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    ki mod aa kam karan da?? jay mary kol kam hoya tay m dassan ga, tairy kol away tay menu dassi, ral k koi jugaar laa lawan gay

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    ki mod aa kam karan da?? jay mary kol kam hoya tay m dassan ga, tairy kol away tay menu dassi, ral k koi jugaar laa lawan gay

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    I am writing my first sci-fi novel based on evolutionary biology and I need assistance in research. The specific areas that require research are: - Genetic evolution - Species adapta...first sci-fi novel based on evolutionary biology and I need assistance in research. The specific areas that require research are: - Genetic evolution - Species adaptation - Evolutionary theory The right freelancer should be proficient in evolutionary biology. They will provide: - Detailed explanation and analysis Your understanding and passion for the subject matter will greatly help build the scientific foundation of my novel. This is a valuable opportunity for someone who appreciates the intricacies of evolution and wants to contribute to a sci-fi narrative that is both exciting and scientifically...

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    I need a professional editor with advanced expertise in epidemiology to help with editing a scientific article. The task involves a comprehensive spell-checking, anti-plagiarism review, text structuring, and abbreviation verification. Key Responsibilities: - Comprehensive spell-checking: Ensuring that the text is free of any spelling errors. - Anti-plagiarism review: Verify the originality of the content and eliminate any possible infringements. - Text structuring: Help in restructuring the article to enhance its readability and flow. - Abbreviation verification: Double-check the usage of abbreviations and ensure they are accurate. The main goal of the editing process is to ensure the scientific accuracy and coherence of the article. Therefore, it is crucial that the edito...

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    This project, at its core, seeks to explo...provide a detailed analysis including both religious and scientific perspectives - current to date. Resource Requirements: - Peer-reviewed scientific articles - Relevant religious texts - Expert interviews from both domains Specificity: The focus will be entirely on Christianity and its various denominations. Delve into the specifics of different Christian perspectives and how they might oppose or support the COVID vaccine. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong background in religious studies, specifically Christianity - Solid understanding of science, particularly medical vaccines - Excellent research skills - Superior writing and communication abilities - An ability to present a balanced view from both religious and sc...

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    I am in need of a skilled medical writer with expertise in preparing regulatory documents, particularly in the areas of Risk Management Plans, Benefit risk ...of the regulatory documents. - Prepare high-quality manuscripts for these regulatory submissions. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in medical writing, especially in the regulatory space. - Proficiency in conducting literature reviews and data analysis. - Familiarity with creating Risk Management Plans and other regulatory documents. - Strong understanding of medical terminology and scientific writing. - Excellent attention to detail and ability to ensure the documents meet regulatory standards. If you have a track record in this area, I'd like to hear from you. Please include samples of your previous work...

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    ...various types of test tubes, specimen collection procedures, and safety precautions. Key Responsibilities: - Create visually appealing and informative illustrations for the Lab Collection guide - Ensure that the new illustrations and drawings are consistent with the existing guide - Format the guide in an engaging and user-friendly way Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating scientific or technical illustrations - Strong graphic design skills - Ability to distill complex information into clear and concise visual representations - Familiarity with lab protocols and terminology - Experience in formatting and laying out guides or manuals The project needs to be completed within two weeks, so I'm looking for someone who can commit to this timeline and de...

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    ...group dedicated to transformation processes of renewable resources for energy generation. Company Activity: Research in renewable resource transformation with an energy focus. Target Audience: Market Segment: Other research groups, young researchers. Demographic Characteristics: Various ages, primarily oriented towards the scientific field. Motivating Factors: Interest in renewable energy, scientific collaboration. 2. Visual Identity: Values to Emphasize: Teamwork, scientific innovation. ***Elements to Include in Identity*** --- Elements related to the chemical industry and renewable energy. --- Visual representation of transformation processes. --- Subtle reference to Uruguay (can be through contours or related symbols). --- Incorporation of the phrase "Rese...

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    ...the trademark "ALAN FOSTER". The ideal candidate would have prior experience with specimen design and a clear understanding of United States trademark registration requirements. Attached is the logo file that you will be using for the trademark specimens. The 34 classes I need trademarks for include: 001 - Chemicals 005 - Pharmaceuticals 006 - Common Metals 007 - Machines 009 - Computers and Scientific Devices 010 - Medical Supplies 011 - Appliances 012 - Vehicles 013 - Firearms 014 - Precious Metals 015 - Musical Instruments 016 - Paper Goods 020 - Furniture 021 - Household Utensils 024 - Textiles 025 - Clothing 027 - Carpets 028 - Games and Sporting Goods 029 - Meat, Fish, Poultry 030 - Coffee, Flour, Rice 031 - Grains, Agriculture 032 - Beers and Beverages 033 - Alc...

