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    Saya butuh Team & Personil untuk maju ke sebuah project pemerintah yang harus melengkapi beberapa persyaratan berikut a. Satu (1) orang Ahli Programmer, yang mempunyai sertifikat MikroTIK Advance, IPv6, NSE 1 Network Security. Pendidikan minimal Sarjana Strata 1 (S1) Jurusan Teknik Informatika perguruan tinggi negeri atau perguruan tinggi swasta yang telah diakriditasi atau telah lulus ujian negara yang berpengalaman pada pekerjaan sejenis dan mempunyai pengalaman kerja total minimal 3 tahun. b. Satu (1) orang Ahli Programmer, yang mempunyai sertifikat PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter, Backend Programming. Pendidikan minimal Sarjana Strata 1 (S1) Jurusan Ilmu Komputer perguruan tinggi negeri atau perguruan tinggi swasta yang telah diakriditasi atau telah lulus ujian negara yang ...

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    Nak buat GPS Tracking apps untuk android. GPS tuu digunakan untuk tracking barang yang hilang. Saya tak boleh bagi much information kat sini tapi bagi sesiapa yang boleh buat apps ni please directly email saya.

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    GPS & ALAT SURVEY merupakan website Toko Online yang menyediakan berbagai macam Produk Digital Instrument seperti GPS ( Global Positioning System ), Surveying Instrument, Satelit Communication, Test dan Measurement, Industry dan Alat Geologi. Dengan berbekal pengalaman, kami selalu berusaha mengendepankan tercapainya kepuasan Pelanggan dengan berusaha menjadi mitra yang efesien, efektif dan terpercaya, untuk terciptanya hal tersebut kami terapkan sistem seperti pada waktu pengiriman yang cepat dan dapat diandalkan, serta memberikan kualitas dan solusi terbaik secara profesional kepada setiap Mitra Bisnis. Untuk itu GPS & ALAT SURVEY turut melayani dan menjual Produk tersebut untuk segala kebutuhan besar ataupun kecil dengan Merk- merk terkenal di pasaran ...

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    Seeking a skilled developer to create a tailored mobile app for the Aggregate and Asphalt industry, aiming to revolutionize job quotations, automate truck dispatching, streamline e-ticket production, and improve delivery tracking and inventory management. Key Features Needed: Robust E-ticketing system detailing product type, quantity, delivery location, and truck specifics. Automated Truck Dispatching using location-based tech for optimized routes and timely deliveries. Real-time GPS tracking for monitoring truck locations and providing updates to operators and clients. Quick and efficient Job Quotation generation directly from the app. Comprehensive Inventory Management ensuring real-time material tracking for accurate billing and replenishment. Seamless Invoicing S...

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    A website plus a mobile app for android, working together to assign delivery guy and have real time GPS tracking. Also to show special offers updated by the restaurants for special customers.

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    Vehicle Monitoring System 6 hari left

    I'm in search of a talented developer or development team to design and implement a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution featuring the latest in Quectel's MC25 module technology. This project aims at providing a seamless and efficient way to monitor vehicle activity, ensuring security and optimizing performance through advanced tracking features. **Core Requirements:** - **Real-time Tracking:** Implement a robust system capable of providing accurate and up-to-the-minute location data of the vehicle. - **Speed and Distance Tracking:** The solution must calculate and display current speed and total distance traveled, aiding in performance analysis and maintenance scheduling. - **Embedded Application Development:** Develop a bespoke embedded a...

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    App development 6 hari left

    More details: What platform do you want the app to be developed for? Android What primary ...primary feature should the app have? It needs to have multiple users that enter data into the same database. It needs to print a receipt of the data with a signature of customer acceptance. GPS, time verification, and controls will be needed. What additional features would you like the app to have? (select all that apply) In-app purchases, Data base that can integrate with excel quickbooks I’m looking to create something similar to a point of sale app for the tickets we use for our business. I would like to give each employee an android device with a receipt printer so they can still give customers a paper copy but have a database entry with ...

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    I require a drone designer to create an advanced Urban Security Drone that incorporates the following specifications: - Live-streaming video functionality, allowing real-time view of the drone's environment. - Night vision capability to ensure the functioning of the drone is not hampered during nighttime or in poorly lit areas. - A minimum battery life that allows for up to 30 minutes of flight before recharging. Moreover, the drone should operate both autonomously, following preset routes, and be remotely controlled as needed. The perfect freelancer for this project would possess a strong background in drone design and building, with experience in live-video streaming technology, night vision enhancement, and GPS-based autonomous navigation programming. ...

