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    INSTRUCTIONS: In a 3-4 paper, provide a complete analysis of the two passages below. You must analyze BOTH passages. The paper must be in essay form with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion Passages: Passage 1: If Taliban fighters really shot down two American jets, then American technology is not as good as we thought it was. Therefore, the

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    hi i need someone expert professional to analyze data using excel and spss note only Arabic expert thank you

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    Data Clerk Tamat left

    ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Hours 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Date entry, analyze data and report results. Focus on data input of daily job information, labor corrections and data analysis Duties may include filing, answering phone calls, photocopying, responding to emails and scheduling meetings and other office activities Maintain and improve existing GMW Systems

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    I'm looking for somebody I can hire to analyze 6 social media accounts and provide a monthly report that includes: likes, followers, engagement, etc.

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    1. Explore and analyze application of formal methods to the requirement analysis of NASA’s Cassini Fault Protection Software study – Safety Critical Software. 2. Write a report based on your analysis and understanding of the case study. 3. Use the below link to get the contents related to the case study. [login to view URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] any software system;

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    You are required to run a set of experiments and analyze the results in order to understand the cache behavior of programs, how different cache designs affect program execution, how a program can be tuned for a specific cache configuration. You will use the cache simulator (allcache) provided in Pin tool [1] to collect cache miss rates. You need to

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    We have a historical data from brazilian market and we need to create a predictve robot that will analyze this results and show what market trend. I will only analyze freelancers with hard skills and experience in this market

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    ...carefully analyze the effects the changes actually had on the execution time and memory usage. Note that it doesn’t matter if the changes you thought would improve performance did not have the desired effect, as long as you try to understand and explain what actually did happen. the 3 codes are a factorial calculation, block copying of data and filtering

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    Hi, Looking for an On-Page Optimization Expert to optimize my wordpress website. Note : Need to increase Page Speed for my Wordpress Website. Analyze the website first and let me know if you can

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    Data Clerk Tamat left

    ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Date entry, analyze data and report results. Focus on data input of daily job information, labor corrections and data analysis Duties may include filing, answering phone calls, photocopying, responding to emails and scheduling meetings and other office activities Maintain and improve existing GMW Systems

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    We are looking to develop a proof of concept for analyzing GPS points collected from an app. For the purpose of this project, we will provide all data (likely in KML or CSV). The freelancer will be responsible for the developing the analysis method, no further development. ======================== Use Case: ======================== A field service

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    ...perform various checking and calculation on Excel and Winword. Here's a summary of the requirements: a. An Excel based 'Analysis Template' (AT) template will be provided to analyze WinWord based 'WinReport' (WR). b. Name of the WR file is to be entered into AT. Upon pressing of a button on AT, VBA macro scripts will be executed to perform various checks

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    I need someone to analyze the pay plan structure and create a formula to execute the task.

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    ...Analytics we strongly believe in the transformative power of data and help create data-driven organizations. We do this with a clear focus on delivering prompt, actionable and platform agnostic insights. We use Machine Learning and Business Intelligence solutions to help you know, analyze and shape the tomorrow. Our Machine Learning products not only

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    I have a directory of Json files all with same format about (40K files) and I want to copy their content to a DB sheet so I can sort and analyze. Should be easy scripting to those who know it.

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    ...Accounting & HR Administrator Coordinate and maintain company calendar and franchise communication Manage accounts receivable and cash management Verify and analyze financial reports Verify and analyze divisional key measurements Monitor compliance and risk management Ensure employment files and records accuracy Manage franchise compensation plan Manage

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    ⟨fun def list⟩ → { ⟨fun def⟩ }+ ⟨fun def⟩ → ⟨header⟩ ⟨body⟩ ⟨header⟩ → ⟨fun name⟩ "(" [ ⟨parameter list⟩ ] ")" ⟨fun name⟩ → ⟨id⟩ ⟨parameter list⟩ → ⟨parameter⟩ { "," ⟨parameter⟩ } ⟨parameter⟩ → ⟨id⟩ ⟨body⟩ → "{" ⟨s list⟩ "}" ⟨s list⟩ → { ⟨statement⟩ } ⟨statement⟩ → ⟨assignment⟩ | ⟨cond⟩ | ⟨while⟩...

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    I am looking for google page speed tool expert to optimize my website speed [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The budget is $20 and I will share the details on PM

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    Hello, We are intersted in someone who can give us a strong analyze of the most ordered product / products / category from a online shop. We don`t have access to the back information (Google Analitycs ), admin panel etc. Thank you Mugur

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    ...advertising activities. For this role, you should understand the full marketing mix and be familiar with ways to analyze market research and customers’ behavior. You should also be able to create spreadsheets and analyze quantitative data to interpret ROI and KPI metrics. This is a full time Post with no contract Obligations. Month By month Performance

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    My website offers a new data analytics tool which is still in infancy, I would like someone who will be writing: * General data analytics articles * Data analytics/visualization industry trends * Using the tool itself to analyze some data of their choice or which I provide (The tool so far supports column chart, bar chart, line chart and scatterplot)

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    Need a Consultation for Microsoft Power Apps/BI/Flow and CDS platforms. how to build a survey and analyze data

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    I'm looking to have a professional assist ...assisting the formation of developing and distributing content, help develop original content, managing and allocating resources for which the company develops demand generation, analyze social media metrics to drive effective outcomes. This professional will be working directly with the VP of the company.