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    As a bu...documents pertaining to science. Key Responsibilities: - Transfer scientific jargon in academic work into clear, concise, and easy-to-understand language for business application. Skills and Experience Preferred: - A substantial background or keen interest in the scientific field. - Proven record of translating academic documents. - Exceptional comprehension of scientific terminologies and concepts. - A knack for turning industry-specific language into simplified, understandable content. Ultimately, I am searching for someone who can bridge the gap between academic science and business practicality. Your success in this role will be measured by the quality and accuracy of your translations, preserving the scientific essence yet making it approach...

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    ...Responsibilities: * Step 1: Regenerate exact same graphs as shown in the PDF using the same dataset. * Step 2: Apply various ML + DL algorithms for future prediction and obtain better results in terms of accuracy, precision, F1-score, RMSE, ME, MAE, RMSE, MAPE, etc., than already applied models. * Step 3: Documentation of the work, along with a discussion to validate the model's usage and justify it as scientific research paper. Ideal Skills & Experience: * Proficiency in the Python programming language. * Prior experience in machine learning and deep learning algorithms. * Proficient in LaTeX for writing journal research papers. * Anyone with past experience as a research assistant will be highly appreciated. NOTE: Please only apply if you hold proficiency in Python ...

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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to create a captivating and informative cover art for my upcoming scientific paper in the field of Chemistry. Key Requirements: - The style should be illustrative, translating complex scientific concepts into visually stimulating and engaging content. - The cover art should be in color. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in scientific illustration. - Strong understanding of Chemistry concepts. - Ability to create eye-catching and informative visuals. This is an exciting opportunity for an artist to contribute to the world of scientific research through art. Your work will be an integral part of the paper's presentation, attracting readers and conveying the essence of the research.

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    Via Scientific is searching for a Product Management Contractor with a background in biotechnology. This role is critical in bridging scientific research and analysis with scalable software solutions, aimed at launching innovative biotech products. We require a dynamic individual with product lifecycle experience, preferably from conception to market release. Key Responsibilities: Product Strategy Formulation: Develop and define the product vision and roadmap in sync with our strategic goals. You will work with various stakeholders. Requirements Management: In collaboration, gather and prioritize product and customer requirements to ensure our team delivers software that meets market needs. Technical Documentation: Generate clear and comprehensive documentation and us...

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    There is a need of a comprehensive investigation on a psychology-oriented subject - positive consequences to adult physical, ment...Analysis: I require the output to consist of a blend of both experimental data and theoretical analysis. This requires a candidate experienced in designing experiments as well as constructing meaningful theoretical discussion based on the collected data. - Further help with research publishing is very welcome The ideal candidate should have robust analytical skills and a genuine passion for scientific research. A demonstrable track record in academic research is mandatory. Expect your bid will start with "my N works are published in M Magazines and Online Resources", where N is the number of your previous academic works; and M is the num...

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    ...Responsibilities: * Step 1: Regenerating Exact same graphs shown in PDF using same dataset * Step 2: Apply other various ML + DL algorithms for future prediction and Obtain better results in term of accuracy, precision, F1-score, RMSE, ME, MAE, RMSE, MAPE etc then already applied models * Step 3: Documentation of the work, along with a discussion to validate the model's usage and justify it as a Scientific research. Ideal Skills & Experience: * Proficient in Python programming language * Prior experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms * Anyone with Past Experience as a research assistant will be highly appreciated Please only apply if you hold proficiency in Python programming ,Have past experience in research related tasks and have intermediate e...

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    Chemistry Research Paper 3 hari left

    I'm in need of a comprehensive Chemistry paper to be written. I would like the study to be rep...essence of the study and present it in a well-structured, comprehensive manner. - The paper should have a detailed analysis with case studies. - The most important part is the representation of the study on the cover page. - I expect a high level of detail and a thorough understanding of scientific writing. Ideal skills and experience include: - Strong background in Chemistry - Previous experience in writing scientific papers - Ability to conduct in-depth research - Proficiency in professional scientific writing - Familiarity with creating case studies in Chemistry - Creative skills for cover page design Please only apply if you can guarantee a high-quality, detai...

