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    Implement smart color and wrap up fix list.

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    I am in charge of advertisement for the Hasty Pudding Theatricals which is a theater company part of Harvard University, where I am a student. We are the oldest theater company in the country, with wide recognition. Each year, we honor a Man and Woman of the Year, who we celebrate with a special performance of the show, a Hasty Pudding "Pot" Trophy award ceremony, comedy roast, and press...

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    we have a new platform and need help translating it to English. Looking for native English speaker who is also fluent in Spanish. Will provide you with a spreadsheet with all the English phrases, and you would need to enter the corresponding Spanish phrases in a new column.

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    once a list is compiled address a already written letter to each of the Pastors and return the letters to me in PDF form so I can print, fold, and mail for using a window business envelope.

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    This is a PILOT project to short list candidates well versed with MS Dynamics 365. I have a trial account with MS Dynamics 365 online. I need assistance to enable Web API access to one of its entities. If you have experience in successful setup of Web API , only then apply for this project. This should not take more than one hour and you need to attend

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    have lots of files from Russian to English translation.

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    Need an experienced Web/HTML/PHP/MYSQL, we are creating a web based tool for our company, and we need a developer to build a web app that can extract data from pdf csv txt files and store it in a database with the specific date of storage and be able to display the needed information on the second page... We have a small visual demo of the project so if feel free to contact us and start working wi...

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    ...someone to help with lead generation for our sales team. This project includes the following: - Find contact info of suitable prospects based on input keywords - Share your list of screened prospects and contact info with the marketing team Contact info need: - Name - Title - Company - Company info (size, industry) - Company location (city

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    We need to have someone build an excel sheet of contact information (Names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical mailing addresses) for ALL of the affordable housing developers in Los Angeles, and the greater Los Angeles and Southern California region (including San Diego). Depending on how this goes, we may/will probably have more assignments of a similar nature, creating lists of data.

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    My Client need Australia and New Zealand Cell phone Numbers with detail FNAME LNAME TITLE EMAIL MOBILE ADDRESS CITY ZIP STATE Already collected data if you have then please bid Thanks Badae

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    ...the Murrey Math Channel. Would you be interested? Here are the scripts: Murrey Math Levels: // Specify a starting price, then an interval and Lookback window. // The indicator will then plot a moving window of murrey math levels. study(title="Murray Math Levels", shorttitle="MML", precision=5, overlay=true) //Inputs stPrice = input(1.2300, minval=1

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    We're looking for someone who pays close attention to detail and can type accurately and at a quick pace to help compile content from various web sources into list form in a Google Sheet. We will provide various web links, as well as a template that includes the information we need to pull. This person will be able to pull information from those sources

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    Looking for help gathering emails. Thank You!

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    ...Main Task: Use Theme functions or add jQuery Scripts. Time-Frame: 2 Days max. after go. - create a "active page" indicator -> when page is selected and loaded indicator before menu item. As "home" is not visible in Menu indicator should stay a bit over menu (Status 1 image) For active page see status 2 Image. - build up a "flyout menu"...

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    Passenger App Feature List On-demand booking Billing Feedback Automated e-receipts Scheduled bookings Edit Profile Vehicle tracking system (GPS) Card payments accepted Trip/Cab tracking Automatic fare calculation Rate Card Android & iOS device support Multi currency support Flexible vehicle options See estimated time of taxi arrival Notification to

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    We need a script to use in Bitbucket's "Script Event Handlers" to do the following when creating a new branch: - Identify all the commits done in a specific branch from the last specific tag (using regular expressions) - Identify all the issues related to those commits - Connect to JIRA - Change workflow status to those issues - Change some fields on those issues depending on the n...

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    I need to develop an indicator for tradingview. I have the details and I share once given project

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    I intend to write a series of articles and need help with collecting data from the products in the market and their specification. Contact me if you can help with: 1- Looking for products online according to the defined criteria for example sunscreens with SPF>30 and rated as 4 stars or more out of 5. 2- Fill the provided specification form for each of the selected products. The form normally...

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    i need two pages done. One is where admin fills out four fields. Admin will be able to edit/delete a name from the list too. and the second page is where user will see a list of all the info admin enters. i would prefer if the list doesn't use SQL but just saves/pulls the info from a text file. It's pretty simple.

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    I have about 100 products listed on an old site. You just need to copy and paste it over to WooCommerce.

