection (rough metallic material). Change the light so that it illuminates the entire scene. Perform a rendering that displays the building and cranes. There is a possibility for collaboration in...

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    ...the ChatGPT model needs to accept at least 15,000 tokens (~60,000 characters). The only model that I know of that can do this is the Turbo 128k version. I have attached one of the larger C files to this post for your review. Introduction: The objective of this project is to enhance the overall quality and maintainability of the codebase. These C files are part of an embedded device that uses an 8051. Scope: While I estimate this to be a roughly 2-hour project, the actual time may vary based on code complexity. Please bid accordingly. Deliverable Submission: I can provide you with a shared Dropbox folder, or access to a private repository on Github, whichever you think is most appropriate. Experience and Preferences: Experience with the Keil C51 compiler is not required, but...

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    Trophy icon Company logo 4 hari left

    I am starting a construction equipment hire company called “Equipped Hire ” I want the logo to be modern and clean but memorable, I will share some examples of competitors. Maybe on one of the letters you can make an excavator arm as part of it but minimalistic not too crazy I am looking for a modern and minimalistic logo design for my new enterprise. I am open to suggestions for the color scheme and do not have any specific preferences. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in creating clean and simple logo designs

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    I am looking for a skilled Photoshop editor to remove a person from 1-3 pictures and replace the background with a similar image. The arm of my daughter needs to be removed if possible Skills and experience needed for this project: - Proficiency in Photoshop and photo editing techniques - Ability to seamlessly remove a person from a picture while maintaining the overall quality and appearance - Strong attention to detail to ensure a smooth transition between the removed person and the background - Creativity to find or create a similar background that matches the original picture's aesthetic If you have experience in photo editing and can deliver high-quality results within the specified requirements, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your previous ...

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    Logo design 2 hari left

    I am looking for a logo design for my excavations company. The name of the company is already provided. I am looking for a modern and minimalistic style for the logo. The colors I would like to see in the logo are black and white. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - St...and minimalistic style for the logo. The colors I would like to see in the logo are black and white. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in creating modern and minimalistic logos - Ability to work with black and white color schemes - Creative thinking to come up with a unique and memorable logo design I would like the excavator arm incorporated into the letter D like the first photo but use the DCX logo. No writing un...

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    I need a 3D model of a robot arm whose task is to bring a door to a conveyor belt. So, draw a robot arm and a conveyor belt. Keep it simple and quick. Make it your own. There are no specific requirements

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    Project Description: Two photos combined into a realistic art piece in color, with a medium size. Requirements: - Proficiency in realistic art style - Strong skills in photo manipulation and editing - Ability to combine two photos seamlessly - Experience in creating art pieces in color - Attention to detail to ensure a rea...suicide. They don’t have a proper picture together so I’d like one created for him and in his friend’s memory - I’ve tried to indicate his friend, half Japanese/half white fellow and then there’s my partner, the bearded fellow (sorry for the crass nature of the one photo booth they had together, that is the only unblurred photo they have) - if possible I’d like just a piece of the two of them, arm in arm/brotherly but ...

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    Photo editing 1 hari left

    Photo Editing Project - Background Removal and Retouching Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop) - Strong attention to detail and ability to follow specific instructions - Experience in background removal and retouching - Ability to deliver high-quality edite...instructions and deliver high-quality edited photos within the given timeframe is also crucial. If you have the necessary skills and experience, I would love to discuss the project further. Please provide examples of your previous work in photo editing to showcase your abilities. Can I please get the photo of the children background changed to the log photo and then in the other photo can I get the ladys arm and head behind the two women removed and also the women on the right remove...

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    employment law 13 jam left

    I am looking for an experienced Australian employment law expert who can provide legal advice for a specific case that is believed to be heading towards constructive dismissal. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of wrongful termination laws and regulations in Australia, as well as experience in handling similar cases, in this particular case the employer is the Australian arm of a global technology company. Key requirements for the project include: - Expertise in employment law, specifically wrongful termination - Ability to provide thorough legal advice based on the specific case details provided - Strong knowledge of relevant laws and regulations pertaining to wrongful termination - Experience in handling wrongful termination cases and achieving favorable outco...