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    I'm seeking an exceptional writer who is well-versed in healthcare subjects for a short, concise research paper. Here's what you should know: - The paper needs to be about research Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and a little bit about how technology impacts it. - Your writing should be more th...needs to be about research Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and a little bit about how technology impacts it. - Your writing should be more than three pages long. - I won't require any graphics or charts for this project. Feel free to use your creative flair while maintaining academic accuracy. I'm expecting clear and concise content with exceptional grammar and punctuation. A background in scientific research writing is beneficial. The paper is DUE on 4/15/20...

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    I'm seeking a skilled and experienced researcher to focus on a variety of scientific topics. The level of depth required is a comprehensive review including academic references. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in academic scientific research - Excellent understanding of scientific terminologies - Access to a wide variety of scientific journals - Ability to create a comprehensive review with academic references - Previous experience in scientific writing is a plus. The ability to interpret complex scientific data is essential. Thank you.

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    I need a captivating, educational video that demonstrates an engineering system where classical physics has...relevance of Quantum Mechanics in everyday life engineering systems. Essentials: - The video should be engaging, easy to understand and won't require scientific background to comprehend. - Although the specific Quantum Mechanics concepts to be discussed weren't chosen, feel free to select any that best fits the chosen engineering system. - The project has a high-priority timeline, needing to be completed ASAP. Ideal candidate: - Strong storytelling and video producing skills - Good understanding of quantum mechanics and physics - Ability to explain complex concepts in a simplified and engaging way - Prior experience in creating educational or scientific co...

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    Project Description: We are looking for skilled 3D artists to transform 1000 2D embryo images into detailed 3D models based on accompanying segmented illustrations. The objective is for the top view of the 3D model to precisely match the 2D illustration. Requirements for Each Model: 3D Structures to Model: - Zona Pelucida (Embryo Wall): Sphere in grey (refer to grey in the 2D image) - Cells: Small ellipsoids, possibly deformed, in pink (refer to pink in the 2D image) - Free Floating Elements: Small spheres, transparent with a black outline Color Scheme: - Embryo Cell Wall (Zona Pelucida): Grey - Cells: Pink - Free Floating Elements: Transparent with black outline 3D Model Specifications: - Format: Voxel format with a resolution of 500x500x500 voxels, in VTK or another suitable 3D file ...

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    I'm embarking on a research project with a focus on the intersection of Science and Information Technology. More specifically, the heart of the research will be in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Key aspects of the job: - Understanding of scientific research principles - Broad knowledge in Information Technology - Expertise and specialty in Artificial Intelligence Ideal candidates should possess: - Strong Background in Scientific Research - Extensive Experience in Information Technology - A Sound Understanding of AI concepts and principles - Ability to deliver rigorous and comprehensive research. This project is perfect for a detail-oriented person with a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in science. Your contributions will...

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional to create an electronic nose instrument that can effectively detect lung cancer in its early stages ...The device should be designed to be compact and portable, allowing for easy transport and use in various settings. I am looking for a professional with: - A proven track record in developing medical devices, particularly those designed for early-stage cancer detection. - Expertise in sensor technology and real-time data analysis. - Previous experience in creating user-friendly interfaces for scientific instruments. - The ability to design compact and portable devices for easy use in medical and research settings. The successful candidate will be able to deliver a high-accuracy electronic nose instrument that meets all the specifie...

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    ...Future - GREEN NFT World - GREEN NFT Italy - GREEN New DEAL - GREEN Innovation - Hi, Vito Lavanga. Own INDUSTRIAL RIGHTS, mathematician, working in technical-scientific, IT&C and Financial disciplines; ...I have a prestigious development environment, for partner use: - we have Premium, 4 years, WordPress/WooCommerce and many AI/tools for your use; ...I'm looking for a new line for future .EUs and to present to World Skills and experience needed: - Web design and development - Graphic design and layout - SEO optimization - CMS,

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    I need a succinct literature review focusing on science. I will provide over 11 PDF files which you will need to read and create a brief resume for each. Ideal skills for this project include: - Strong research and analysis skills - Ability to summarize complex information - Prior experience in academic writing or literature reviews - Understanding of scientific literature and research methods - Excellent communication skills - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines

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    I'm looking for a comprehensive research and writing expert in the field of fusion energy. I need this project to cover a range of specific areas within this topic, including current research and development, potential applications and an ov...minimum of 10 research papers and articles that showcase the current state of fusion energy research and development - Analysis of these findings with a focus on key insights and future outlooks - An in-depth review of the potential applications of fusion energy Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong background in physics, ideally with a focus on energy - Prior experience in scientific research and writing - Ability to analyze and synthesize complex information - Previous work in the field of fusion energy would be hi...