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    My project requires implementing Google Maps v3 with to create a tracking system for a collection of GPS coordinates. The end goal is to create a segment graph, clearly identifiable with multiple colors. - Real-Time Tracking: The system should have the ability to support live tracking. As such, experience in real-time data integration with Google Maps is essential. - GPS Coordinates: The tracking will be for GPS coordinates. Proficiency in handling and processing such data is mandatory. It's important for the freelancer to have substantial experience with Vue.js and Google Maps API integration, specifically with version 3 of the Google Maps API. Knowledge in GPS data handling and real-time systems is desired. Familiarity with colo...

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    i need you to fix my antenna it’s not showing the red line as in the papar here the file HFSS and the paper i want it excaly as the paper design and the radition patrren must the same do it in HFSS using null steering method with phase 0,90,90,45,45

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer, with knowledge in Unity AR ...in Unity AR (, OpenXR), to create an educational AR application . The app will be developed for the Meta Quest 3 ,tablet, phone). Your proficiency in app development for AR platforms is a must. The app has the following specs: - the user use Meta Quest glasses (or phone, or tablet) seeing the agriculture crop . - reading GPS location (from a Bluetooth GPS advertisement from an external device, or by UDP packets received from hotspot phone) , the app displays crop info data (retrieved through REST API). - what user sees , has to be saved on local storage, uploaded to a repository or video streaming to a server. Example to achieve:

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    I'm seeking to develop a social networking app that emphasizes simplicity and ease of communication. This app, titled ConnectNow, is dedicated to offering a seamless way for users to interact and stay connected. **Core Features Required:** - **Messaging/Chatting Functionality:** Secure and real-time messaging capabilities are crucial for user interaction. - **User Profiles:** Customizable profiles where users can share personal information and interests. - **GPS Integration:** To facilitate connections based on geographical proximity, enhancing the community feel. - **Sending Notifications:** Essential for keeping users informed about new messages, friend requests, or important updates. **User Experience and Design Vision:** The app interface should be clean an...

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled developer or development team to create an innovative event discovery platform that caters to web, iOS, and Android users. This platform aims to revolutionize how users find, RSVP to, and get updates on events that interest them. To achieve this, we need a set of core features and a user-centric design approach. **Core Features:** - **Event Search and Filtering:** Implement an intuitive search system that allows users to quickly find events that match their interests. This includes advanced filtering options by date, location, and event type. - **User Profiles and RSVP Functionality:** Users should be able to create profiles to manage their event participation. This includes an RSVP feature to confirm attendance, with integration ...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned app developer with a sound background in creating IP camera access applications for phones. Android IOS cam management app • this app is a utility app • design is not important app functions first time 1. the client download our app from our server 2. the client put his email and a password 3. the app connect to our Media server and updating the server that the phone is connected 4. the app create automatically a hot spot name with password 29542954 5. the app force the phone to use 2.4 and 5 Ghz on its hotspot 6. the app start the GPS system on the phone 7. when the app start on the phone the app search for the cam around it based on the AP name that was provided 8. the connect to the cam via t...

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    As an established online entity, I'm seeking an SEO expert for advanced search engine optimization techniques, especially in the aspects of leveraging product-specific keywords. Key aspects include: - Driving more organic traffic to my site - Enhancing w...in using product-specific keywords - Knowledge of the latest trends and changes in SEO algorithms - Hands-on experience in web analytics, marketing, and business development. Please share your strategies to meet these goals and your past achievements in similar projects. Looking forward to fostering a productive partnership. We will be targeting google ireland and google Uk for 2 sites and Keywords are both long and short tail example, vehicle tracking, gps vehicle tracking, van tracking , car tracking

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    Smart Travel Monitor & Alert 5 hari left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a comprehensive platform designed to simplify and enhance the travel experience through real-time monitoring and alerts. The platform will utilize a variety of technologies to ensure users are kept informed concerning their journey progress when utilizing public transportation options such as buses, trains, and planes. **Key Features Required** - **Real-time GPS Tracking:** Implement GPS functionality to allow for the precise tracking of the user's location during their journey. - **Push Notifications:** Incorporate push notification alerts to inform users of critical journey milestones, including approaching destination alerts. - **Public Transport Integration:** The platform should integrate seaml...

