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    Trophy icon Motion Wedding Card Tamat left

    I need a freelancer to help me design a motion wedding card. Preference is given to freelancers who can complete the work quickly and freelancers who are from Malaysia Jemputan Majlis Walimatulurus ‎بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم ‎السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ "Dan di antara tanda-tanda kebesaran Allah itu bahawa Dia jadikan bagi kamu pasangan hidup agar kamu mendapatkan ketenangan/kebahagiaan bersamanya. Kemudian Allah ciptakan di antara kamu berdua mawaddah dan rahmah." (Surah Ar-Rum, ayat 21) Dengan rasa hormat dan penuh rasa kesyukuran ke hadrat Allah S.W.T saya sekeluarga ingin menjemput Dato’/Datin/Tuan/Puan/Encik/Cik seisi keluarga ke majlis perkahwinan saya dan pasangan, ...

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    membuar AR sebuah al-quran 3D dengan hanya membelek 5 muka surat (kulit hadapan, muka hadapan, muka tengah, muka akhir dan kulit belakang)

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    gamarjoba gaga, me damwyebi freelanceri var da jer ver "davamugame" ra da rogor ketdeba, tu ar shegawuxeb ragaceebi minda ro gkitxo da tu ar shegidzlia arc egaa problema :)

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    penghantaran barang-barang

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    frog kids oke Tamat left

    bandar lampung panjang frogkids

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    es - Spanish nl - Dutch pt - Portuguese cs - Czech de - German fr - French it - Italian hu - Hungarian no - Norwegian - pl - Polish - sv - Swedish - tr - Turkish - el - Greek ar - Arabic hi - Hindi vi - Vietnamese sr - Serbian iw - Hebrew ko - Korean zh - Chinese

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    Pengembangan ERP yang mencakup : Contract Management - Purchase Receipt - Purchase Invoice - Purchase Payment,Stock Adjusment, Sales Order - Sales Invoice - Sales Receipt Target to finish: 3 weeks after contract sign-off

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    Buat katalog AR semenarik mungkin

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    $7 - $14
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    Copy writer for landing page 6 hari left

    Brain Parenting, when we h...connection that happens unconsciously. As apparent, you imagine why we enjoy someone’s company more. It all happens subconsciously. Just we have to understand Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks, and the technique of parenting can be learnt. For that first we have to understand ourselves, then we can expect cooperation from our kids. Dr Dan Siegel and Dr Tina Payne Bryson have a concept in their book "The Whole-Brain Child" that helps us understand the brain in a simple way. It's the upstairs and downstairs brain. In Parenting test, we will be providing information related to the following: 1. Healthy Child behaviour. 2. Child behaviour indicator 3. Healthy Study habits of child. 4. Factors influencing acade...

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    We need a 3D Character Animator for our upcoming project for kids. The animation will be a 5 minutes video. The budget is low for the project as it is our startup. We have total 3 videos of 5 minutes each. Reference video is attached below.

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    ...are a funded stealth startup in the wooden toys category. We intend to explore the market for toys that would inculcate some deeper level of competition for kids to be more engaged with. From my observations, these wooden toys that we would play with far longer duration when we were kids doesn't apply to the current generation. Further these toys are usually bought as gifting item rather than the kid asking their parent to buy it for them. We intend to see how this sense of competition and play can be inculcated within the traditional wooden spinning top which is spun by releasing a rope spun around it. My initial idea was to include some electronics within the top that can measure parameters such as the RPM and duration of Spin. These parameters can be...

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    Job Duties: • Plan and implement programming functionalities for Applications, AR, Web and so on • Troubleshoot and optimize code for mobile platforms • Maintain and make enhancements to existing code to fulfil new requirements • Implement, test, debug, and ensure integrity of all code • Communicate effectively with the Design Team to establish productive work pipeline, and integrate mediate assets • Tune and create light and render configuration presets • Participate in planning, and execute best practices or efficient workflows to ensure timely delivery • Keep up to date on the latest tech knowledge, and share them downstream with fellow team members • Ensure proper documentation

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    Muslim Stylez and Muslim Stylez Kids is a clothing line built by a father and 2 sons. We are looking for a set of logos that include Primary, Secondary, and signature logo. The logos will be used for Tops (T-shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, Thobes, & more) Bottoms (sweats, shorts, izzars) Hats and much more. We are looking for a logo like the Ralph Lauren style with the bear but we want a human boy illustrated. The logo should be dressed in islamic attire and should not have eyes. Attached are some logos to reference as well as the current logo

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    Trophy icon Hockey jersey 6 hari left

    Bad Apple Hockey. I am looking for an apple with a skull superimposed on it with a hockey stick through the head. This is a new kids hockey group. I would like it to be black background with a blood red skull with a hockey stick through it.

