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    ...with simple login (username, password) option and a dashboard to show servers. The user cannot login unless he paid previously on a website. This should all be connected to a database and have a dashboard to control who paid and when it expires and the data they used. Also should be easily customizable to enable admin to edit limit per user. The VPN servers

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    I have some data across about 50 tables which i need to import from excel into my sql database hosted on azure. The number of records in almost each of all files are less than 20 records whilst there are about 5 files that have more than 1,000 entries. In some cases the data requires validation where reference data is used. I need a data expert

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    I have a wordpress site and a email form on the footer. I need to capture a bit more info so I need 3 or 4 fields added to the form.

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    ...displays on PHP page, when I use a short-time Access Token From Facebook Graph API. But when I try to use it with a long-time Access Token it gives me a 400 error and something with "file_get_contents" function. I need to use a long-time Access Token because the data won't show after the short-time Access Token expiration date. Need help in finding

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    organize promos from sites i give you access to and create a table of the sites that give me discounts and list the promos go with it

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    ...part of javascript part. JavaScript part left Form Validation All user inputs must be validated. If any errors exist, display a compound message that includes all of the error messages. Do not use a JavaScript popup box for this purpose. If any errors exist, give focus to one of the o ending form controls. php part also All user inputs must be

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    I have tried to connect to phpmyadmin and have exhausted online search resources. I need someone to some how either, screen control (preferred) or at the very least successfully walk me through the process of setting up mysql on my mac where I can run SQL queries. I need this done tonight if possible.

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    Hi All, 1. Need someone that could fix this error on all my gravity form. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. Also to do bulk data add in the gravity form? (About 1500 data) I would provide the excel, need someone that could put it on gravity form database and appear in WP admin. Looking forward to hear from you asap for best price quote on inquiry

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    i'm making a website i have the html and css created. i want to hire someone who can fix my contact form and make it work using php. ive been learning how to do it myself but i want someone to make me a personal php script and make my contact form work so i can then go look over the code and fully understand it. i understand its a simple job for

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    ...everything before responding. • Build DLLs which can function as an OPC UA AC (alarm conditions), Historical Access client & server each. Support full functionality of OPC UA current version. The OPC UA Server will work against a MS SQL Server database. The DB schema will be provided. Deliver the server first. • A test application that will work with some

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    Edit form so that options change when a selection is made.

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    changes ocdo contact form google tag , redirect , plugin update

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    - my site is a product search site, people put for example: Tomato + brand etc and as results the categories and the product/ brand etc etc many results depending on the search - Only bid if you have experience. - And in the chat message, display your skills and similar experiences,

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    ...together an ordering form for a photography website. I have basic web design knowledge, and am stuck at this point of building this one aspect. Need done by end of June. Website already created and online, and want form to follow [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I would like help setting up email on the contact form I have created. Idea for order form:-Image of eac...

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    Its an apparel business. So there are many articles with different colors and sizes. I receive orders with different articles and sizes and colors. 1) I need a form where i can input the order. I click “submit” at the end and it should subtract all inventory from the final inventory sheet. 2) there should be a record of each order i create.

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    wordpress migration and database expert needed

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    Build a simple database with php and sql message me for documents. need project completed in 5 hours

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    Hi, I need help to connect Arduino ESP8266 to Analytics Reporting API v4 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I would like to connect it to the API in order to display metrics on Arduino LCD Screen. Acceptance criteria: 1. User connect Arduino to wifi 2. User logs in Google Analytics 3. User selects which metrics to display

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    We need a new page on our existing Wordpress: The page has to generate alpha numeric cable numbers and store them in the Database. It is visually described in the PDF. The Layout of the page and the Database table can be changed by you if needed.

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    Build a simple database with php and sql message me for the requirements and database

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    We have an SDK with the dll and documentation to make a rfid encoder. What we need: - for each card we have a 16 chars HEX...printer (Seaory T12). - We prefer the encoder works in the C101+ software delivered with it (but this is not required) - Each card has a unique code we can setup with a database (or .xls file). SDK + Docs in attachment.

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    ...Design *Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) *Logical Modeling Design *Relational Schema *Physical Modeling Design *Structured Query Language (SQL) *Database Management Systems (DBMS) *Database Management System (DBMS) Implementation -----LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM---- *physical modeling design &sql for my topic *need to submit code (SQL script

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    The app should have a login and sign up page that uses Firebase. The Authentication method should be by email, phone number and create new account. Also the app should have a profile page, where the user can update their profile details and profile picture. The profile details should sync with the CometChat server. CometChat should be implemented on the app.