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    I'm seeking an experienced web developer to create a sophisticated courier tracking website that integrates live GPS tracking to cater to delivery personnel, customers awaiting their packages, and logistics managers. The essence of this platform is to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing real-time visibility into courier movements and delivery statuses. **Core Requirements:** - **GPS Tracking Integration:** Implement a reliable GPS tracking system that captures and displays the real-time location of couriers to all users. - **User-Specific Interfaces:** Develop tailored interfaces for different user roles: - **Delivery Personnel:** Access to route optimizations and nearby delivery notifications. - **Customers:**...

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    "Looking for a skilled app developer to build ClearSkyRoads, a cutting-edge mobile application aimed at enhancing road safety and emergency response. The app will feature crowdsourced hazard reporting, drone-based surveillance integration, and vehicle identification chip integration. If you have expertise in mobile app development and are passionate about creating solutions that save lives, we'd love to hear from you. Please provide your portfolio and relevant experience. Let's make roads safer together!"

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    taxi-sedan 5 hari left

    Requiero un aplicativo web en donde mis drivers puedan hacer log in y acceder a losservicios que tendremos disponibles para ellos, ademas se requiere un plataforma en la que se puedan subir estos servicios, necesitamos tambien una guia de gps en vivo del lugar donde se encuentra el driver

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    I'm searching for a skilled developer who can create a software capable of locating my Android phone. Critical Features: - Implement real-time location tracking via GPS - Include a remote lock and wipe functionality accessible through a secure website - Incorporate a geofencing feature Desired Skills: - Proficient in Android development - Experience in building security applications - Understanding of GPS integration Your experience in similar projects will be valuable for this task. The final product should be user-friendly and secure, guaranteeing the location feature works even when the device goes offline. The remote lock and wipe option must only be activated through the secure website. Your knowledge in developing Geofenci...

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    Circuit Design/pcb design 4 hari left

    In this project, I'm seeking a talented PCB designer who can assist me in creating a robust circuit design. Key Responsibilities: - Designing a circuit according to my requirements - Proposing suggestions to enhance the overall functionality - Familiar with SAM-M10Q-00B gps receiver IC - Familiar with ESP32-S3-WROOM-1-N16R8 esp32 integration For this project you will need expertise in creating a circuit that will function as a DAC that can oscillate both a 1575.42Mhz and 1227.6Mhz respectively. There needs to be multiple of these circuits, driven by the esp32, and the DAC circuit that you build will route to connection. Circuit design and PCB design is needed.

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    I'm initiating a project centered around augmenting motorcycle safety through an innovative approach. My ambition is to utilize a GPS-based navigation system to automatically activate the motorcycle's side signals in anticipation of turns, specifically when a right turn is detected within 100 meters. **Core Objectives:** - Increase safety for motorcycle riders by ensuring timely use of side signals. - Utilize the precision of GPS-based navigation systems for real-time turn detection. **Key Features:** - Integration with Google Maps for navigation. - Automatic side light activation for right turns within a 100-meter range. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in GPS technology and its application in real-time vehicle sy...

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    I am searching for a knowledgeable individual with expertise in Raspberry Pi to create a mini project designed to monitor vehicles. To successfully implement this, the project must harness the use of various components including but not limited to, a force sensor, ultrasonic sensor, display, DC motor, GSM, GPS, and IoT implementation. It is required that the collected data be displayed on a webpage for centralized access and management. Here are the details: - Primary Goal: The aim is to develop a system for monitoring vehicles, tracking crucial metrics for the utmost efficiency. - Required Data: Specific data to monitor includes GPS location, the load the vehicle is carrying, its location, and some other important features contributing to...

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    ...seeking a talented freelancer to develop a professional and sleek-looking Android application that focuses on user profiles creation and management, along with integrated GPS location services. This app is intended to offer a seamless experience for users who need to manage their profiles and utilize location-based features. **Core Features & Requirements:** - **User Profiles**: Ability for users to create, edit, and manage their profiles within the app. - **GPS Location Services**: Integration of GPS to provide location-based functionalities to users. - **Design Aesthetic**: The app should have a professional and sleek design, emphasizing usability and aesthetic appeal. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Android Development**: ...