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    I need to extract an image of my kids uncle (Tui1 revised file) and insert it into an adobe stock image. It is for a funeral picture. It is urgent, need it done today

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    A Arabic website 6 hari left

    I want an arabic website like this With android and ios applications

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    Trophy icon T-Shirt design 8 hari left

    We are looking for a new t-shirt design. The t-shirt should be black (men & women & kids) It's a festival shirt. The following text should be included: "OCHSENFEST 22. - 25.07.22" Of course, the ox must also be on it! If necessary, you can also put the website "" on it and/or "Musikverein Poppenweiler e.V." I don't know yet whether the place has to be on the T-shirt: "POPPENWEILER" ?? We are flexible with the font. In the appendix I have attached the previous old t-shirt for information (but now a new, fresh design is needed). Please use the "T-Shirt (vorne).png" file as a template. Thanks! Thanks very much!

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    Hi, I need a super developer that would know ho to solve java issues (android) in a mobile AR app made in unity

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    Bear Songs 6 hari left

    I have written a few songs for my kids and I want to professionally produce them.

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    my app is very simple and easy to make the main point of the project is by taking a 2D picture and when the engine detect the picture a 3D object will appear up it ,,,, the picture is added by us of course

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    8-10 examples, in 1-2 days, no words limited, 10 usd You should include an example of the stimuli along with a critically, reflective post of your thoughts/feelings/questions about how the example relates to what you have learnt about consumer behaviour. Please see a few examples below; Example #1: you may have gone to the supermarket and noticed that people are staring to panic buy toilet paper and stockpiling particular products. Why would they be doing this? What is the rationale or psychology for engaging in this type of consumer behaviour? Did you do it to? Example #2: you may have seen an ad on TV/Internet that catches your eye, so you may want to share your thoughts about why it grabbed your attention and your involvement with the product/service category. Example...

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    Trophy icon 3d kids Rhymes 2-3 minutes 3 hari left

    animated 3 d video : mom trying to awoke her baby as per below tik tik base of song. Rhymes song: Baby in morning Tik tik tik Subha Subha Mamma boli Baby se Uth jao Uth Jao Tik tik tik Baby bola sone sone do Tik tik tik Mamma boli uth jao uth jao Jana h school Baby bola tik tik tik thodi der aur Mamma boli no no Jana h school Baby bola aaj nahi nahunga Mamma boli ok Muh dho lena Baby bola ok Tik tik tik Baby bola aaj m pehnuga orange vali dress Mamma boli na na pehnni h dress Baby bola na na Mamma boli ha ha Mamma boli pi lo dudh Baby bola na na Mamma boli ha ha Mamaa boli kha lo bread Baby bla ha ha bread with souse Khakr baby chala h school.

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    ...(Already got Website Hosting, I want to keep my website hosting etc.) - I also bought the Domain www.bighugkids.com. This domain needs to be connected to the Website - WordPress preferably - I want to be able to miantain my website myself and change the texts and pictures and videos): Should be easy to use! - Responsive Design (Smartphone, Laptop, Computer …) - Fast upload (80 points) - Website in 2 languages: First language German. Second language English - I will provide the website Design in PNG or a comparable Format - Video/Picture Slider/carousel (3 different videos or pictures) on main page - I need 1 chart/graphic that matches with the new look and feel of the website to explain my concept - I want to have 2 speci...

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    22 bida

    We are manufacturer and of exporter of Men's , Ladies and Kids Garments and Baby Crib Bedding's. Currently we are trying to search market or customers to sell our products to end customers. Currently due to covid 19, business is on stale position. That is the reason we are here to check how things works here. We are sending the pics of Baby Crib Sets to initiate our understanding which benefits both of us.