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    PostgreSQL 9.6 implement database replication/synchronization (hot standby?) audit DB develop scripts to ensure 3rd normal form of DB develop scripts and processes to monitor DB performance, scalability, et al Sign NDA / confidentiality agreement

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    title explains the jist of the project, i need the app just to simply have a sqllite database be created if it doesn't exist, a table and for the ability to add form inputs to the databse, i.e. a table of user details allowing name and age to be added.

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    I have 100K addresses in a database that need to be converted to latitude and longitude coordinates. What I need is somebody to code a php script to convert address to lat-log using google maps. The script should be delivered in 2 days as much. You can use any script found on github always that it works fine for my needs. You can code something

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    I want to simple HTML form with inline css budget is 10$

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    ...applications to send emails via Amazon SES. We now need to read out the bounce/spam feedback from amazon and set our database tables accordingly. Please write a PHP CLI script that does that and runs as cron every day once and updates database. UPDATE active=0 where email ='mine@[log masuk untuk melihat URL]' To look at some working code (though convoluted look ...

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    ...wordpress site which i want to add 3-4 steps multipart form into it and save to a database, you can use any plugin that you think it would do it, the multipart that i want to use is going to be similar to the following link and my website is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (i want to have the multi-part form to stay on top of the slide show without going to any

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    we would like to add import excel file to our web interface form using VB. It will be hosted on our server and our application portal will be installed on PC We have the form ready we just need VB expert to finish the last task by adding import excel option.

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    I need a database for my website for work it better

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    I want that one, create a Function like trigger inside my firestore database. I have a collection called: Transactions With multiple documents inside: (see img attached) Document keys are stored by me so there is no need to worry about it. For all documents I add to the base (transaction collection), I want a function to create a new field

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    Project  Design and develop a JavaFx based Application for a movie database providing appropriate UI controls for the following data:  Movie Name  ISBN13 Number (optional)  Release Date  Location (Canadian OR International)  Genre (Action, Biography, Comedy, Drama, Educational, History, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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    I require a single page form that I can place in the root of any of my webites. The form is to collect the approval of individuals to have their personal personal data held under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations. The form will consist of the following at the top: TITLE - that I can enter/change myself DESCRIPTION - that I can

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    Need Indian School database by state wise • Need verified Indian school database for 27 states including union territories , only that matches following criteria • School students strength 500 and above • Fees INR 12000 per annum or above for all grade. • The data fields (School Name, Address, Their School Correspondent and Principal Name

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    Hi, I need you to create a php file for the contact us form to make it functional and to show a message below the button stating that the message has been delivered. You can find the form at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please don't quote any thing which is above Rs. 300/-

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    ...accountancy service provider. We require someone to provide advice on how best to generate such a form and implement the solution by, for example, carrying out the necessary programming. Some additional programming may be required to link the online form to other programs, but that should be minimal and will probably involve simply providing hyperlinks

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    Hello, Im looking for someone to lend an extra set of hands to build two buttons on a wordpress site, which show a popup form that stores data in a Mailchimp list which is already created

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    Hello, I need someone expert in php with experience with XSS scripts Currently someone is trying to add malicious script in my website Database with XSS but luckily so far I am able to stop it but still entries are coming so I am removing it manually

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    I need my website contact form fixed Messages not coming through when the customer sends, I would need this doing through teamviewer I will not give passwords especially if cpanel required. Thank you

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    I purchased a template from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] , need some design changes on it. Also need to include a contact form.

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    ..."********" provider : "google-oauth2" } example: 1. user login using google in localhost:8000/auth/login/google-oauth2/ 2. google API returns with user details with and access token 3. user & details gets registered to DB in auth_user, social_auth_usersocialauth after that: i want a custom pipeline or view which returns access_token & provi...

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    shift the domain and database from pelsk to linux server

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    To create an online application form in Google Forms, based on the attached pdf form.

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    See attached file ------------ Bonus will be considered for the very professional implementation

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    URGENT JOB Hi, We would like to implement a new functionnality to Ninja Form. When someone submit a form we need the creation of 2 randoms code sent by emails: - code 1 is a 8 digit numeric code - code 2 is a 8 alphanumeric code In order to not break Ninja Form, the best solution will be to create a Ninja Forms extensions that we can install.

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    Add some basic features to our MySQL website/web-app including: 1) Limiting user access to specific data within the database (Admin accounts can adjust which area codes individual users have search access to), 2) Add a "Resources" (external links) tab to the user portal (Admin accounts can add/edit/delete links from the admin portal, and the links will

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    Hi i want to have a donation form similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in existing word press website i have enrolled in stripe payment system but like to know if there is any free credit card accepting payment system which doesnt subscription or 1 time payment is fine if its less

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