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    I am seeking expertise for the conceptualization and creation of a GPS web application offering key features like route creation, route dispersion, and route tracking. Primarily, the application is expected to function seamlessly, integrating with Google Maps services, enabling users to form and disperse routes effectively, and diligently keep a track of these formed routes. The application should be mobile-friendly and to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, our platform will stand out by integrating a special feature, enabling customers to rate the Quality of Service. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in web application development, both front- and back-end. - Strong experience in GPS-based application development. - Knowledge of G...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can bring my vision of a location-based service app to life. the app will need to save exact current location and to navigate to it. privacy is important. maybe also to run in the background and run automatically. we will also need a social login. **Core Features Required:** - **GPS Tracking:** Implement precise GPS tracking to facilitate location-based services. - **Map Integration:** Seamless integration of maps to guide users efficiently. **Design Vision:** - I have a specific design in mind. I'll provide mockups and detailed design documents to guide the development process. **App Purpose:** - The primary goal is to enhance user experience by providing location-based services. This includes finding l...

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    I'm on the hunt for a superior developer capable of constructing an app tailored for both iOS and Android platforms, focusing on public transit. The app's primary role is to make commuting convenient and easy, with features supporting: - Real-time tracking: Effectiveness in tracking real-time movements of transit vehicles is vital. - Route Planning: The facility to plan the commuting route in advance to save time. - Fare Estimation: An integrated fare calculator to provide a cost estimate before travel. Prospective freelancers should have extensive experience in mobile app development across both iOS and Android platforms, a deep understanding of real-time GPS tracking, and fare estimation algorithms. Familiarity with route planning solutions and ...

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    I have a project that requires the development of a cab service app for both iOS and Android platforms. The app not only should enable Booking and Tracking, but also integrate seamless Payment methods, and feature a system for Driver Rating and Feedback. Ideally, freelancers bidding for this project should be versed in: - Mobile App Development: Prior experience in crafting applications for both the iOS and Android platforms is a must. - GPS Integration: Experience with incorporating Booking and Tracking functions will be crucial. - Payment Gateway Integration: Applicants must know how to integrate diverse forms of payment solutions into mobile apps. - Feedback Systems: Creating a robust and user-friendly rating and feedback system will be vital f...

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    I'm in the process of creating a mobile application designed to facilitate seamless real-time communication with integrated GPS functionalities. To bring my vision to life, I'm searching for a talented app developer who is proficient in both Android and iOS platforms. **Core App Functions:** - Real-time communication: The ability to have uninterrupted live chats or calls. - GPS capabilities: This includes live tracking of users, efficient route planning for navigation, and sending location-based notifications to users. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Proficiency in both Android and iOS app development, with a solid portfolio showcasing similar projects. - Strong experience in implementing real-time communication features, ideally with ...

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    ...Our app, ZeroIFTA, serves as a GPS for truckers, suggesting fuel pumps to purchase fuel and obtain the best deals on their route. We already have a team working on it, but we need a developer with experience in developing applications for the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) to join my team. I understand that there are many developers with extensive experience capable of developing any application from scratch. However, this project is specifically for those who have previously worked on applications for the transportation industry in the United States that also include IFTA functionality. Please only apply if you have experience in this area and can provide examples to prove it. If you do not initiate the chat by providing proof that qualifies you a...

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    109 bida

    I'm looking for an expert React Native developer to create a food-ordering and delivery app for both iOS and Android platforms, similar to those of Uber Eats and Door Dash. Key Features Required: - In-app Chat: Users should be able to interact directly within the app, enhancing their experience. - Real-time GPS Tracking: This will allow users to track their orders and deliveries in real time. - Loyalty Rewards Program: I want to include an engaging loyalty rewards program that will keep customers coming back. Payment Handling: The app should support two types of transactions, Credit/Debit card transactions and PayPal. Ideal Skills and Experience: - React Native development - UI/UX design - GPS tracking integration - Experience in creating in-app chat function...

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    152 bida

    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to develop a Grocery Delivery application tailored for both Android and iOS platforms. This application aims to provide a seamless grocery shopping experience, enabling users to order groceries to be delivered at their convenience. The application must include the following key features: - **Real-time tracking:** Customers should be able to track the status of their delivery in real-time, enhancing their experience by providing them with up-to-date information about their order's progress. - **Scheduled Deliveries:** Users must have the option to schedule deliveries according to their convenience, ensuring they can receive groceries at a time that suits them best. - **Customer Review System:** An integrated cust...

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    Smart Delivery Area Mapping 2 hari left

    ...sources such as GPS coordinates, delivery records, and road network data. - Capability to segment delivery areas efficiently, which is the primary goal of this clustering project. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in data science and machine learning, particularly in clustering techniques. - In-depth knowledge of Python programming, especially with libraries suited for geographical and clustering tasks (e.g., scikit-learn, pandas, GeoPandas). - Familiarity with handling GPS data, analyzing delivery records, and integrating road network information. - Strong analytical skills to identify the optimal parameters for DBSCAN or other suggested clustering methods suitable for multi-dimensional data. - Experience in logistics, delivery services, or route optimization ...

