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    salam bang. sy student final year kat unikl iprom. boleh x tlg buat pasal Number plate recognition guna raspberry pi. apa2 ws sy bang 0165778157

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    saya mau menjual paketan arduino dan raspberry

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    $180 - $540
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    Assistance with Python , Raspberry Pi and PIR Sensor Need assistance in fixing python code with PIR sensor

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    Raspberry PI 4 Help 6 hari left

    I need help to configure a virtual keyboard on my Raspberry PI 4 with Raspberry OS.I have anydesk configure in the Raspberry. Any other tools you recommend for the Raspberry are welcome. Need help now.

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    Setup two IPSEC VPN with digitalocean droplet to be interfacing with third party systems

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    I have a raspberry pi python script that has a barcode scanner attached to it. When a barcode is scanned, a duplicate of that barcode gets printed from a printer attached to the Pi. The barcode is currently prints many times per scan and I need to move the placement of the barcode on the paper. I also need to add a 5 second timeout between scans. If barcode gets scanned then another one gets scann...

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    mt connect on raspberry pi 5 hari left

    i want to run mt connect library on raspberry pi and want to communicate data to cnc machine

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    Desarrollo de prototipo de hardware basado en nodemcu para iot

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    I am new to Rasperry and would like to change the SSID. This is just to show me how this is done. Thank you.

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    We have 2 chips and we need 1 or maybe 2 apps developed for artificial lighting in aquariums and horticulture. The apps must easily connect the user to the light and then allow the user to change settings, spectrums and link lights together. Best to discuss online or through zoom as it is quite a niche industry.

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    IOT Raspberry Pi Expert in Need ASAP

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    hello have you heard of hnt mining hotspot? you can find them on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] we want to build devices just like them i will need someone with knowledge of raspberry pi. also a developer who can do work with blockchain

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    Communications types (e.g., Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, Mobile Ad-hoc networks) for your solutions. b. Types of sensors used (e.g., temperature sensor, humidity sensor, etc.) c. You are to use the Raspberry Pi and/or Arduino UNO for your proposed solution.

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    Hello Bala, my name is Michael and I need help concerning a LabView project. I have a Toellner 8941 power supply that I want to configure via LabView. You can find it here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and the drivers here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The driver is pretty old and does not offer the function I need. I would like to define certain voltage/current schemes (e.g. linear in 1s 0->6...

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    Hello I need a freelancer who has experience with interfacing a Camera and a Display Module with a MicroProcessor, by tweaking the Android device Drivers for the same. The MicroProcessor in question is Rockchip RK3399. Message me with some basic details about your relevant past experience in this context, and discuss the scope of work in detail thereafter.

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    We are seeking an experienced Android developer to create an app for us which is quite simple, but requires some very specific functions. The specifications are as follows, and requires that the app interface with a USB flash drive connected to the device. The app should perform the following 1. open node.js on the android: The node install will need to be packaged within the app - and can'...

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    i am building 1 machine in nanno dlp with rasperri pi 3 board and arduino mega. I used nanodlp on the website and it didn't work properly. The nano dlp control board does not control the 3.5'' inch step and Led and nextion as I want. I'm trying to find someone who will install all the pieces (Raspberry and Arduino boards) and will send me the installation files. This is not a f...

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    Se solicita conexión de controladora Px4 Pixhawk ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) a módulo 3G/4G (a través de Raspberry Pi 4). Se comprueba conexión a través de QGroundControl. Se facilita controladora, modulo y hardware necesario. More info: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Needed an expert in python to get the desire result's I will be using raspberry PI 4, a PI camera, 3.5 inch screen, adafruit amg 8833 thermal camera to build a prototype. For the project, I need to include mask detector and temperature checking as feature.

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    Hi, I need a project where i want detection of bus Number at bus stop, with audio on raspberry pi for blind people in python and opencv with trained model.

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    I am looking for an engineer for an educational SBC project: - Hardware / circuit design on an ARM based SBC (capable of running Raspian / Debian and possibly Android) of the following hardware: - Small form factor (Pi Zero W format or smaller) - ARM Cortex-A7 CPU - 512-1024 MB RAM - Real time clock - Powered over USB A - Integrated MEMS microphone - WIFI - Bluetooth - Micro SD reader for O...

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    Hi, I need someone who understands Linux well and has experience of Rasberry Pis to provide me guidance on how to complete an installation on a Raspberry Pi. I will send you the link for the file I want to run and you will give me step by step guidance on how to run it. If you really know what you are doing, this can be completed in 5 minutes. I will pay £15 for this Many thanks

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    The scope system is to build an API with a control system. The control system will periodically (every 5 minutes) ping a [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to pull the latest price of electricity. If the price is above $100/KWH, then the Raspberry pi to activate a relay

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    Un chatt simple entre un pc y un raspberry por puerto serial usando python, y que me permita enviar archivos pequeños, donde el que recibe pueda aceptar descargar o no.

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    Hi Semi-dataentrysolindia, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Semi-dataentrysolindia, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a software developer for: The high-level scope of the project. It has to have relational database in sql server It has to have Webapp front end interfacing with users It has to have WebApp backend for doing custom to tags displayed on front-end. Authentication Should have ability to be integrated with Active directory, Linux samba active directory and Freeradius server. When user login o...