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    ...resonate with audiences You are receptive to feedback and communicate clearly You have excellent time-managing skills and ability to prioritize effectively I need a gifted writer with a distinct flair for creative writing, scientific knowledge and a superior storytelling ability. Here's an overview of what I'm looking for: 1. Creative Writing: I need someone who can breathe life to science fiction through scripts that captivate and enthrall our YouTube audiences. 2. Scientific Knowledge: Our subject matter needs an enthusiast who's not afraid to deep dive into scientific research. You'll help us create credible, fascinating content. 3. Storytelling Abilities: Beyond raw facts, I want our series to tell engaging stories. Draw on your storyt...

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    I am in need of immediate assistance for my doctoral science project. Specialist sk...interpretation. With a robust understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research data, you should be able to accurately process a large volume of scientific data efficiently. - Mastering theoretical explanations: Demonstrative command of scientific theories and explanations is highly relevant for this project. You need to be comfortable breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand content. This project requires immediate attention, and as such, applicants who can fully commit and begin working on the project as soon as possible will be given preference. You should have a strong background and proven track record in scientific research or a related field to be cons...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can write up an explanation on XRD Analysis at an intermediate level. The explanation should be specific to the application of XRD Analysis in Material Science. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and understanding of XRD A...looking for a freelancer who can write up an explanation on XRD Analysis at an intermediate level. The explanation should be specific to the application of XRD Analysis in Material Science. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and understanding of XRD Analysis and its principles - Proficiency in writing technical content in an easy-to-understand manner - Experience in explaining complex scientific concepts to a non-technical audience - Familiarity with the application of XRD Analysis in Material Science would be ...

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    I'm starting a new scientific research enterprise and am looking for an experienced website designer/developer who can create a modern website to facilitate this. Key Skills You'll Need: - Knowledge of advanced web design and development - Experience designing database systems - Familiarity with creating interactive data visualizations - Expertise in modern design - Previous experience with scientific or research-based platforms is a major plus. I look forward to discovering the right professional to jumpstart our digital presence.

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    ...deep-dive research - Strong command of English language with impeccable grammar Your task will include but not limited to: - Thorough research on asthma, including latest scientific studies - Detailed analysis of causes and risk factors for asthma - Comprehensive evaluation of current treatment options - Analysis of the effect on quality of life - Understanding the triggers and activators for asthma Extra consideration will be given to candidates with qualifications in a related medical field or journalism. Assignment Explanation: Choose a subject to investigate: one aspect of a current social or political policy, a scientific discovery or principle, or perhaps just an ordinary event or process that you find interesting. Avoid topics that are overdone, cliché, a...

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    I'm in need of support with a scientific research project. Key aspects of this project are still undefined, so freelancers should be prepared for a broad range of possibilities. - Uncertain Focus: The specific scope of the research isn't yet decided. Whether it's Biology, Physics or Chemistry, I value flexibility and adaptability. - Exceptional Applications: I encourage applicants to present their past work, experience and detailed project proposals. Showcase the breadth and depth of your knowledge, and demonstrate how you can bring value to an open-ended scientific study. Ideal freelancers will possess broad knowledge across multiple scientific fields, with demonstrated problem-solving skills. Relevant research experience is also necessary for under...

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    ...in biology or anthropology, ideally with a focus on primates, to finish a detailed scientific report on primate locomotion evolution with a focus on arm length as an adaptive advantage. The main structure for the project is abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion. Title is The Evolution of Primate Locomotion: Arm Length as an Adaptive Advantage. I already have a dataset from existing research for primate body mass, humerus length, radias/ulna lenghts and then cube root transformations for normalised arm length. I have ran the data through R Studio and have pulled key stats. Word count is 5,000. - Evolutionary trends: I would like an in-depth discussion, using precise scientific terminologies, on the evolution of primate locomotion. The his...