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    57 bida

    I'm seeking a skilled mobile app developer to create an engaging, user-friendly application for our cycling retail shop. The app should be compatibile with both iOS and Android. The app needs to include three key features: 1. **Online Shopping:** - Users should be able to browse our product selection, filter options, and search for specific items. - An integrated payment gateway is necessary for transaction purposes. - A user account feature is also needed for customers to track their orders. 2. **Cycling Route Tracks:** - I want the app to include a feature that allows users to view popular cycling routes. 3. **Community Cycling Events:** - The app should facilitate users to check the schedule, register, and get updates for cycling eve...

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    114 bida

    I am in need of a skilled app developer to create a comprehensive app that will be having features similar of the Porter app. This application should encompass the following: - User registration and login - Booking and scheduling functionality - Seamless payment integration - GPS tracking system - Efficient SMS notification/OTP login - Integration of WhatsApp for notifications The design of the app should be customizable and user-friendly, ensuring a top-tier experience for all prospective users. Additionally, the app needs to be compatible across several platforms, namely Android, iOS, and Web. The Payment gateway will be from Saudi Arabia. We have not fixed about it now. Support should be for 1 year and option

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    Enhance App with GPS Features 22 jam left

    ...looking for a developer to add a GPS route to my existing Android/ios app. The app I have is for learner drivers with Road signs, driving test questions etc. I want to add a section to teach people the route the driving tester will bring them on tbe day of their test. There are 7 routes all around 7km long and starting and ending at the same location. There are approximately 20 directions per route (turn left, take the 3rd right then at the roundabout take the 3rd exit etc). On each route the app needs to tell them where to go and when to turn. On each route the user also needs to be directed to do a hillstart, reverse around the corner and hillstart in specific places. The routes need to be behind a paywall and unlocked with a €...

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    16 bida

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create an application that meticulously records employees' daily work activities, including the hours they work, the tasks they complete, and the locations they visit. This tool is pivotal in streamlining our workflow and enhancing productivity within our operations. **Core Functionality Required:** - **Data Collection:** The app must allow for manual entry of work hours, details of tasks completed, and GPS tracking to log locations visited throughout the day. - **Task Management:** Employees should be able to update the progress or status of each task. Specifically, for tasks that involve land management, such as the number of traps deployed per land block, detailed input features are necessary. - **Integration with Maps:** Seam...

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    ...operations to cover remote areas, there is a vital need to ensure our communication channels are working efficiently and without disruption. Working around this, we require expert assistance to design and install a filtering system for the diverse outputs from our Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) on the fleet of vehicles. The system should be able to sift through these outputs such that it allows the operation of our wide band radio system without any interference. Key responsibilities: - Apply your expertise to identify and filter out the necessary PLC controller outputs - Make the system compatible to work within an specified frequency range - Implement this solution across our large fleet of 30 to 100 vehicles This project is a substantial one ...

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    Central de vídeo 14 jam left

    ...Segue protocolo na em anexo O sistema deve comunicar com a plataforma de rastreamento GPSWOX O sistema já trata a rostas e posições que dever ser anexado a parte de vídeo e alertas de gerados pela telemetria da DashCam 1 View Real-Time Videos: Implement a feature that connects to the dashcan to stream live video from the vehicles. Ensure the capability to select from multiple channels (2 to 8) for viewing different camera angles or vehicles. 2 - Route History and Videos: Combine GPS tracking data with video footage. This would involve synchronizing route history data with corresponding video files to enable playback of specific segments of the trip. This should use the map api already present in the routing platform 3 -A...

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    21 bida

    I'm seeking a tailored Transportation Management Software (TMS) that specifically caters to the operational needs of my trucking company. This software needs to be robust, user-friendly, and specifically designed to streamline our dispatch management, optimize our routes, and provide real-time load tracking. **Key Features Required:** - **Dispatch Management:** Efficiently manage dispatch operations to ensure timely deliveries. - **Route Optimization:** Automatically suggest the most efficient routes to save time and fuel. - **Load Tracking:** Enable real-time tracking of loads to enhance transparency and customer satisfaction. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in developing TMS solutions. - Strong knowledge of the trucking industry and its challenges. - E...

