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    ...1) a Lambda sends the video to analyze by AWS Rekognition service 2) AWS Rekognition should get the following data from the video 2.1) People count 2.2) How many people on the video are identified as masculine / femenine 2.3) How many people on the video are in each age range 3) Insert the name of the file and the data to a AWS Dyanmo DB 4) Present simple

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    ...journal entry requires you to review the rough draft of the essay that follows. As you analyze the draft according to each of the areas listed, identify what needs revision. For each area, explain why and how you would change the draft. (4 paragraphs, 5 sentences each) Analyze the essay’s n Purpose and audience—Can you clearly identify the audience and the

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    ...to maintain our financial records, including purchases, sales, receipts and payments. Bookkeeper job duties include working closely with our accounting team to create and analyze financial reports and ensure legal requirements compliance, process accounts payable and receivable and manage invoices and tax payments. Our ideal candidate holds a Finance

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    ...and parse correctly. Ideally, the script would be able to perform some calculations such as identifying the age of the person and then figuring out their birth year and the ability to populate the Gender field based on the person's name. As the goal is to process a huge number of resumes as quickly as possible, I need a highly skilled programmer with

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    Complete table and analyze datasheets for component attributes

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    We are looking to hire a data scientist that can analyze large amounts of data, looking for patterns between data sets. The ideal candidate has experience with: 1. Microsoft Excel/Access 2. Power BI (preferred, but not required) 3. Working knowledge of Python (preferred, but not required) For more information on this project, please submit yourself

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    We are looking to hire a data scientist that can analyze large amounts of data, looking for patterns between data sets. The ideal candidate has experience with: 1. Microsoft Excel/Access 2. Power BI (preferred, but not required) 3. Working knowledge of Python (preferred, but not required) For more information on this project, please submit yourself

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    We are looking to hire a data scientist that can analyze large amounts of data, looking for patterns between data sets. The ideal candidate has experience with: 1. Microsoft Excel/Access 2. Power BI (preferred, but not required) 3. Working knowledge of Python (preferred, but not required) For more information on this project, please submit yourself

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    currently has a position open for a data entry admin that will be responsible for administrative tasks associated with a Human Resources limited duration project. This will involve data entry and uploading to DocLink software with handling of sensitive and confidential material. Essential Duties include, but not limited to: Filing Scanning documents

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    This well-capitalized 2-year-old company is looking for an Executive Assistant with Project Management skills and capable of the following: * Analyze the end-to-end business process and identify opportunities * Initiate, plan, design and implement solutions * Assembling and leading project management team You MUST also possess/have the following: *

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    I'm hiring a designer (preferably, he's working with SolidWorks) that's designing a new product...costs) You can study a little machine for a worker or a simple object for the home user (furniture design). You can post your idea, an image, a manually sketch or a model: We analyze your drawings and we'll decide the winners (there may be more winners).

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    I want to conduct a poll on my website. Write an HTML script for that & there will be 3 Questions. Each question will be Multichoice question. Make it in a ...want to conduct a poll on my website. Write an HTML script for that & there will be 3 Questions. Each question will be Multichoice question. Make it in a way so that I can analyze these results.

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    ...would like to analyze data with different methods such as Linear Regression, Multivariate Analysis. Details: Need for an freelance SQL developer in Turkey: Creating/Maintaining Dashbords with Shopify Data on Metabase. - Work with US based developer to ensure that Shopify API is flowing properly into metabase, and add additional pertinent data from Shopify

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    need a developer thats good at solidity and professionally read the ethereum token contract code , help me to analyze and compare to another token contract

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    ...1000’s of text files (html files saved as text files) for the same 7 pcs of data (title, start date and time, end date and time, description, venue) Some files have the same html structures but most do not. Looking for a strategy on how to do this without having to analyze every group of text files individually. End product to be a csv file. Each

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    I am almost a qualified dietitian and would like to set up an online consulting website with a blog option aswell. Online booking and Skype consulting is essential

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    Ideas from other websites with businesses similar to mine. Also, I am requesting using the wix platform so I can make changes etc. as we grow. Lastly, I am in a hurry and have a limited budget (of course lol).

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    ...You will fill in the first 4 (a to d), and I shall decide for the fifth (e) 2. We shall fix review dates (ie: every other day) and you shall send me the excel which I’ll analyze and approve the links. 3. Re-read C.1. above for directories note. 4. I reserve the right to cancel any link not complying with my instructions. 5. I will review and follow

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    ...bidders, if E/A/C is not responsible for this task. k. Schedule and attend the pre-bid walkthrough and conference at the site with invited bidders and E/A/C. l. Review and analyze received bids with E/A/C for accuracy. m. Review bids with Owner and discuss whether bidder interviews are needed as a next step. n. If needed, schedule and attend bidder

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    ...English -Must have a clear criminal charges -Must be atleast 40wpm average -Must be above 18years -Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters -Excellent communication and presentation skills -Ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively I BELIEVE YOU HAVE NO ISSUES HERE ? WORK ACTIVITIES Documenting/Recording

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    I’m starting my unique boutique online. I have ideas but I just need someone who can draw exactly how I want it.. sometimes I would give you a theme and you have to design & draw. It’s a long time opportunity if I like your work and we get along together. I would hire you monthly basis To get hired : Please let me know in 15 sentences why do you think you are fit for this posi...

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    I am running a market research startup/business, where I am releasing online surveys. I would like to make the results public in an interactive way on my website....like to make the results public in an interactive way on my website. Online interactive dashboards, where the public user can use as many filters as possible to further analyze the data.