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    ...Must be in the United States. There is a 5 DoF (degree of freedom) robot arm. There are low-level routines to home, read the current position of all the actuators, move to a coordinate, plan and execute a trajectory. There are some objects fixed relative to the robot arm. The general number, shape and position of the objects are known, but not their exact shape and not their exact position. The task: 1) Create a generic map of the objects based on key points and orientations of the objects. Encode this map in data structures. 2) Use the generic map to position the robot arm effector in the general vicinity of the objects and probe for the exact locations and orientations of the objects by sweeping the robot arm effector and touching off the objects to de...

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    Photo editor Tamat left

    I am looking for a photo editor who specializes in retouching and can bring my specific style to life. I have 1 photos that need to be edited. Here are the details of the project: - Type of edits: Retouching - Style or theme: I have a specific style in mind - Number of photos: 1-10 I need: 1) my arm slimming and toning similar to a photo of a toned armed 2) chin chiseled 3) waist slimmed Skills and experience required: - Proficient in photo editing software such as Photoshop - Experience in retouching and enhancing photos - Ability to understand and execute the client's specific style - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines If you have a portfolio or examples of previous work that align with my style, please include them in your proposal. Looking forward to ...

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    I am looking for a skilled tattoo artist t...the design of my League of Legends tattoo. Style: Cartoon/Anime style - I prefer a design that captures the essence of the game in a fun and animated way. Characters/Elements: Specific Game Elements - I would like the design to include specific elements from League of Legends, such as champions, weapons, or symbols. Size and Placement: Medium (upper arm or calf) - The tattoo should be a medium size and will be placed on either my upper arm or calf. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing expertise in creating cartoon/anime style tattoos - Familiarity with League of Legends and the ability to accurately represent specific game elements - Attention to detail and ability to capture the desired size and placem...

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    ...same page. One problem we felt was that the photos of the solar fields got too small... We want to have the four solar thermal installation images named A to D featured, and the picture of the people Absolicon - Environmental 1 giving human touch. One idea could be to have the four solar thermal installations A, B, C, D in a circle around the people in Absolicon - Environmental 1. The robot arm E could be a graphic element or left out. Alternative images to B is XB and to C is XC. We only need the image for the front page, so no need to do the full page (but maybe you want to include the header for the effect in the entry) then we can add the header, text and the QR-code on the image. - Key Messages/Themes: Innovation and technology, sustainability and eco-friendliness, p...

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    ...animator to create two short black and white 3D digital animation for me. The length of the animations should be 12-14 seconds. #1: I'd like the animation to start with fog/cloud covering the screen, then a faceless, dark figure in a long cloak rises up from the bottom OR gradually become visible through the fog (whichever is easier to work with for you). When he is visible/upright he must rise one arm and point forward slightly to his left (the viewers right), then lower his hand again and stand still. As for the dark figure the Nazguls from the Lord of the Ring are close to what I am thinking. # 2: Only slightly moving cloud/fog for as long as the first animation. I'm open to suggestions as far as visuals, so any ideas that the animator can come up with that suit...

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    Hello, my name is Harry and I am looking for a Freelancer to join me on my project. I would like to create a series of posts for a new DJ event company. The posts should be event announcements in a specific style that I ...knowledge on best practices and analytics. The company is called officialpulseevents and the image we would like to try and go for is a heart monitor with the heart rate image and the number 126-134BPM on the screen with under names of the DJ's hosting that night somehow incorperated in the photo meanwhile the machine has wires coming out of it into a mans arm with his finger with a bpm monitor on it or it to be connected to his arm If this complex sounds like a project you’d love to be a part the team for, please apply here! I’m excite...

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    I need a freelancer who can assist me with dynamic and static calculations for a robotic arm end effect or. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in kinematic and dynamic calculations - Experience in working with robotic arms - Knowledge of different robotic arm models - Familiarity with academic research projects involving robotic arms The ideal candidate will be able to provide accurate calculations and recommendations for the specific robotic arm model I have in mind. This project is for academic research purposes, so attention to detail and the ability to work with complex calculations are essential.

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    I am looking for a programmer to modify an existing assembly code. You need to add some modifications in Simplicity Studio. The modifications can be written in C. You need to add an SPI control to control the 2 ICs. Additional you need to make adjustment to a small screen that is integrated in the instrument to set some values for the IC.

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    I am seeking a freelancer to create a Bobsled tractor scraper arm blueprint to level the ground for bobsled tracks. I have a general size in mind, and a specific design but I don't yet have precise measurements, I just need the design cleaned up. My preferred medium for this blueprint is digital format. Upon completion of this project, I will require an electronic copy of the blueprint. The creator of this blueprint should also include any supporting sketches and drawings which are necessary for a clear understanding of the design. I am looking for a highly detailed blueprint for this project. I am seeking a freelancer who will have the required technical knowledge and experience to develop a reliable and accurate blueprint that will meet my requirements. I can provide the hyd...