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    Node-Red GSM Node 2 hari left

    We are looking for someone who can make us a Node-Red node which accepts a phone call from a whitelist. This will trigger a configurable SMS message to a list of numbers. The GSM modem is connected to a Raspberry Pi 4 via USB. Ideally the phone whitelist should be form based to simplify add/remove numbers Ideally the SMS distribution list should be form based to simplify add/remove numbers Ideal...

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    I have a code written in c++ (On Visual Studio and QT). I want help to run that code on Windows Subsystem for Linux (and on Raspberry Pi).

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] PI 4 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 10 IoT [log masuk untuk melihat URL] MODEM (MINIMUM LTE)

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    In these project you can control your car using your voice as multi-task like move forward, backward, text detection for blind reader, object detection and personal assistant using raspberry pi mini computer(microcomputer/microcontroller). this project is mainly made for those whose who are blind, so if you want these project with help than please do call.

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    Forensic Imager 1 hari left

    Building a low-cost prototype forensic imaging device. The device will use the Raspberry Pi 4 and the ARM version of Kali Linux. Things that we need programmed: OS should boot clean every time (non persistent) Add specific drivers for embedded screen A specific USB 3.0 port to be read only upon boot. A specific USB 3.0 port to mount drive upon boot or upon connection Install DC3DD Guymager Desktop...

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    Desarrollar un detector de objetos al menos a partir de dos técnicas como tensorflow o yolo para raspberry pi.

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    3 bida

    I need a compare and contrast essay on the book "The Life of Pi" 1500-2000 words. Everything you need is attached to this post and if you have any questions about me for the essay contact me using this website.

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    21 bida

    I want to add the hzeller library to my own project, friends who will help me in this regard, please write on c++

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    Busco perfil profesional para desempeñarse como Consultor PI System modalidad Freelance para proyecto en el rubro Minería. Excluyente experiencia mínima 3 años utilizando la herramienta en rubro minería o Oil & Gas. - Profesional del área informática, química, o industrial. Con certificación en la herramienta. - Sí o s&iacut...

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    Hi, looking for someone experienced in various programming language and Rasberry Pi. Main job scope would consist on helping us to provide software solution in order to integrate POS system with Rasberry Pi. Please Drop a message in order to further discuss details.

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    11 bida

    Seeking an experienced software developer to continue ongoing development and refactor of a .NET Core application running on Raspberry Pi responsible for real-time image capture and processing. Responsibilities include design, development, and debugging of a full-stack application capable of running cross-platform. Work will be largely independent, and the ideal candidate must be motivated and we...

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    19 bida

    Hi, im looking for a competent embedded software engineer/programmer to work on my project. Preferably someone who is proficient on POS system and Rasberry PI. If you know the knowledge please bid, will share you on the project details.

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    7 bida

    I purchased a Cbus / homebridge setup and can no longer find the people who sold it to me. I recently updated the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file to add some new lights and now the Pi will not start Homebridge. I can ssh into the pi. For some reason I can see 2 versions of the config file and neither is what I modified.. Happy to allow ssh into the device instead of team viewer if it helps

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    An experienced in Hardware Design as well as creative in designing your project using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Stm32, Esp32, Esp8266, NodeMCU, and LoraWan based controllers. Also teach you everything about how it works in a proper documented manner. Develop firmware for the above controller, debug and improve as required. Few sensors or hardware knowlegde required Wireless module (NRF, Bluetooth,...

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    I have a 3dof system with an MPC that i now need to transfer to a standalone embedded system for testing in the field. There are 3 inputs and one output. I have a raspberry pi I would like to use but am open to ideas. I have all the sensors etc

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    I would like the proxy to be accessed remotely through Proxy IP:Port, Proxy Username and Password. It has to be anonymous (should not be detected as proxy), reliable and easy to use (i.e. I can proxy into it using ip:port1 for usb dongle 1, ip:port2 for dongle 2 etc.). I can buy Raspberry pi 4 easily or raspberry pi 3 model b with 4g Jazz ZTE W02-Lw43. I will need multiple setups over time and n...

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    Looking for custom image for Raspberry PI 4, compiled of OPEN SOURCE software 100% if possible. below are the requirements listed as NEEDS and WANTS. the goal is privacy first. speed second. Open source: Example “GitHub” NEEDS: - IPV4 Only - NAT OR NAT'S ( more than one ) - Firewalls ( one or more ) be specific what type would be used? - Wifi 2.4Ghz out ( encrypted with Tor, onl...

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    Ciao Michele, per questioni di velocità avvio app (no piu' boot time) dovrei passare dalla piattaforma raspberry pi ad un microcontroller piu' veloce nelle fasi di avvio App. Dovrei far eseguire il miei script già in Python 3.7 in micropython . In Python 3.7 uso la semplice e ottima libreria minimalmodbus (semplice lettura e scrittura di registri). Se possibile vorrei es...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux(noob) using Python/Java. the tool should take ask for: 1. Which Camera (Should list all available cameras), including RPi cam module 2. Where to save (External HDD directory) 3. Color or B/W 4. Resolution (Should list available resolutions for the camera selected) The tool should save video captured ...

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    I will be using raspberry PI 4, a PI camera, 3.5 inch screen, adafruit amg 8833 thermal camera to build a prototype. For the project, I need to include mask detector and temperature checking as feature.

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    Must have arduino pi4 board and control a cart. Track cart location as well.

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    I need to disable the USB cellular modem on a raspberry pi zero until after the boot has completed. I have unbind and Bind working but need the task run very early in boot sequence. . I would like this software to be developed for Linux raspberry pi.

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