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    Hi, We are looking for someone who can meet the following requirements, to help finish off the design of a Pilot Job Site and its first sub-directory that we have been designing. 1 - We are looking for a Website Design Expert, who is also very competent in coding as well. 2 - You must be able to communicate in English fluently please. 3 - The website that requires design changes, is a Wordpress Website 4 - It has been designed with Elementor Pro & other Elementor Add Ons 5 - We are also using WP Jobs Manager & other plugins to run it. 6 - There is an option to add Elementor Connector for WP Manager Plugins as well, if required 7 - We will be interviewing at least 4 Candidates via Zoom, before offering this Job 8 - Job Start as soon as pos...

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    Trophy icon Design my Tattoo 4 hari left

    I currently have a tattoo on my forearm (see attached photo). I am looking to extend this and am seeking ideas. Essentially, I would like a way to connect all three figures in my current tattoo. At the moment, they look like 3 individual tattoos and I want to combine them into one seamless graphic. However, do not want the subjects, especially the diver, to get lost. You can add more details and marine life in. I prefer to keep it nature themed and do not want spear-fishing, tridents, etc. I love marine life and the tattoo should reflect that. Please also avoid adding another diver. There is already one in my tattoo and i'd like to leave it at one scuba diver. Thank you.

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    Hi Webcaptain. You previously communicated with Christine at my office for a website refresher of our website, , including adding latest security protocols. She recommended you for the job. I am willing to proceed with you for this upgrade for a fixed fee of $1,200. Please confirm if you would like the work and let me know if you have a proposal you want to provide and/or schedule a call. Thanks, John

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    I want a website to show random words from a PowerPoint file. The person viewing the website will press a start button on the home page and it would randomly select a page from the PowerPoint and then display it for 5 seconds then return to the start of the homepage. This will repeat for any person who goes onto the website. I am not sure if Powerpoint is the easiest way to do but open to ideas. There are around 50 slides of random words. File is created but macro is not fully working to what I want. I need help with this This will also be repeated in different languages but with the same idea. This is for a child-friendly website. Mainly targeted for children. The person I am looking to help me has great web-design experience and knows abou...

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    this is for reference. Looking for adding this kind of page except left tree in my website in react.js and express, mongo db

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    24 bida

    Need to include a JS File in the login form of the web page built on Angular and React.

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    I have an issue in laravel while sending messages! The smtp server works only with the local server smtp and the problem that my server send the message only to JUNKS, i tried to fix the issue by importing SENDINBLUE smtp, but i got errors while trying to test it if i add a relay smtp, or any other server, and i click test i got the error: (( Swift_TransportException Unable to connect with TLS encryption )) Im searching only who is the professional to fix this problem by adding SENDINBLUE scripts into my server, or he made anything to let my server accept any kind of SMTP.

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    I need a crypto mining app like pi Needs to mine my tokens and then redeem them from my site. Must play ads. Allow people to invite people Have push notifications track invites Have a 24 hour timer to have to mine again. Have back end so I can see database of subscribers.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    8 bida

    We need , website dwant to build an airdrop claim website for my crypto tokens In which users will register and will be able to claim free crypto coins And he will also be able to transfer crypto to his crypto wallet Time - 48 hours my project crypto token

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    Just need someone with website building experience on WIX to put the finishing touches on my current website. Adding my new logo where possible and making it look more professional.

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    Nginx Proxy Manager 5 hari left

    Looking for someone to assist in debugging nginx proxy manager. This is fully installed, but we are getting errors when adding some proxy hosts. You must know NGINX Reverse Proxy Manager

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    ...When the user browses to a URL of an instagram location. It will read the code, and scrape data from each post to a multi-line textbox in the extension. The extension will be able to export the collected data in the textbox and save as a *.txt file. *Budget for Completed Extension is $100 and payment will only be made AFTER a working demonstration of the extension is delivered!* Step 1: Scrape the data from instagram location URLs. Instagram location URLs have the following format At the top of the page is a map and the location name. Below that is “Top posts” which will display about 9 posts. (You can skip scraping the “Top posts”). Below the Top posts, it is “Most recent” posts. The page will continue to kee...

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    Trophy icon Update 5 Logos 5 hari left

    ...disjointed and are looking to rebrand into a more uniformed suite. The vision is more celestial/space/universe theme to tie everything together. We are looking for someone to take our current designs, incorporate our new direction, and share source files for the new logos 1. The Limitless Institute: A service organization that hosts personal development events, workshops, trainings, retreats, and camps. The current logo is a planet with moon phases and stars and geometric shapes. Generally we like the current logo and are open to interpretations of the design. 2. Alchemy Training: A life coaching certification training incorporating the 4 elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. We are attaching the alchemy symbols that we'd like incorporated into a desi...