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    Trophy icon Make a cool Matrix poster 21 jam left

    i photographed these two kids. I don't have the time to make a really cool image, but i want something with bullets flying around and the whole Matrix feel to it!! I want awesome background, grungy , like factory or a city. be creative! and the bullets have the trails behind them. need to be big enough to print in size a2

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    I am looking for vendor who have already built base piggy bank mobile application for kids and can enhance it with some customisation am looking for a piggy bank system where parents can recharge their piggy bank account and assign tasks to their kids and when completed transfer amount from parents to kids piggybank. Kids should be able to encash the amount.

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    Trophy icon Lucy Creation 22 hari left

    Logo is for a daycare that teach kids the next step to be ready for school. The name of the daycare company is Lucy Creation…

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    write kids song 4 hari left

    hey i hope you all having a good day i want to make a project , and i need someone who can write a kids songs for me . it might be multiple different songs but for now i need one

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    17 bida
    product design concept sketch 4 hari left

    I need a few pages of sketches of sipper for kids inspired from the mood board I give.

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    4 bida

    Tomo Club : It's an educational gaming club for kids (8-14 yrs age) to learn 21st century skills via social games and simulations. We form a network of curious kids, who make friends through games played in live sync sessions. The games usually have a gameplay of 15min or so, are browser first and in an hour session we make kids play the same game 2-3 rounds. In between the sessions, we talk about their strategy, their experience and moderator explains what you can learn from here and use it in real life. We make kids play 1 new game per week, so we have to create 52 games in a year, so we are a content heavy company. We have an in-house team of experienced game narrators and designers, so we are looking for experienced game d...

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    10 bida
    Spark AR expert 4 hari left

    - You will be required to support the development of Spark AR certification courses - Participate in live meetings with the Learning Design team - Conduct reviews of course assets and course materials - Write and / or source Spark AR content to be utilized in edX courses

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    3 bida

    Skill Required: Academic Qualification : CA Oracle Modules : Oracle GL, AP, AR, FA, CM, EBS Tax) : Exposure to Oracle Hyperion, Oracle BI, Oracle Property & Oracle Fusion Years of Experience : 5 to 7 years Duration: 3-6 months Work Mode: On-site (Bahrain)

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    online video games store 3 hari left

    i want to create an online shop for video games similer to with design look like the site will be in arabic language and english multiple currencies ( SAR - USD - EUR - AED ) have payments gateway sms gateway track orders system support system online chat gift card system points collecting system sms otb log in sms orders status ratings emails advertisement and orders status shipping info digital orders ( most of the games on the shop will be digital sent to customer by email manually ) discount coupon on check out headline ad add to cart pops up an offer ( buy 3 get 1 free game ) social media ( instagram - snapchat - tiktok ) whatsapp google analyzing snap chat pixel full control panel be creative STUDY the project and tell me your plan

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    53 bida

    Hi, I am looking for someone with excellent teaching skills for kids and who also has excellent math skills. I want a teacher for teaching the kids concepts of maths in simple ways according to their age, and take them step by step by screen sharing with practical and easy methods. I want a 30 minute class for 5 days a week and the teacher can teach concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns, algebra, fractions, percentages, geometry, etc. Please message if you think you are the best candidate for this task. Thanks.

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    24 bida

    My son wrote a kids book and needs 15-20 illustrations to finish the book. Need help with that. This is my son's first book and was to limit the budget.

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    89 bida

    We have an online store for fashion subscription for kids clothes, we want to present the idea of this store using digital graphics as following: - 3 designs to present the three steps of renting the clothes - 2 designs for the slider - 1 design representing the monthly clothes box I will upload similar designs from the web.

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    Author for CHILDREN books 3 hari left

    I am looking for a writer that would help me create an amazing story for kids(3-8 year olds). This could be ongoing work. Books will be in American English for American market. The first book will require approximately 800 words. Please provide a quote for the cost of the complete project, as well as an estimated timeline for delivery once hired. Submit examples of your previous work for consideration, thank you. We will own all the rights of the work and require a written confirmation before start when hired. When applying for the job, please include the word "ELEPHANT" into the subject line so that I know you have read the entire description.