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    I'm seeking an accomplished individual with an extensive background in Gynecology to produce scientifically backed content. The ideal candidate will have a well-rounded grasp of the field and be...extensive background in Gynecology to produce scientifically backed content. The ideal candidate will have a well-rounded grasp of the field and be able to identify new treatment options as well as investigate the causes of common gynecological conditions. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting in-depth research in Gynecology - Writing scientifically accurate content - Referencing and Citing scientific literature - Editing for clarity and precision Essential Skills: - Profound knowledge of Gynecology - Excellent research and fact-checking skills - Expertise in writing and editing ...

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    I require an experienced medical writer to help finalize the manuscript of a retrospective pediatric pulmonology clinical study. The research is focused on evaluating risk factors within this patient population. - Analysis and/or familiarity with pediatric pulmonology is crucial. - Previous experience writing clinical trial results or restrospective stud...of cancer research, clinical trials, and drug development. - Excellent writing and understanding of medical terminologies is key. - Ideally, I am looking for a candidate with a background in biostatistics or epidemiology. This project encompasses summarizing the study's methods, results, and meaningful interpretations. With your expert skill set, I am looking forward to transforming complex scientific information into dige...

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    This project requires in-depth exp...its internal impact on the body, focusing primarily on the scientific aspect. - Different symptoms exhibited due to water overconsumption, covering both physical signs and behavioral changes. - A comprehensive look at the negative consequences that could arise from this overconsumption, extending to the societal and psychological implications. - A discussion on how such a condition is typically treated in a clinical setting. The perfect freelancer for this project would ideally possess strong research skills, a firm grasp of the MLA citation style and the ability to explain scientific concepts in a digestible, engaging manner. Preference will be given to those with a background in medical or health-related fields due to the scientific...

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    ...You need to conduct serious research for this paper and cite at least 10 sources (5 of those have to be academic publications, and the rest can be articles in magazines, newspapers, blogs. etc.) You need a works cited section formatted in APA style. For your research project, you will use ChatGPT, Bing, Gemini, or a similar generative AI tool and explore a strategic approach to communicating scientific conversations about a topic related to well-being. You cannot use the generative AI tools to write the paper. Required expertise: • Previous experience in writing research papers • A strong understanding of mental health • Ability to meet stringent deadlines - the project is needed ASAP. • High standard of English, for clear and concise writing Please place ...

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    i need research on what is new in 2024 and 2023 in obcject detection and semantic image segmanataion - not really scientific but to look for papers with code or github repos etc. Something that could possibly improve quality of it. Link + description of it

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    Am seeking a talented graphic designer with experience in scientific data visualization to enhance the presentation of pie charts detailing various chemical compounds, treatments, and imaging signals. This project requires a keen eye for design and the ability to effectively communicate information in a visually appealing manner.

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    Trophy icon an awesome Instagram ad! Tamat left

    I need a new Instagram ad promoting my CrystalVision Dive Mask Anti-Fog Kit. I need a square image ...started: -"Never miss a moment underwater. The CrystalVision Dive Mask Anti-Fog Kit keeps your mask crystal clear for a fog-free dive." -"Be dive-ready anytime, anywhere. The CrystalVision Dive Mask Anti-Fog Kit is compact and easy to use, so you can defog your mask quickly and effectively." -"Don't forget your essentials! The CrystalVision Dive Mask Anti-Fog Kit is a must-have for any scuba diver." Highlight the benefits (optional) : "Alcohol-free, marine-life friendly formula" Feel free to use your own creative wording as well, or placeholder text(lorem ipsum) if that works better for the design process. I can't wait to see w...

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    I'm seeking knowledgeable help to write a scientific paper focused on the use of mobile app in physical and occupationg therapy in cancer rehabilitation. Key elements to address include: - The role and benefits of physical therapy in cancer recovery - Examples of effective physical therapy practices for cancer patients - Discussion on future directions in this field Ideally, you should have: - A background in use of mobile apps for exercise prescription in cancer prehab - Experience in academic writing and research - Understanding or experience in physical therapy for cancer rehabilitation. If you have related certifications or work experience, this will be highly preferable. I have data- that needs to be put in a paper Help me create an impactful paper that contributes m...

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    I require a talented illustrator with a knack for creating engaging and fun imagery. The project entails designing and illustrating brochures and instruction manuals for a series of science kits tailored for children aged 6-12 years. Primary Requirements: - Craft visually exciting and informative instructional materials to guide kids on how to use these science kits, the scientific concepts behind the experiments, and interesting facts - Ability to create illustrations that are clear and easy to understand for the specified age group. - The style should be fun to engage young minds and make learning pleasant, and reflect our business model (sustainable, eco- friendly education) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in children's book illustration or related fi...