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    HI I'm looking for a quote to add a very simple membership / login portal to my Wordpress site + add integration with Zoom video to automatically schedule new zoom calls. Existing website is very simple, only 3 pages total: This project is seeking to implement the following functionality: 1. Adding simple membership signup & login functionality, including restricted content for non members. (There is currently a very basic functionality already in place but this needs to be streamlined and improved, potentially using other tools or plugins) 2. Simple database to store member form input and display those responses back to the user (as well as member's ability to update and edit those response...

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    BIGCOMMERCE WORK 5 hari left

    Looking for editor of my bigcommerce template 1-Better photo function, larger photo when clicked on 2-hover over functions shows next photo and other simple improvements. -3 interesting in adding banners to the template, etc if you are able to do this and other work contact me

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    31 bida

    ...have what should be a pretty quick project. I have an existing web page that I need to change up/update. I already have another site you can make it look like, so it will just be a matter changing pictures and wording. Will also be adding 2 clickable buttons that will go to the above page. I'll show you exact example from another site. I also need help fixing my Captcha on my Contact Us page. For some reason unknown to me, it just stopped working and I'm getting tons of spam emails coming to me. Looking to keep in the $100 range or lower. Thanks For Bids! ~Keith -Here's My Page that you'll be changing: -Here's the page it's going to closely resemble that you'll make it like:

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    ...we need an API call that returns whether it is profitable to copy/imitate that transaction in the current time. is one example of these transactions. The guy who did this transaction started with 0.027497 BNB, swapped them to Kinka token via Pancakeswap, then sold them on Apeswap and ended up with 0.029699 BNB. The profit from this transaction is around 0.002 BNB. We will be probing transactions on BSC to avoid high gas fees. I will ask you to deploy this API somewhere to be able to call it without knowing the code yet. You'll give us at least two days where we will test your API against multiple transactions. If the similar transaction deems to be not profitable your code will test with a smaller amount

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    developer should have account with developer. aura .com developer must add vpn sdk in our exiting android project thank you

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    5 bida

    Hi I have self-hosted web application written in PHP on top of the Laravel 8.0 framework and bought compatible ios/android app made I think in react native: I need: + redesign of app ( I will provide new design) + splash screen + add google ads in footer + contact details + feature - Call waiter - when guest in bar open in his own mobile phone web based application he can click to call waiter to table number X. For this feature is in web application is used That I need to have in mobile app also. At this moment app can only show and manage orders what guest make in web application on his phone. So please give your offer, links to previous works, and what time you need to do it (it is not rush). Let best...

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    21 bida

    Adding new features to your Laravel based SaaS application.

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    We require an experienced Odoo developer with strong HR & Payroll experience to do the following changes Ref #01. - This is a modification to a 3rd party app - Adding two additional employee advantages in Cash to the employment contract with salary rules. - Adding three monthly advantages in kind to the employee contracts. -- These advantages in kind will not affect the payroll. -- Check advantages in kind with advantages in cash to validate (within the contract only) Looking for: - Positive Attitude + Good communication skills (English) - Ability to meet deadlines + Quality of work - Best coding practices and clean code without affecting performance - Ability to work in different timezones - GCC Payroll knowledge - Knowl...

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    Some images and texts that I want to use them to make a short and simple mp4 video, by Python. One big picture as the background. One small picture on the left, 3 text paragraphs on the right. As time elapsed, texts paragraphs are added 1-by-1. When the page is full of texts, it turns to a new and blank page, that it starts to add new text paragraphs. The interval between adding texts (how long it pauses before adding the next paragraph) depends on the length of the paragraph. The mp4 video is produced by Python. Deliverable is the Python code, which includes key notes that helps to understand the functions of key lines. The Python code also needs to allow the add-on of a background audio (.mp3). I can send you the timing table...

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    3D Rendering 8 hari left

    change the railling details adding some object adding some plant

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    1 bida

    I need someone who will be constantly working with me on my YT channel to write my videos scripts for me, I need someone who is talented at writing and can encourage the viewer to stay more and watch till the end of the video by adding some creativity in the script.

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    26 bida

    60-80 pcs of responsive screens to be designed. Budget: $250 A lot of it is password resets and login screens. Employees portal/app Registration using phone number? ( two way authentication) Adding zip code Pushing notifications Uploading docs and licenses Resume A skills quiz Submitting credentials based on the location Signing employee agreements and forms. Back ground check Contract I-9 form W-4 Direct deposit form We do the docs manually and then flip them to active or work with them to get their onboarding completed. Then when they are activated they see shifts based on distance from their zip code. Showing the facility name the shift hours and the hourly rate/ total and bonuses Also allowing them to filter by date, shift time, facility type ...