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    I am seeking a freelancer to create a Bobsled tractor scraper arm blueprint to level the ground for bobsled tracks. I have a general size in mind, and a specific design but I don't yet have precise measurements, I just need the design cleaned up. My preferred medium for this blueprint is digital format. Upon completion of this project, I will require an electronic copy of the blueprint. The creator of this blueprint should also include any supporting sketches and drawings which are necessary for a clear understanding of the design. I am looking for a highly detailed blueprint for this project. I am seeking a freelancer who will have the required technical knowledge and experience to develop a reliable and accurate blueprint that will meet my requirements. I can provide the hyd...

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    I'm looking for someone to help refine a photo by removing three to five extraneous people and replacing the background. The focus of the photo is on a person, so I need someone who can skillfully edit it and bring attention to the subject without sacrificing image quality or composition. I would like wh...replacing the background. The focus of the photo is on a person, so I need someone who can skillfully edit it and bring attention to the subject without sacrificing image quality or composition. I would like whoever takes to expand the pretty nature ares of the background to the entire background. Minor edits to the remaining person are also required - remove the sunglasses from her head, fix/add and arm once the other people are removed. Need this completed today as soon...

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    Proje...I am adding a bunch of components that will be attached to the raspberry pi. I will specify later all the different parts. They must be able to lock into the new design. The following are two links. One to a case that holds only the raspberry pi, the other a hot shoe that was on top of a camera. This raspberry pi will go on top of a camera using the hot shoe. It will also have a box for a light arm, it will have a hole for a camera, it will have a bunch of other cards that need to be held securely inside the box. :5263387 :3112271 Deadline: The project needs to be completed within 2-3 days. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal with examples of your previous work in 3D design.

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    Hello, I'm in need of an experienced vector illustrator to ...someone who can create a vector graphic similar to the example attached. this photo is the closest thing I could find to use as an example and it’s fairly close but it is a canvas and not a graphic. The differences I want in the vector are I want the skelly to have a small hair towel wrapped on its head, add both arms and in one hand, I’d like them holding a beer or cocktail holding and the other arm idk maybe resting on the tub, I want the bath tub itself very full of bubbles ? that will more full towards the end of the tub. I would like add a few more candles and make them more colorful and decorative. Overall, I would like a skeleton relaxing in a bubble bath w a cocktail and candles & book if we c...

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    Looking for a handyman to travel to Blackwater, QLD to assemble a massage chair and take the rubbish away. There are 6 steps, would need a heavy duty trolley & someone to assist to move the massage chair into place. Base of chair requires 2 people to move into place: 121 kg Base Fully boxed 115 kg Net weight Arm panels – 34kg Legs – 30kg Rubbish includes a pallet, cardboard, poly & plastic. Full instructions are available as well as support with our technicians via video chat, just need someone with a great can-do attitude. Job must be complete by close of business Thursday 16/11 if possible. Any questions at all, please ask.

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    $33 - $33 / hr
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    I have a Magnetic Motor Patent No US 8,058,755 B2 You can view my motor on the internet under Hoogerhyde Motors LLC I have been working with G.V,S,U, with Charlie Standridge: Joseph Graczyk: Arnold (ARM) Boezaart This is what G,V,S,U, say is the next move should be, I need to develop an SBIR grant. This is what G.V.S.U. said about my motor, ,As we discussed. the project to this point has sufficiently demonstrated the concept of an improvement in electromagnets for motors to warrant the further work on a full prototype In other words. the electromagnets transfer the energy input to the output more efficiently and efficiently than in currant motors, which must be demonstrated on a clock design prototype. Thus , SBIR funds are needed.