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    ...bird watching and biodiversity conservation. The system has the following specifications: Login: the user can log into the system using their email and password. Reset password: the user can reset his or her password in case he or she has forgotten it. Sightings registration: The system should allow users to record information about the birds they have observed, including the common name, scientific name, and an image of the species observed. Sighting areas: The system allows users to record the sighting area where the different bird species have been observed. Data analysis: The system should allow users to analyze sightings data, generating graphs showing the frequency of sightings of different species in different geographic areas. Data export: The system allows exporting ...

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    Require researc...innovative and can work efficiently. Well rounded background in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology is ideal. ** This position is ideal for PhD, graduates and research assistants and College University teachers and research assistants ** Ideal skills and experience: * Proven expertise in scientific and mathematical research * Broad knowledge within different scientific fields * Ability to meet tight deadlines * Excellent data interpretation and analysis skills * Good mastery of scientific research methodologies * Strong attention to detail. Your ability to deliver accurate, comprehensive results swiftly will be a valuable asset for this project. If you're a seasoned researcher with a knack for speedy, precision-oriented result...

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    Require resear...innovative and can work efficiently. Well rounded background in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology is ideal. ** This position is ideal for PhD, graduates and research assistants and College University teachers and research assistants ** Ideal skills and experience: * Proven expertise in scientific and mathematical research * Broad knowledge within different scientific fields * Ability to meet tight deadlines * Excellent data interpretation and analysis skills * Good mastery of scientific research methodologies * Strong attention to detail. Your ability to deliver accurate, comprehensive results swiftly will be a valuable asset for this project. If you're a seasoned researcher with a knack for speedy, precision-oriented results...

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    Presentation Tamat left

    Presentation to effectively communicate science to various groups who can support adolescents, including policymakers and the public (How do we translate complex scientific language into accessible and understandable language for a variety of audiences?)

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    I am in need of a professional translator who can convert my academic science research for publication in a journal from English to Arabic. The ...a professional translator who can convert my academic science research for publication in a journal from English to Arabic. The document is not overly technical, so a basic understanding of the subject should suffice. Requirements: - Fluency in both English and Arabic - Previous experience with academic translations - Ability to maintain the original document's tone and style - Knowledge of scientific terminology This project is critical for me to reach a broader audience, so I am looking for someone who can deliver accurate work within a reasonable timeframe. A professional and discreet approach is essential, as this is a confide...

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    I'm currently in need of assistance with developing a bacterial cell culture for an in-vitro experiment. The purpose of this undertaking is to effectively ...in-vitro cell cultures and specifically with bacterial specimens would be essential for success in this assignment. Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in cell culture processing, particularly bacterial. - Solid background in in-vitro experimental design and implementation. - Demonstrated experience in bacterial growth studies. - Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills to interpret scientific experiments. - Detail orientation and adherence to laboratory safety regulations. By the completion of this project, we aim to have a fully functional, thriving bacterial cell culture set for a comprehensive bacteria...

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    I'm currently facing some challenges with the formatting and organization of my wiki pa...role involves: - Fixing all formatting errors, and establishing a well-organized structure. - Enhancing readability through an improved layout. Specific special tasks include: - Accurate simplification of scientific concepts around Genetics, Neuroscience/biophysics, and Evolution for the layperson. Ideally, the freelancer should have: - An expertise in content editing and organization. - Strong understanding of wiki page formatting rules. - Knowledge in Genetics, Neuroscience/biophysics, and Evolution or the ability to understand and explain these scientific concepts in a layperson friendly manner. Please, let me know if you have the necessary skills to mak...

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    As a client, I'm looking for an expert to build a sophisticated system by utilizing supervised machine learning techniques. The system should feature: 1. Intelligent Data Analysis: It should accurately analyze data to evaluate the effectiveness of various pill...development with expertise in customizable algorithms is a must. 3. Research Documentation: Lastly, the system should be capable of developing structured documentation for publication, ensuring our findings on pill formulation combinations are readily shareable with the scientific community. Experience in scientific writing and documentation is a bonus. In summary, the ideal freelancer should be proficient in supervised machine learning, data analysis, software development with customization options and ...

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