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    I am looking for someone to analyze my current SEO and improve if possible, thanks

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    ...We'll provide templates + messaging frameworks but would love if you brought your own innovative ideas too. This is a creative business development role where you'll read + analyze a prospects profile and create a compelling message based on what you've read. Ideal candidate will have a decent blend of copywriting, business development and Linkedin

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    ...market and explore with me companies. My theory investment based on the company's Financial Statement. I want to explore whether specific companies have a growth potential. To analyze the accounting reports, MD&A, how company competing with loans, what they do with the barrowed money, how the company expand itself and could be profitable in the future. To

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    The discussion will analyze the relationship between the clustering model of tourism development in Dubai and the theory of clusters in the new economic global order.

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    ...the components of a high performance work system in the health context, and at least one article should explore the impact of the casualization on these practices. Read and analyze the articles. Write a brief summary of the article, of no more than 150 words, which addresses the following: • Identify the issue addressed in each article. • Briefly summarize

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    ...loaded the user can choose the type for each column (numeric , string, etc..) after that the user selects the columns that contains the verbatims and click on an analyze button. the data is then pushed to the backend where I'll have python scripts to do text classfication and other Machine learning models that I've developed. Please contact me for

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    Help with SEO Tamat left

    I want someone to analyze my website and tell me why a couple other websites in my field are ranking better than me and they have almost nothing different than my website and have only a handful of backlinks.

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    short report Tamat left

    ...of a small business company, employing 20 to 30 people. While the business has been growing, the problem of employee lack of management skills has been a cause of concern. Analyze some ways to improve employees’ managerial skills and suggest some tips to the top management for improving employee skills. rules : 1-summary 2- Introduction 3- body

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    I need real expert who have "Ahrefs tool" through that analyze other competitor website and place own website link to their (like comments) every approve link is a real link ... only high DA website will accept and high level of SEO expert only contact us Thanks

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    Description: The aim of this paper is to facilitate your ability to use intercultural theories and concepts to analyze real-world issues. Prompts: Find an international news story and analyze it using any of the theories/concepts we have discussed in class this semester (e.g., Hofstede's Value Dimensions, Hall's high-context/Low context-communication

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    I received audio files containing 911 calls and police radio communications that are clearly edited. I've identified some portions that sound like a random noise but after slowing the playback full sentences are audible. I lack the expertise and software to do it myself so I'm hoping someone can help.

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    You will be part of our Intelligence Desk Team, chartered to analyze efficiently open sources to detect threats, risks and escalate, action and monitor them accordingly. You will analyze information from open (including traditional press or media, social media, and Web information) and proprietary sources, and develop actionable insights. You will also

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    ...Economics, Journalism, or related fields. REQUIREMENTS: • Proven work experience as a copywriter or a related role • Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills • Ability to prioritize and organize several concurrent projects under pressure • Strong social and communication skills • MS Office skills • Basic knowledge of SEO and Web Traffic

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    We're looking to hire contractors for specific data science projects as a interim solution, while we're recruiting for a full-time person who can work with us. Job overview and responsibilities: - Apply advanced statistical and predictive modeling techniques to build, maintain, and improve on multiple decision systems and processes - Deliver high-quality

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    topic all presidents men research and analyze the movie pages

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    Requesting bids from the interested freelancers to analyze IRCTC (Indian railways) website keeping in mind Universal Design principles and make a report of the analyzed facts. Attached is a summarised version of importance and homepage accessibility. Expected is an elaborated version of the same with the remaining ticketing pages of the website. The

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    ...Reddit, Steam Community and Discord - Examine and analyze different game applications - Come up with Content Calendar and strategies for social media postings - Be in charge and optimize the social media accounts of game applications - Provide Customer Service and Community Management reports - Analyze game application’s responses thru Google Play Console

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    Skill: R programming Analyze the data using R Studio and write a consulting report based on exploratory analysis of the data, and clustering of the data and its interpretation.

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    Hi Tanuj C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project " Analyze my CentOS server for vulnerabilities and fix.

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    basically I explained at attachment. look and tell me what you understand

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    We want to create a system based on machine learning that will analyze the past history of the candlestick and will predict future movements

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    ...knows what he's doing. Required knowledge is Open API , Microsoft Flow / teams and sharepoint. Using a set of predictive emails coming from a ticketing system to be able to analyze the text coming from emails / attachments and send it to different sharepoint lists. Would be prefered to have a flexible approach as the variables / text may change so the

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    Design and analyze a bus bar differential protection on a single bus bar. The circuit diagram is attached. Following are the deliverables 1. Calculate all branch currents, impedances and admittances. 2. Calculate differential current on the bus bar and show it in the calculation. 3. Generate following faults on the bus bar (internal fault) and calculate

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    Market Analyst Tamat left

    ...analyst (from Bangalore) to survey customer preferences and statistical data in order to support customers during their decision making process regarding product designs, prices and promotions. The successful market researcher will be able to analyze autonomously qualitative data, trends, strategies and competition aiming at increasing competitiveness

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    ...OpenCV) for the cloud server to analyze the video, and provide an alert when someone leaves a bag or object unattended. The software also needs to draw a box in red color around the unattended object. You will need to provide 5 sample videos of at least 30 seconds each and your software will process the video and correctly analyze the video. We will use our

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    ... Language Grader / Data Annotator Location: Redmond, WA Client : Microsoft Job Description: • Daily Grading/Modelers/Linguistic Tester/Reviewer Job Summary : • Primarily identify unique bugs and other qualitative findings in the given environment and annotate usage datasets via internal data tools • Working to improve

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    Bid if you are familiar with marketing strategy. Ex, segmentation, brand extension, and push/pull. Also you need to be able to analyze on the model of the product. Be sure to have knowledge of cannibalization. Bid if you want long-term relationship.

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