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    Hi, I am looking for a talented After Effects freelancer to help composite effects for my indie horror film. I have 3 similar shots that require attention. In this scene, one of the characters has their arm chopped off with an axe. We created a prosthetic and it doesn't read well. I need to see blood oozing from the severed end of the arm and bit more treatment around the cut and hand. I also need a little blood spatter on the character. The 3 clips have slight camera movement. I already have the production quality VFX blood assets including pooling, dripping, and splatter reels that need to composited and tracked onto the clips. I'm not very experienced in AE and could use some help. See the final photo, that will be similar to the look I'm going for bu...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    48 bida

    I am looking for an embedded programmer who can develop firmware from scratch or improve a project. The ideal candidate should have experience with different data encryption techniques. The project requires the following skills and experience: - Experience working with Arm Cortex, PIC and embedded systems - Experience with developing firmware on microcontrollers - Data encryption & security techniques - May require Proficiency in different IDEs, e.g., Code Composer Studio, MPLab etc - Understand & Improve existing project I am looking for a reliable and detail-oriented programmer who can deliver high-quality work as per changing requirements within the deadline. Someone who can work closely, should be open to feedback and discuss the work-in-progress details. Lastly, a com...

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    Hello! I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to help me edit one photo. I need someone who can remove one person and move another, while also creating a natural and realistic look. 1. Delete the baby in the mothers arm on the left 2. move the guy on the far right, blue shirt to make it look like he is standing behind/between the two guys in the middle and about the same height as the woman in glasses in back row. 3. get rid of glare on left side in the windows.

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    Tattoo Design Tamat left

    I am looking for a tattoo design in the Mordern style. I am open to any theme or element to incorporate into the design. The tattoo will be placed on my arm. Skills and experience required: - Experience in traditional tattoo design - Creativity and ability to incorporate various themes and elements - Attention to detail to ensure the design translates well onto skin.

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    A Painting Tamat left

    I am looking for an artist to create a portrait painting for ...familiar with Realism style and has a good reputation in painting portraits. I'm eager to see their portfolio and past examples of their work. Once the painting is completed, I would like to receive the artwork within 2 weeks. Think "Dogs Playing Poker" but with Nuns. In various forms of undress, still wearing their habits, 2 are behind the table, a bras, one has a tattoo, somewhere on either her arm or chest that can be seen, the 2 up front that can be seen, the viewer can see a garter on fishnets stockings with a knife in the garter, the other has a garter, no hose, with 2 Aces being able to be seen. Drinks and light smoking can be seen. The background needs to be in a church, a painting of a Pope or ...

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    I need the attached straightened out and print ready as per the artwork PDF. make the trim around the arm pits white on the green singlet and green on the white singlet. PMS Green 350C Grey (shorts) Cool Gray 9C

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    She doesn't like her bent arm in the photos, can it be photoshopped so the arm is just down?

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    Photoshopping Tamat left

    She doesn't like her bent arm in the photos, can it be photoshopped so the arm is just down?

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    We are seeking a UK-based experienced firmware engineer, ideally with experience in medical devices. • Microcontrollers • sensor systems • architectural design • firmware development • integration testing • integration testing frameworks • Subsystem Verification Testing • Motor Controls Technologies/skills: Embedded C, C++, Embedded Linux, Linux, RTOS, Rust, ARM, Ruby, Python, MATLAB, C#, MS Batch, Control Systems, DSP, Algorithm design, analog/digital design,

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    ...something is happening, the sky slowly turns red. A child points to the sky, an old man squints, a blacksmith stops his work. Last scene is pointed at the red sky. Dark Awakening (5 seconds): A sudden fast darkening of the screen, a really close-up shot of a crow. It blinks, turning its head from side to side. Undead Army (8 seconds): The camera zooms out to show that the crow is perched on the arm of a mysterious hooded figure (Nyarlathotep). The crow flies away, and behind the dark figure, an army of the undead is visible for some time. Battle Action (17 seconds): Sudden change of the frames: Clash of two swords up close (1 sec.). A knight battling the bandit (2 sec.). A mage casting a fireball (2 sec.). Isometric shot from a game: mage, fireball, burning bandit (2 sec.). Ar...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to design a side hung tide gate for a levee. The main purpose of the gate is flood control, fish passage and environmental enhancement. I would like to have some sort of delayed closing mechanism it needs to be adjustable and simple with no electricity. Either a SS spring or tension arm that is adjustable. When the tide is low the gate needs to be fully open, perpendicular to the culverts and then close at a given height. The specific dimensions are 5m head from the bottom of the gate to the hydraulic top to levee and open dimensions of the gate 2m wide and 1.5m high. As far as materials go, the gate should be constructed out of 316 Stainless. With gates of this size the forces exerted when closing will be great and consideration should be give...

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    Need to create a blueprint and program in Unreal Engine 5.1.1 with the ESP32-WROOM-32E and MPU-6050 inertial measurement unit sensor to display, read, and orientate arm movement using SerialCOM. WIFI or Bluetooth application is not needed.