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    42 bida

    ipk: We are in the final stage of development and there are few issues which are required to be resolved, for this we are looking for a python developer who had prior experience working in IoT, lora and mqtt service, Problem Statement 1- We are able to send the command by manually pressing button from app via sent aws and then it will run the function in the Iot device, but the issue we are facing is while scheduling the function to run multiple times in a day on daily basis, for this we will be adding those time slots in the app, via aws- api , then it will be saved as shadow of the device in aws and then it will be sent to the device and that schedule will be saved to run everyday until any change made in those times lots in the application,...

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    4 bida
    Trophy icon To develop an e-commerce website 11 hari left

    ...We are looking for a full basic e-Commerce website that will have at least all the minimum functionalities of an e-Commerce website, such as uploading product lists and their pictures, price, discount or coupon provisions, cart, provisions for payment processing and all the features that it needs at the minimum to run a web store. We are looking for an website or the admin interface such that the day to day function of uploading different pictures of items, changing their prices, adding discounts or coupons and all those functions can be done by someone at the office secretary level without any knowledge of coding or programming. CMS based website is the best. Since this will be a CMS based website and any common person can change the content in future, it will be...

    $37 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm interested in 5 hours of C++/C# help/support, for tasks such as: adding error checking in some code, or some desired modification, or perhaps a simple command console tool. Whatever I need for 5 hrs.

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    1 bida
    Trading/Frontrunning Bot -- 2 4 hari left

    I recently had a Metamask trading bot coded that has been found to be malicious. The bot would accept deposits, function properly, but not withdraw. I've already lost quite a bit to this scam. This story only gets worse so I'll keep those details to myself but if you're interested, I will share. This project has a very short timeframe because just because we were scammed doesn't mean creditors understand the situation. My family and I need someone to be our white knight or white hat hero - whatever you want to call it. I am looking for someone who can make, from scratch, a front running, arbitrage, or other passive income bot that can help us while I recover, find a new job, and try to recover our stolen savings. The...

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    6 bida
    LearnDash/WishList 4 hari left

    I have set up two different Learning Centers for my clients. I need help adding new "Members" and Levels for them to view the content. Please see my Training Vault. These are LearnDash courses and I have another course (not shown live on the website) in WISHLIST that I need help adding clients to so they can view the courses. TYIA

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    40 bida

    Looking for someone to edit ebooks by adding my logo, color, name and design. Attached is my logo and the ebooks that I am needing to get edited with my information. The name of my business is New Beginning Tax Professionals and my name is RaySheena Hopkins

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    65 bida
    Video Editing 4 hari left

    Looking to take a webinar recording and cut the content (eliminating the noise) and adding in a a quick logo intro . Require an editor for series of short video / webinars. Small project. Will require video samples

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    87 bida

    You must be an expert with , Typescript and blockchain. If not, don't bid. Create a simple landing page using NextJ...Typescript, Tailwindcss and Web3. The figma link is as follows: The goal is To: Connect your wallet to either Metamask, Coinbase or Trustwallet and show the connected address Replicate the UI as seen on figma, and make it responsive Use the stack mentioned above Host on any hosting platform and reply with the url… vercel is recommended This must be finished in 36 hours from now. This figma file is only 7% of the whole project. What are we looking out for: Clean typed code Good folder structure Attention to details Speed We will check your code in detail

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    27 bida

    We are looking for a cool, positive person to work with us, our partners and customers. A person who is not afraid of challenges and technology. Duties will include: - contacting clients (also in English) via email, LinkedIn, Facebook and chat - invoicing existing customers - contacting web portals to post articles - assisting in adding advertisements Requirements: - well spoken and written polish and english - experience in sales (preferably online) - proficient computer skills - availability minimum 4h a day Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Welcome: - experience in marketing or recruitment - basic knowledge of SEO

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    10 bida

    1 time maintenance, adding section.

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    1 bida

    ... 2. there would be an option to to sort by frequency and alphabets of words 3. 4th Column Heading example, the "word origin sentence"(whole sentence from which the word has been take start of full stop to end of full stop) would be listed here as an example and if a word has occured three times , there would be 3 examples. 4. column shuffling should be enabled. should be editable to add more if desired.(also a function to change heading of new column). 6. In next column ,Should be option to categorise the words in easy medium and hard. E for easy , M for medium and H - hard. This categorisation would be done by me later. Design may be basic , website should be editable afterwords too. For adding or removing anything. ...

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    8 bida

    I would like to create a quiz similar to this: I am using Gravity Forms and Team () I have multiple salon clients that I would like to implement this on their sites with different variables so I would need to know the back end of changing/adding/removing variables (locations, hair types, music vibe, etc).

    $164 (Avg Bid)
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    91 bida

    We're looking to utilise a data entry clerk to assist us in adding existing client information to our CRM system (access will be provided), as well as enriching the existing data.