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    To analyze the data collected from the survey through the SPSS system to tables graphs and spss tests

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    I need a postgreSQL expert to analyze dataset with SQL command. You must be an expert in PSQL.

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    ...Alerts Get alerts for licenses, certifications and other renewals. Get alerts on passport, visa, government documents and labour card expiry. Repair History • Manage Historical Data Get all vehicle repair history, accident history, expenses, mileage, trips and other information in a single click. • Manage Repair Workflow Work order and job card creation

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    Students are to conduct research and p...For instance, they should not use words such as “libel”, “ethics” or “cultural relativism” without thinking through and explaining what these terms mean. Students have to analyze the subject matter rather than describe it. They should also support their argument with relevant case studies/examples.

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    ...UAE freezone Assumptions: - Business will be setup in freezone ( Need comparison between internet city or similar areas) - Employee count will be considered 10 Employees - Analyze other areas where cost is involved - Company will be a e commerce related company serving customers in Tourism and hotel industry Additional item: - List of firms which provide

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    ...to correct the bugs. So please stop reading and do not waste your time.) The job is: Our Website is "made" by a developer team and it should be improved. It means: 1. To analyze the code and bugs and make changes in design and functions on all website until it is perfect (Sure it includes the responsive part and admin part). SEO on page and database

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    ...be responsible for the creation and execution of Global Staffer’s marketing campaigns. The SMCC would also be responsible for analyzing results and converting the qualitative data into recommendations and plans for improving the social media campaigns. The person will be managing the social media marketing initiatives and day-to-day activities including:

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    ...following tasks. - Make a square grid. Size of grid should be based on input image. - Populate the grid with Points (slider for number of points) - Use the Image Sampler to analyze the value/brightness of an image - Cull Points based on the value of the area(s) analyzed (0-100 slider) - Place a piece of imported geometry at the remaining points (such

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    a financial project relate to financial and economic field, applying by statistic and regression analyze tool

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    ...will read data from remote devices(nearly 600 device via modbus over tcp and modbus tcp ) and log into the database . there will be a web services(already ready we 'll get services from local supplier ) to send data this services will needs configuration UI page . Clients will monitor data and analyze data. software will get data via modbu...

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    ...calls to third-party apis from the instance are not working for example the application couldn't make api calls to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in the backend -need a guy who can analyze and solve the issue. Our application/project uses 3rd party api modules to connect with merchants like shopify and woocommerce and it went down all of sudden when we did the

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    ...want an affiliate tracking and auto pay on PayPal plugin with multiple tier levels to be installed with the membership software. the software should be able to give me the ability to bulk pay and set commission based on number of sales completed per month or lifetime (for example if a person does 50 sales they can be upgraded to get a 40% commission

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    I am going to build a model on logistic system and to analyze it in terms of cost, lead time and total efficient.

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    I will share auto car specifications to analyze CFD simulations data affects.

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    project paper relate to financial economics, and apply some of the statistical and econometric tools

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    ...introduction I'm a beginner in the field of programming, and I start a course in sysadmin it is already 3 months so I'm new in the computer. In short I try to create a bot that can analyze word filters and @user and #hashtag on twitter for analysis and research. My goal is that my program uses python (script) to generate all the tweets that will have the word

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    I want someone to analyze sales. - set up and track funnels (landing page to conversions) -cold calling (which scripts are converting best) -email (which emails are converting well)

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    We have a record keeping PHP website and we need the css changed to reflect the new company design. We also have a text block that does not support images. We need to add images to the case created in the mysql

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    ...Media Optimisation service- We are a dental business and need to prepare for solid SEO- However, i want to first bring all our online presence into 1 place and then have the ability to drop once and publish content on multiple platforms- We have presence in Google business, FB, instagram, twitter, Linkedin and some of local directories and reasonably well

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    I want indicator Trade to help me analyze the chart, the general direction or the summary directly for all time frames..I want an expert who shows the trend for all frames

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    ...strengthen your health, vitality and general well-being. Requirements: - Experience in B2B, online sales of digital products and services for medium and large customers. -Ability to find a common language with a huge number of different people. - Experience of self-negotiation and transactions. - Independence. We want the candidate to be able to make

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    Hello, I would like to set-up the following project on an existing Wordpress website : 1) The user creates a Wordpress account and logs his profession, place of residence, workplace etc... and enters his work schedule via a calendar (hours worked, holidays etc...). 2) Depending of some of the answers, the user has to address additionnal questions, for example if he had access to a bed if the ...

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    ...(four)-point bending of elliptical hollow sections. You may prepare the model for one size, from where I will be able to build similar cases for other sections. This is required to analyze ovalisation of tubes (cross-section response). Details and reference points: - The bending beam span is 4.5m, consistent length of 1.5m between end support and the loading

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    We need an expert WordPress developer to analyze and optimize our website with Google's PageSpeed tools to make our webpages faster on all devices scoring 90+ on mobile and desktop.

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    analyze heat transfer within a cylinder of an internal combustion engine.

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    Do a step-by-step analysis of a dataset consisting of about 20,000 records to determine clusters to be used to classify new data.

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    ...supervises all activities of the Accounting staff by providing guidance and training, while ensuring best accounting practices are maintained. Candidate must be able to analyze reports and data provided by Accounting staff for reliability and correctness. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: - Oversee and coordinate all financial activities - Manage the

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