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    I have a Woocommerce shop and I want to export my list of customers and their orders into the correct CSV format. It needs to match my sample CSV file so my shipping company can fulfill the orders. Currently I can export the CSV. I need it to have columns for each SKU and a "0" if that item was not ordered, and a "1" if the item was ordered. I attached

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    ...begin a download files by either a) parsing a user supplied text file list of URLs (direct to files, see attachments), or b) parsing an HTTP open directory given a single URL and create a list of links to files (ex. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]). When I say "parse", I'd like the list of files to be displayed in a file tree with parents and children nodes

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    Hi there, I am looking for a developer who will create an excel List of Open points (Task list), that will be connected to the outlook (Outlook task). Once the Task will be defined, the same will appear also in Excel list with automatically created link to the folder (where task by task sub-folders are stored) with statistics, and if possible automatic

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    I am an owner of a Norsk Fivem Server and is now looking for a developer to help me finish my update. - Create your own custom shops - Create your own custom jobs - Create your own custom inventory - Create your own custom chat / me If this is something you are interested in then just send me a message and you can see what you can get. Regards.

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    I need email leads or list of international trading companies

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    list building Tamat left

    I need a squeeze page and a thank you page with double optin for list building. The niche is diet and weightloss mainly paleo and keto diets.

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    Hi all, I would like to have a small web app/page where a preset of questions is asked in a form way. I can fill in the form either say yes/no/not needed or fill in some text field This form should then be written to a file .pdf this way I can go to a specific pc or server. Fill in the form like 1) how many disk space is available on the C drive: 50GB Free out for 350gb d...

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    list building Tamat left

    I need a list built for cold outreach. Combination of cold calling and cold emailing. Here is the website below that has all of the data. In the dropdown, it gives the option for non-college degree programs and that is the one I need. Each entry must have the contact name, email, contact number, and website url. Really would like to get the contact

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    ...include: event production companies, internet service providers, event wifi companies, marketing agencies, brand activation companies, wifi companies, event organisers. I need a list which includes: Company name: What industry is the company in: email address: Website: Office address in hong kong: Do they have offices in other countries? if yes, where

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    Preciso de um script que adicione rapidamente listas grandes de emails ao sistema Interspire Email Marketing. Esse script precisa ter a opção de escolha de usuários e conseguir subir rapidamente uma lista de por exemplo 100 mil nomes. Usava o fast mas o perdi..

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    I want to build a list of companies that use either one of Citrix/MS Azure Cloud/ VMware. These companies should be from India or should have presence in India. The industries these companies should be in Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing. There is no restriction on Revenue criteria for these companies. I am willing to

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    I'm currently in the process of getting prototypes made for 3 different plush toys with higher heights and weight than "usual" plush toys. Weight and height are custom made for each one. I'm looking for a seamstress to create these plush toys on demand. When I receive an order, it'll go straight to you with information about the model, height and

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    Hi, we require a list of prospective contacts using web search and information gathering. You will need to have full access to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and then use [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and LinkedIn to be able to search and gather data to fill our excel or google spreadsheet. It would be great to have this data completed ASAP. There will be other identical projects to

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    I am looking to purchase a list of users of Citrix or MS Azure Cloud or VMWare. The geography of these companies I am looking for is India with-in Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom and Healthcare. Titles of contacts I need are CIO, VP/Director/Manager/ IT Ops., Etc.

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    Want to be able to compare large lists of email addresses and outputs a new list that a) email in both lists and b) emails not in that second list. Suspect skill set is macros, vlookups etc. Looking for an excel template, that can compare lists with the Unique Identifier being the email address itself.

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    I need 100 web 2.0, article submission help. please apply who are very good in seo.

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    hi, freelancers looking for job huh? i need email writers

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    I am lookin for Supply and Demand Indicator and Alerts for NSE market India.

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    the list was done by different content types and JavaScript will filter by using different types and display it in i frame table in a different pages it should be expert on the JavaScript/SharePoint for this task

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    We are a vacation renal company looking for someone with experience in the field, specifically with OTA's

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    I require a spreadsheet populated with states and provinces for the countries noted below. The spreadsheet must contain a separate sheet for each country. The spreadsheet attached to this project already has two sheets included, one for Australia and another for the Netherlands, to demonstrate what is required. The first row must indicate if they are states or provinces (for example, in Australi...

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    I need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build my online store with custom product designer for PrinNgift shop with woocommerce product customiser plugin also need layer by layer pricing and multiple bounding boxes if possible. Mainly pricing matrix in accordance with A0-A7 sizes

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    Hello All, We are looking for someone who is Tech savvy and have attention to details to list women fashion products on a Shopify platform. Preferably a female who has experience in listing products or using Shopify. If you have experience/passion in the fashion industry don't hesitate to apply. Our company siin Boutique is an online woman fashion

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    Hi, we need a custom WordPress for displaying data from CoingGecko API. See the attached file for more info.

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    List Expansion Tamat left

    I have a list of lawyers' URLs and email addresses. I want someone to go to the websites and find the first and last name of the Sr. person at the firm and determine if they are using a "Live chat" software service on their website. If they are, you are to note if the service is by Ngage, Apex chat or some other vendor.

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