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    A simple one screen AR app which reads numbers, does a calculation on them based on data from an API and overlays the new number back on the screen. Additional user input will be an on off button for a feature and a user selected number.

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    new york kids 3 hari left

    need a photo enhanced and maybe the clothes on the kids changed

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    Job description: 3-4 Years of experience in Unreal engine UE4 in gaming and webgl applications Strong 3D Maths skills Keep up to date on industry trends in VR AR, platforms and middleware technologies strengths weaknesses, integration and customization through plugins and tools Ability to work independently and lead the project from scratch individual contributor role Solid understanding of real-time workflows inside UE4, including knowledge of lighting, particle systems, post-processes, material setup and optimization. Should have worked with Unreal 3, 4 C++ Programming knowledge. Ability to analyse and suggest solutions for product building

    $30 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need a cover for a book about a half-German child's experiences before, during and after WWII. A jackboot is a Nazi boot and the war was fought on cobbled streets. The child was between 5 and 10 during the war: she starved, was afraid, saw murders, witnessed bombing, etc. Like the kids in Ukraine now. This is the pitch: Desperately struggling for recognition, the youngest daughter of a poor postman and his German wife, Meta, finds her life totally changed when WWII begins; but when the end of the occupation does not remove the metaphorical jackboot over her head, Meta must decide whether to give in to despair, put on a brave face and pretend all is well, or accept reality and formulate and pursue those dreams th...

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to perform some statistic test. Here is the background. We have Pacemakers (n=44) and we send some energy through them to see if they get broken (they don't). We have created some measurements with them prior to energy delivery and did the same measurements afterwards. I now have 36 values that needs to be compared to 36 values measured after energy delivery. I think t-test would do the trick. But i am not so sure since I am intererested if one pacemaker is destroyed, so it is rather not about the mean or median but about one to one...don`t know if that is understandable. Furthermore I would need some graphs afterwards, don't know if box-lot would be good? Here an example. pacemaker number one has ...

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    Need a AR/VR mobile developer 3 hari left

    Looking for a mobile developer who worked on AR/VR based mobile application. We want to develop the application where user open the camera from mobile app the product will showcase on it.

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    25 bida

    2,3,3+UBHK apartments coming on Sohna Road Sector 33 Gurgaon with almost all modern facilities. 5 tiers security system, taking care of health of yours and your love ones, providing fresh air with the help of 24 hours water purifier, fresh and purified water direct to kitchen that can de drink directly no need to place R.O. Club of 22000 sqft and 5.2 acres of open space with various forest theme based plants and tree along with kids play area. indoor and outdoor tennis and badminton court and many more.

    $57 - $73
    $57 - $73
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    I need to calculate AR( Auto Regressive model), MA (Moving Average model) and ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average model) for forecasting the price of bitcoin in Python. The code is ready: and the price of Bitcoin can be taken as csv file from the following link: I need a Python code that can do this with the excel data taken from investing. After i get the data, i will run the code for different time spans and coins.

    $68 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bida

    I need to the 3 time series modelling for Bitcoin price: AR( Auto Regressive model), MA (Moving Average model) and ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average model) The code is ready, only the excel data should be changed: BTC open and close prices can be taken from the following link: I need to run the code with the excel data taken from investing.com. I want to be able to run the code for different coins and different time spans. So it should be done according to the excel data taken from

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    Find Dropshipping Items -- 2 2 hari left

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to find dropshipping items and add them to my Shopify store. I need about 250 products. I have a list. I need things like: 100% cotton baby clothes Baby bottles Kids sunglasses Kids books Kids toys The dropshipper would need to have no more than 5 days delivery. Alibaba won't work. You'll need to Google the product and state "supplier" and find a product in their offering that matches my description in a file I'll share. Thanks, Phillip

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    39 bida

    My daughter has an amazing idea for a kids roblox game but we have no idea to how to bring this to life and we are hoping to find someone amazing help us, the inspirations come from Piggy, Among us and the beeping Hamster

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    19 bida

    Upload and convert 2D blueprint to 3D blueprint Upload and convert 3D blueprint to AR experience Download QR image the Dashboard, Projects, and Media Gallery where you can manage your AR projects.

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