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Avg Bida
    49 bida

    We need 2 short promotional videos made for our 2 55inch...window display screens which are FHD. Video 1 will be from an approximately 5 minute long drone video of the store which will be shot on 11th December. This will just need titles adding to point out key messages. Video 2 will be to make a more static but changing video from our winter sale leaflet which is attached - each panel of this could be a screen with titles appearing. This can be supplied as layered psd file when awarded. Some of this writing will be too small for the screen so it will need changing to get the key messages across. The 2 videos will be fairly close to each other so the overall styling will need to be similar - this fits in with our brand guidelines as well. Detail...

    $440 (Avg Bid)
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    60 bida

    ...CodeIgniitor site already has a blog facility and I want this to be adapted to retain the blogging function but primarily to become a platform on which registered and paying site visitors can create classified ads. Due to the theme of the website there will be a fairly comprehensive number of features needing to be recorded in the database, so working to create a classified ads table and all the features within it will be necessary, plus the page on which the site visitor will create the ad will need to be equally if not more comprehensive, allowing the visitor to select various options on the form and in some cases elaborate upon their selection by adding their own additional information. As a paying site visitor I'...

    $621 (Avg Bid)
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    125 bida

    In our websites admin panel (which runs on CodeIgniter) we need a function to download a specific dataset from mysql as a CSV. This task entails adding a download button to the admin screen, and the code to make the csv download work.

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    107 bida Connecting a phantom wallet (with some test USDC on Devnet), adding 1 Box, and clicking on "Checkout" will redirect to the following url: What I'd like to do is to be able to load up the following url instead: and to be able to grab the "country=France" variable and to make it available for use within the file. The source code for the demo basically consists of React, Web3js, and Typescript and can be downloaded at the following github repo: You don't need to complete or set up the entire tutorial and can ignore the "Loyalty

    $54 (Avg Bid)
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    19 bida

    I required images and product detail added to my website. this could be an ongoing monthly task for all new products. The attached file has details of the products that need to be added to the promotions page on the website using Wix editor.

    $141 (Avg Bid)
    $141 Avg Bida
    31 bida

    We looking for skilled Apk and IOS app developer. Admin and Client dashboard Its a Food ordering app. Admin section should have adding staffs with their details, managing the staffs, Add Profile Users who using the services. Example: Similar to Zomato, Tendercut, and etc kind of food ordering apps.

    $404 (Avg Bid)
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    36 bida complete, but I need someone specializing in photoshop and digital painting to add details and really help complete the design. Inspired by NHL goaltender Marty Turco, I've worked hard on the design but unfortunately can't allocate any more time to it right now. I'm hoping for someone to help me get it over the goal line. In the design there is a gargoyle sitting on top of stones behind a river (or moat) of acid and in front of a backdrop of stormy clouds. See attached. While this design is a start, I need help with additional details such as: + Adding more detail to the gargoyle (currently it lacks texture, better shading, other details like veins that enhance the demonic look) + Adding more detail to the river...

    $90 (Avg Bid)
    $90 Avg Bida
    17 bida

    Netbox is a powerfull tool for network organization but I need to add a functionality regarding components inventory. Some functions that I would love to see: -Integration with original netbox locations and manufacturers adding suppliers. -Item amount with add button and remove saving the movement, if possible, to journal entries or self plugin history.

    $19 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida
    Mobile app 3 hari left

    Must play ads. Allow people to invite people Have push notifications track invites Have a 24 hour timer to have to mine again. Have back end so I can see database of subscribers. give them a timer that stops every 24 hours must connect to metamask as well. Make it in a system that will make both apps at once. Must be able to design it as well.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    45 bida
    Crypto mining app -- 2 3 hari left

    I need a crypto mining app like pi Needs to mine my tokens and then redeem them from my site. Must play ads. Allow people to invite people Have push notifications track invites Have a 24 hour timer to have to mine again. Have back end so I can see database of subscribers.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    21 bida
    Dynamic Landing page 3 hari left

    we are looking do dynamic landing page , for our website Our aim is to do Dynamic landing page has FORM to fill and get POP up Page with the selected services and customer press Agree and then continue adding his main information you can visit our website and go for services , each services need to be displayed in that pop up page once customer select the services he look for

    $41 (Avg Bid)
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    79 bida

    Our company is a user of Zoho One (suite), which includes Zoho Mail among the many other Zoho apps w...Zoho One (suite), which includes Zoho Mail among the many other Zoho apps we have integrated into our process. But our Zoho Mail constantly sends (30%+) good emails to spam. We have tried to reduce the amount of emails going to spam by adding email addresses and domains to the Zoho Mail Admin Console/Security and Compliance/Spam Control's list of Allowed and Trusted lists of trusted email addresses and trusted domains--and still they to to spam. We mark the good emails in spam as "Mark as not spam" and the emails then go to the Inbox as they should, only to quickly revert back to the spam folder. We are s...

    $145 (Avg Bid)
    $145 Avg Bida
    11 bida