    $30 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    21 bida

    I'm seeking a highly skilled Android Studio Java App developer to develop a simple app. This project is designed to be used by general users, providing a seamless and intuitive experience. The core requirements for this application include: - **User Authentication**: Secure login feature to ensure data protection and user privacy. - **Database Integration**: Efficiently store and retrieve data to ensure quick access and management of user information. - **API Integration**: Connect with third-party services for enhanced app functionality, improving the application's performance and user experience. ## Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Java programming language. - Experience with Android SDK tools and application development. - Proven track record...

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    44 bida

    ...are created on one office ID and the queued to fulfillment partner with different office ID. Need code and syntax in order to assure that PNR is queued and fulfillment partner can a access and ticket the PNR through his office ID. We believe it needs theses elements but not sure how to integrate them: ES BERAE226X-B makes the PNR visible on our office ID, you have to enter this before queueing it. QE/BERAE2101/38 sends the PNR to our queue for ticket issuance - but before that PNR has to be opened with first entry. Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Strong expertise in Amadeus GDS API**: You should have a proven track record of successful integrations and an in-depth understanding of its functionalities and potential challenges. - **Problem-Solving Abilities**: A...

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    36 bida

    Need to enable location sharing on flutter app. Location sharing is already implemented in the app, your task will be to make it mandatory at all times. - Delivery boy must enable his location at all time - The background location must be enabled at all time - If he disables his location from main settings or turns off GPS, in both condition a popup should appear, to enable location to continue using the app. He should not be able to use the app until he turns on location permission. - Location permission should only be asked when delivery boy login into the app and not admin (which is already implemented in the app) Reference video:

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    40 bida

    Create tiktok videos for below product: :pcDetailTopMoreOtherSeller,scm-url:1007.40050.354490.0,pvid:fec548c1-0505-4eff-a814-3a24b56740e0,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238110%231995&pdp_npi=4%40dis%21GBP%2140.66%219.37%21%21%21360.47%2183.06%21%402103834817062687249143928eee23%2112000032345510724%21rec%21UK%214783960040%21AB&utparam-url=scene%3ApcDetailTopMoreOtherSeller%7Cquery_from%3A

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    I'm seeking a talented developer, experienced in creating engaging mobile games with GPS integration, for both iOS and Android platforms. The purpose is to create a mobile application that allows users to 'catch' virtual butterflies, which will in turn provide them with discounts on butterfly-related products. Key Features and Requirements: - Develop a dynamic 'butterfly catching' game that uses GPS to simulate a virtual butterfly hunt - Incorporate an appealing, easy-to-use interface that effectively simulates the experience of catching butterflies - Ensure secure e-commerce integration for the purchasing of discounted butterfly products Ideal freelancer skills: - Demonstrable experience creating mobile games - Proficien...

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    ...Your primary aim will be to evaluate the accuracy of the GPS functionality and the process involved in inviting friends. Key Tasks: - Assess GPS accuracy to ensure precise and reliable location data - Evaluate the process of inviting friends, with particular attention to user-friendliness and functionality - In particular, some users in Canada and the United States are failing to invite friends, so please verify that part. Skills and Experience: - Experience in iOS app testing - Knowledge of GPS and location tracking apps - Quality assurance and user experience evaluation abilities. - You have to Live in Canada or the United States now. Rewards: - Comprehensive app testing is not required. - Since it is a simple task, please make a proposal t...

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    ...to develop very small-sized GPS tracking devices tailored for business applications. These devices will be utilized for various purposes including real-time tracking, establishing geo-fences, and monitoring over-speed limits. The final product should also come with a mobile app interface for live tracking and management. Requirements include: - Development of miniaturized GPS devices with dimensions supporting discreet deployment. - Integration of a 10000 mAH battery ensuring long-term operation without the need for frequent recharges. - Capability to set geo-fences and trigger alerts for monitored assets that enter or leave designated areas. - Implementation of over-speed alerts to monitor and report instances where the speed threshold is exceeded. - Creati...

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    Hello, we're looking for a competent developer to create an Android app centred around real time GPS tracking functionalities. Before we get into the development proper, we need you to create a proof-of-concept prototype, based on our requirements document attached at the bottom. Timeline is about 2-3 months to develop the app, so while this isn't time sensitive we require efficiency and dedication on your part regardless. - **Purpose**: - Develop an app for disseminating information easily. - **Key Features**: - User-friendly interface for content sharing. - Secure login and data protection measures. - Capability to handle a large user base. - **Ideal Skills**: - Expertise in Modern Android development (MAD). - Expertise with integrat...

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