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    Good morning, I'm looking for a product design engineer to help me create a range of products in the area of ​​electronics and robotics. First, the idea will be to create the technical and, if possible, electronic drawing of a robotic arm like the one shown in the attachments. The objective is to use plastic resin compounds to replace parts that are generally made of aluminum. NOTE: I'M NOT INTERESTED IN WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGN

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    We are looking for our client in Bangalore the service of a marketing analyst who can be present in Bangalore India and provide with comprehensive competitor analysis for retail ladies fashion business by physically conducting the survey. The...in Bangalore the service of a marketing analyst who can be present in Bangalore India and provide with comprehensive competitor analysis for retail ladies fashion business by physically conducting the survey. The client don't have any existing data, so someone who can work to uncover these insights would be invaluable. Ideally, we need the analysis within two weeks. The goal is to use the data to arm with the knowledge to identify opportunities and strategies to beat my competitors. Someone with similar experience in the past can feel fr...

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    logo design Tamat left

    provide an illustrator vectorial version of the attached coat of arm. The attached PDF contains two version of the same coat of arm. You can decide to use only one, or the other, or combine the two. The color is important: background = blue, star and circle = gold, tepee shape = silver. The following criteria will be used: 1. The submission must be vector in .ai (illustrator) format 2. The submission will respect the original version(s) shapes and positions 3. The submission will provide a stylized version ********UPDATE***NEW GUIDELINE FOR SUBMISSION FORMAT****** To ease the comparison process, please provide your submission using the format described in the image A first column with only black and white version. then as many column as you want with only color variation...

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    vfx removal Tamat left

    Project Description: VFX Clean Up / Cha...1:12 to 1:18 - shot 1:36 à 1:39 (for the reconstruction of Robert de Niro, reproducing a more or less fixed frame of him over several frames should work, I think.) - shot 1:42 to 1:44 (Please also erase the light cutout on the wood and the curtain in the background, as this will be much easier for you. You'll also need to erase Robert De Niro's right arm and hand (the one holding Joker's hand). We need high-quality removal, with no flickering in the reconstituted area. - The ideal candidate should have experience in object removal techniques. - The edited footage should be delivered in a high-quality format suitable for online sharing. - The specific format requirements were not specified by the client.

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    I am seeking an experienced business development professional to help me improve my service sales and reach my target market. This will involve designing and executing effective marketing and sales strategies with the end goal of increasing sales and overall profitability through our B2B arm. The ideal candidate will possess a strong background in tele sales and business development with particular knowledge of the industry I operate in, aviation. The candidate should have an impressive portfolio which demonstrates successful sales and business development that have contributed to a business's growth. The role requires strong research, analytical, and interpersonal skills. Along with my target market already identified, the business development specialist will be responsible ...

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    30 bida

    I am looking for an experienced Mechanical Engineer to supervise maintenance operations on marine loading arms on Jurong Island. The ideal candidate will possess a Certified Mechanical Engineer qualification, and have experience with marine loading arm maintenance and supervision of maintenance operations. I am not looking for an immediate completion of this project; there is no specific timeline set for its completion.

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    Hello! I'm looking for an experienced tattoo artist to design a unique and beautiful tattoo for me. My preferred style is fractal, and while I have an idea of what I would like, I'm open to any suggestions and would like the designer to come up with ideas based on my preferences. The tattoo should be placed on my arm and I have all the necessary tools to carry out the procedure. Rest assured that all safety and health regulations will be strictly followed. I'm looking forward to seeing the designs you come up with!

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    ...main character in a video, where it can express emotions through movements of its eyes, mouth, arms, and overall mobility. Project Details: 1. Remote Control Platform: • The robot will be remotely controlled through an application using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. • The complete programming will be done on the esp32 to ensure efficient communication between the robot and the application. 2. Arm Control: • The robot's arms will be manipulated by servo motors, allowing simple rotational movements in one direction. 3. Robot Mobility: • Robot movement will be achieved through two DC motors, 3-6V, with a reduction gearbox, following the example reference [link]. 4. Facial Expression: • The robot's face will feature

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    I'm looking to have some lighting bracers made for my arm and fist that light up. I'm looking for a steady glow effect from the lights rather than flashing or color-changing lights. I'd like the bracers to be made from plastic for durability and flexibility, and I'd like them to be a size medium. I'm eager to see the result and hope to find someone who can provide the precise product I'm looking for. I’ve attached a picture that shows the look I’m going for.

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